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Founding Date



Kevlar (Primary), Lance, Nylius (Primary), Azrael, Soft, Angel


Communist Aurea - (2016)
1st-3rd Aurean Empires - (2017-2018)
Communist Aurea - (2019)
4th Aurean Empire - (2020)
Auro Roma - (2020)
5th Aurean Empire - (2020)
6th Aurean Empire (2021)
7th Aurean Empire (2021)
8th Aurean Empire (2022)

Notable Wars


Aurea is a prominent military guild that has existed in both Classic and Ol' West, originally as Communist Aurea in 2016. It was founded by Kevlar R. Vaughn, a former State General and leader of the New Frontier Republic. Officially, there have been five different leaders of Aurea, namely Kevlar Vaughn, Lance Rhodes, Nylius Avidius Azrael Kusan, and Angel Vaughn. However, the guild has also been taken care of by multiple people over the years such as Chiang, Regius, and others.

Sergeant Sace wearing the enlisted uniform

Kevlar established Aurea with a clear and solid foundation instead of letting things develop as the guild progressed. Documents and handbooks are important to Aurea, and it always has them to set a standard for the guild. Kevlar also provides official formats for state and intelligence documents. Aurea is well-known for its' state-of-the-art, high quality uniforms which changed the perception of the community on how a uniform should look. Many guilds have used bodies that are inspired by the first Communist Aurea uniforms.

Communist Aurea, 2016

Despite being officially the second Aurea, it was the first communist phase of the guild that placed Aurea among the most fearsome and ruthless military guilds of Classic. Communist Aurea started with a strong and well-prepared officer corps. The guild started with a main tag, "Communist Aurea," held by Grand Marshal Kevlar and "1st Rifles Division," led by Colonel Mevarus (now known as Nylius); however, the latter guild was mass kicked, reflecting the state of affairs back in 2016. Unlike other guilds, however, Aurea did not stop despite losing the only regiment it had. The officers of the division were fast to rebuild and soon enough new divisions were commissioned. Aurea's success were partnered with some changes, which would prove to be either vital and fatal later on, including the promotion of Colonel Mevarus to Colonel-General and Paw Vivre to Colonel.

Kevlar intent on attending military excerises at the Castle, despite being banned. (2016)
Two Soviet sentries guard the Train Station. (2016)
Kevlar inspecting the populace. He can be seen with three body doubles, due to a prior assassination.

Aurea's success did not go unnoticed. It was involved in several conflicts and rebellions, but there was one that has always been overlooked. Colonel Paw was meant to be publicly humiliated and demoted for various reasons. He found out in advance about his demotion and rebelled against the regime, creating a new guild called Red Rebellion.

The 1st Communist Era ended when the guild transitioned to a Napoleonic French theme and the whole guild was overhauled.

Aurean Empires (1st-3rd)

The 1st Aurean Empire came about after several discussions in some Kik group chats, but Kevlar revealed his plans to the to-be ministers of the empire. Aurea was to transition to a French theme with the high-ranking officers from the Communist era retaining almost the same portfolio. Perseus was in-charge of Standards, Azrael had Defense, James Dolan had Research and Development, while then-Mevarus handled Finance, Foreign Affairs, and the rest of the ministerial posts.

Aurea took over Classic. For a time its rule was uncontested, especially given its monopoly over the Nuke. Specific uniforms were rolled out for different kinds of regiments/tags and a civil society was being developed to some extent, primarily with the intent of bringing everyone over to Ol' West as headed by Xiao and Kevlar. It was also at this point that Aureans started to associate themselves with Ol' West more and more.


Kevlar later announced his intent to retire his position. The ministers (as there was no House of Lords yet until the 3rd Empire) held a vote and in a 3-2 vote (Azrael vs. Nylius), Azrael was proclaimed the successor while Nylius was inducted into the Vaughn family and made prince. The latter would later take on more military responsibilities until the fiasco between Azrael and Fyre and the rest of the ranking officers of Aurea. Aurea transitioned into different guilds under Azrael, such as Azlam, only to be later reclaimed by Kevlar when he returned for the 2nd Aurean Empire.

