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Choco Bites* 2012-2018

Choco Bites joined Graal Online Classic in 2011 or 2012, He spent nearly half a year confused not understanding how to change his body or head, he soon after found out and discovered many interesting guilds

Choco and The State

Choco was wandering graal city and saw a rally he immediately enlisted and a few minutes later was given a ghost file or a free uniform by Morzan. After a while The State died and he enlisted in Alteria Vulnus' military. He started losing interest and he left the community returning again then leaving. He moved to towering and did not come back for 1-2 years.

Towering Career, Scandals and coming back to the community

In the years he left for towering he joined many guilds. It all starts off in Wali, after Wali 1k Castle Defence Systems (CDS) was led by Agito Baka but Slim backstabbed him and started Beg For Mercy. Choco joined BFM and impressed Slim and was promoted

He soon became a Temp Lead, after the 1k had finished BFMR started and Choco was a perm lead. He worked hard and was lined a hat he never received in the end due to a scandal later which is so confusing.

BFMR Hat Scandal

Eventually after towering a few more months with BFM another scandal with an issue with kicking happened and Classic servers removed the 1k hat system it looked like the end of Choco's towering adventure he returned with a plan.

Evoran Empire 2014-2017

Choco created Evora in 2014 it was so insignificant so lets talk about the 2017 version. A short summary Evora owned Onnet and Delta island but The Republic took it after their MDP had ended. Sehzan then came and said they would get Onnet back for him. So they did but soon after Crawford came to Delta and demanded Delta, since they were GA attacking GA it was confusing. So Crawford took delta in a spar and Choco ended up taking MoD and started harassing The Republic.(Crawford members started a rumour that Choco left GA for The Fessler name) Constantine or Arolus, came and threatened Choco and gave him 3 hours to become a colony of New Sarovia, he didn't but 3 hours later he came and found that most of his regiment leaders had abandoned him and went to New Sarovia. So Choco disbanded and joined Sol's Amestris which was later to become a region in Sherlock's Graalian Empire. He became a prefect of Amestria in the short-lived Graalian Empire.

The Federation

This was a military guild not a nation. Let me set the picture here for how things were like, GA was thriving off Aurean dominance, GA owned most of the map. Choco claimed Destiny but ran into problems with Aurea. They soon invited him to see if he could join the GA since they were tired of harassment and the skirmishes. There was a vote which took an astonishing 3 days to accept him into the GA when Paynius said he'd have to remove his Fessler name to join, Choco refused to work with Germain Crawford and Sehzan. He worked with just Aurea.

Here are some memorable moments.

Members of The Federation
Another bunch of Fed members.

Choco soon shut down The Federation due to inactivity and was awaiting Logan to start The Republic again.

Offmapping The State

Around 2014, The State embarked on multiple offmap expeditions within the realm of Classic, some of which Choco was lucky enough to go on. These expeditions were highly risky and almost always led to a ban. Monkey Rhodes, also known as Auel Rohan, led many of these explorations and had a dedicated unit to it.

Choco is saying "Nothing Inc"

The Free States, 2017-January 2018

The Free States launched on December 2017, Choco soon enlisted and was given a officerial position at the time as Lt.Colonel, Soon after the campaigns for electing a General had begun with Choco leading the campaign for Sol Fessler to become General of The State. On the election day Sol Fessler had won The position for General. Soon after The State was engulfed in a war with the NSE. After these wars a massive corruption scandal occured with Muzak being the high profile suspect. Muzak was accused of many offenses including treason against The State, with strong evidence and many witnesses the case was surely in the prosecution's favour. On the court case day Fyre was the legal representative for the prosecution while Rynji was Muzak's defense. Muzak's lawyer was called a "atrocious" lawyer as all she did was give away points for the prosecution when cross-examining witnesses. Soon after Rynji decided to log off due to "lag" and Harau took over as Muzak's defense. Auel was brought up to vouch for Muzak even though there was damning evidence of Muzak's traitorous behaviour within The Free States and other misconduct. The judge, Zearos (As no jury was allowed) ruled in favour of Muzak and the case was thrown out. This bothered Choco as Li-Xingke as well as Auel refused to acknowlegde that Muzak was a corrupt individual and The State was corrupted. Fyre Xavi soon after had a arguement that following week with Auel in public regarding Islam and terrorism, Fyre who was shocked at Auel's "Political Correctness" abandoned The State and soon after formed Byzantium. This was a turning point for The Free States and Choco and the Free States began it's collapse that very week.

