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Starting a new page

So, you have decided to write your first page, but do you know where you start?

If not, then you have come to the right page then!

First, create a page. To do that, you can do one of two things:

- One is to input your desired page name on the URL such as or /wiki/Your_Fun_Page (underscores turn to spaces after page creation).
- Another is to look at the sidebar left of your screen and find the Create new page option. Simply input your desired page name and then submit. This will redirect you to your new page where you can start writing whatever you want to write!

Your page has not been created until you submit or click "Save page". This step is IMPORTANT. You will LOSE your work if you do not save the page!

We do not have a standard page layout and we allow everyone to exert their creativity in writing pages; however, refrain from making excessively decorated pages. It's unnecessary and would end up getting your page deleted by the staff.

If you want to follow a good page layout, check out Graal Historical Society. It is concise and focuses on interesting and important stuff.

For infoboxes, here's an example:

Nylius Avidius

Nyl wearing the Aurean Republic officer uniform, 2020


Mevarus, Gabrien, Orbitus

Militaries/orgs founded

Marseille, Rothstein Corp., Republic (towering), Foundry, etc.

Join date


Current affiliations

Aurea, Graal Historical Society, The Wiki Project, The Royal Institute


| BackColor =
| BoxTitle = ''Nylius Avidius''
| image = File:Nyl2020.jpg
| imagewidth = 250px
| caption = Nyl wearing the Aurean Republic officer uniform, 2020
| Row1Title = Aliases
| Row1Info = Mevarus, Gabrien, Orbitus
| Row2Title = Militaries/orgs founded
| Row2Info = Marseille, Rothstein Corp., Republic (towering), Foundry, etc.
| Row3Title = Join date
| Row3Info = 2013
| Row4Title = Current affiliations
| Row4Info = [[Aurea]], [[Graal Historical Society]], [[Graal Military Wiki|The Wiki Project]], The Royal Institute