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The Graal Historical Society (GHS), formerly Graalian Historical Society, is the organization which documents and preserves Graal Military Community history, and other Graal history. This is done primarily through The Wiki Project.

History[edit | edit source]

Graalian Historical Society (2015-2017)[edit | edit source]

The wiki was not founded by Roanoke Han (Xiaoguard) or the Graalian Historical Society. It was founded on the community wiki service FANDOM by Sol Fessler on January 29th, 2014. The wiki composed of not even 20 pages when the Founder account was hijacked by Auel, in order to claim it for The State. Later on, having little interest in expanding the wiki, Auel relinquished control to Roanoke. Only then did the wiki become "The Wiki Project" under the Graalian Historical Society, the governing organization originally founded by Roanoke Han & James Moriarty (Sherlock/Constantine) in September 2015. The original Graalian Historical Society had few members to start, namely Roanoke Han, James Moriarty, Goose (Stein), and Bram Baierbach (Muzak). The organization later formed the first administrative team of the wiki, made up of various figures from the community, and shaped the wiki into what it is today. Members of the Graalian Historical Society at this time include Auel, Sherlock, Vulnus, Morzan, Xinke, Zakiev, and others.

The Graalian Historical Society had a daughter organization, the Graalian Literature Association (GLA). According to the organization's old website, the goal of the GLA was to "to encourage the creation of more books by members of the Graal Military community." The GLA was made up of significant military figures as well, such as Sherlock, Zakiev, Fessler, Ajax, and Regius.

The Graalian Historical Society was basically defunct by 2017 after the sudden disappearance of Roanoke Han. The Wiki Project was taken up by other wiki admins while the GLA stopped its operations.

Graal Historical Society (2020-present)[edit | edit source]

The organization was re-established on 11 February 2020 as the Graal Historical Society by Roanoke Han and Nylius with the goal of expanding and reviving the wiki. Weeks after, it took over the Wiki Executive Committee, a group formed by Zearos S'ahlesius with the same goal in mind. In March, the GHS decided to buy and migrate the old FANDOM site to their own subdomain. Since the completion of the migration, the GHS has also taken "Xiao's Graphics Depot" under it's wing. The Graphics Depot was first put up as a Wordpress site in 2017 in order to make military graphics accessible to all members of the community. Since then, it has grown to include all different kinds of graphics, and is occasionally receiving updates.

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