Xavi, Byzantium and Fyre

Choco and Fyre had formed a close bond during Azlam and Choco joined his following guild after State's collapse. Byzantium had many great era's prior to this. Soon Choco and Azrael Kusan were both bored of Fyre's Byzantium and Fyre agreed that Choco and Azrael could form a new guild "Azomman Empire"

Azomman Empire, February 2018

The Azomman Empire was led by Azrael Kusan as the Sultan and Choco as The Crownprince. The Azomman Empire had huge successes across the map, defeating and destroying Kiev Grad and defeating various other factions in battles across Northern Graal. Soon after Azrael Kusan was hit with a 2000+ hour ban and the Empire was in shock. The Empire fell into decline and Choco soon after went inactive and was also hit with a ban.

Return of Byzantium

Byzantium soon returned as did Choco Bites* on a alt as he was banned. This era of Byzantium was mostly quiet and had trainings and not a lot of involvement in wars. Soon it went into decline in April. Choco was pushing for a theme change to get things going but Fyre refused and was terribly inactive due to in real life problems and responsibilities. Fyre decided at the end of April he would shut down Byzantium, and Choco had been planning to launch Kaissereich Maveria.

Maveria (May 2018 - September 2018)

Choco Bites* decided Maveria should be a Monarchy based off the Prussian Kingdom and soon form into an Empire after successful conquests across the Southern Peninsula of Graal. Choco renamed himself to Karl I Braganza and crowned himself Konig. This soon changed to Kaiser. Soon after many Xavian loyalists flocked to join Choco's guild and Choco then led a conquest across the map, Claiming Destiny, York and parts of Swamp.

They were challenged by The New Sarovian Empire who demanded that they recognize Constantine as the Caesar of Classic. The Maverian Royal Army fought long and hard pulling all nighters. Lieutenant Colonel Clovis Ian was soon promoted to General Ian and led the army. The Kaissereich then faced it's biggest challenges to its reign in June. Donald Rhodes had put together a Crusading Army called Cerenthia and expressed an interest to kill The New Sarovian Empire, Karl decided this was a good cause and joined forces, But when Donald invaded Delta Island he soon switched sides without the knowledge of Kaiser, Karl. Soon after during a battle at York with Donald Rhodes backing NSE and Muzak's Slavia on Maveria's side a battle ensued which NSE liked to call it's "Civil War". How ironic it was now that Muzak was fighting AGAINST The NSE and Donald Rhodes a fierce backer of them. Maveria soon after declared victory early in the morning among the chaos Cerenthia started to fall into decline and Karl asked Donald and Caius his Princes why they allied the NSE. In Donald's own words: "We needed the NSE to survive." Cerenthia soon after died that week. Kaissereich Maveria was soon in full control of the South West Peninsula of Graal but the army faced inactivity and insubordination, Kiev Grad and other allies notably Vire led a joint strike on Maverian territories with Lt.Colonel Raiden challenging to a guild spar, This was a mistake that cost Maveria territory. Choco soon realised that The Kaissereich was going stale and announced a theme change moving into the end of June. Maveria was transformed into a "Republic" based off WW2 Germany and had a new constitution. Maveria had a new ideal to not war for land but for "ideological aims and purposes". The Maverian Armed Forces was formed with Ian as the Chancellor. Maveria operated all across graal via embassies, One of first battles they partook in was to help defeat NSE in Destiny along with House Mires. Soon the Kiev Socialist Soviet Republic's was formed and Choco now renamed as "Gustavus" acted fast in making sure they were defeated and damaged internally. President Gustavus soon made Maveria into more of a Reich based military with Ian taking over as Generalfeldmarschall. During August Auel returned and a new guild system had been introduced making Maveria able to have 50 members in one Armed Forces tag, vital to it's growth after the removal of the allies system in early May 2018. Auel formed The Unified States and expressed an interest in Maveria helping their cause in unifying the community, Maveria agreed to help the cause on fair terms. (More on The Official Maverian Empire & The Maverian Republic page.)

Time spent in UCAS (Communist Aurea 2019)

Return & The Imperian Controversy

During the spring of 2019, Choco returned to the GMC after witnessing the rise of Imperia which sparked his interest to play the game. However, controversy followed upon his return after Imperian intelligence wrongly labelled Choco as working for Sarovian intelligence which ultimately led to his exclusion from Imperia. An apology was later issued a few months later by Emperor, Xinke Magnus for the wrongful exclusion. It was later revealed by former Imperian intelligence agents that the exclusion was a purposeful move to damage and taint the reputation of Choco in order to prevent another military being led by Choco. The smear campaign was successful as many of Choco's older followers now firmly hated him and distanced themselves.

Joining 2019 Aurea

Following the revelations that the high command of Imperia had targeted him, Choco joined Communist Aurea during the summer of 2019 under Kevlar Vaughn. Choco peaked at Divisional-General within this Aurea and took part in the notable Summer 2019 campaign against the New Sarovian Empire which did see their subsequent retreat and partial disbandment.


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