Communist Aurea, 2019


Aurean Empire (4th)

The 4th Aurean Empire was established on Ol’ West around early May 2020. Lead by Nylius Vaughn as Emperor. The objective was to continue the trend of Aurean military civilizations on Ol’ West as well as deal with prospects of Classic militaries colonizing the server. The Aurean military was headed by Count Ajax Artois. Later on as Aurea continued its trend of integrating Western natives into Aurea, the city of Arcus was established by Duke Artix Henri. No greatly relevant events happened short of incursions from Brazilians formerly aligned with the New Sarovian Empire and settlement of provinces in the south island by Atiesh after getting approval by the Aurean Emperor. This would mark the first time in years a Classic guild had successfully held land on Ol’ West without Aurea showing up on its doorstep although this would not last.

After a period of calm, an expedition from Arcadia appeared on Ol’ West with few numbers. Given Peter’s previous titles in the Aurean Empire under Kevlar and talks with the Aurean Empire, they were relatively left alone short of a few skirmishes. Although around the same time a Maverian ‘expedition’ showed up as well. Maverians claimed to be a trading post but also refused to pay business taxes to the Aurean Empire and refused many attempts at diplomacy. As a result, Aurea engaged its normal response of a harassment campaign against Maverians as they appeared en mass on the server. The leader of the Maverian forces, a Brandon Asger who had previously served only to annoy Aurean nobles on discord servers did not help the situation any. After a week or so Maveria dropped it’s the facade of a ‘trading post’ and adopted the name of “1st Maverian Kompanie”. They began attempting to poach Aurean members, and demanded that all Maverians in Aurea on Ol’ West need to leave or be kicked from their guild on Classic. The order was largely ineffective. A third party showed up on Ol’ West although not in opposition of Aurea, but in support. Imperians who were tired of Brandon from Classic came to West to support the Aurean Empire.

With their intentions now clear, Maveria began trying to challenge Aurea to fights when few were online to fight them. Unfortunately for Maveria the few that were online were all seasoned veterans of previous Aurean Empires. Even when Maverian forces greatly outnumbered Aurean forces, Aurean forces would always prevail victoriously. There were only two notable battles, which were of Bayern (now Meridies) and Rhine. Both initially declared on Aurea while few members were on to fight it. Although Aureans quickly hopped online to have a chance to put down a Maverian here and there. The battle of Bayern was especially notable as, despite a seizable numerical advantage by Maverian forces and local basers who liked to Pk Aureans, the Aurean forces used the forestry around them as cover and hid in the trees. The battle was another decisive Aurean victory with the collapse of the Maverian expedition force back into the Fritzfurt Trading Company and not long after that, obscurity.

Most foreigners to Ol’ West returned to Classic. Those who stayed either did it off tag or immigrated to Aurea. The conflict had been great for Aurea as it created plenty of activity, but after things settled down Aurea returned to its normal duties of protecting fishermen and workers from Pkers and hunting the elusive Noracs. During the conflicts two civilian guilds were created, the city of Arcus lead by Duke Artix Henri, and the town of Lorraine lead by Marquis Perseus Dax. These guilds were initially lead by their respective lords but later on, elections were held in Arcus to choose a magistrate who would govern the city. Although the election was never finished as the 4th Empire was entering its state of decline. To wrap up the Aurean Empire, the Aurean army entered the lands granted to Atiesh and removed them from it. After that Aurea returned to its dormant/hibernation state.

Auro Roma

Auro Roma or Roman Aurea began September 1st, 2020, or at least that was when the guild officially launched. With two prior Imperial Aurean Emperors active the guild was lead by Kevlar and Nylius Vaughn, both taking up the position of consul. Prior to launch initial hype allowed for Aurea to launch two guilds although to varying degrees of success. The first guild Legio I Aurum was initially lead by Kevlar Vaughn and Legio II Ferrata being lead by Nylius Vaughn. With the two consul’s activity at the beginning, the Legions were successful however a lack of schedule planning would soon lead to some issues. Sometime after launch, Legio I would be given to Richard Lux/Vaughn to serve as Legate due to Kevlar’s inactivity. Meanwhile, Legio II would soon face problems as Nylius would become inactive as well. First Legio II was transferred to Ajax Avidius and then later transferred to Artix Henri/Vaughn. The guilds would continue to struggle for a while due to a plethora of reasons.

As time passed and the new legates settled into their positions the activity of the legions improved some but not great and would not see a return to its prelaunch numbers for the time being. Around this time Arcadia came to Aurea with a proposal that offered their territory of York town in exchange for a 3-month alliance. Aurea accepted and officially allied Arcadia. Despite the rhetoric of destroying Maveria an official war against them with Aurea never came as soon after Maveria would declare war on Saroxeria or the Nafets Confederation as a final hurrah before disbanding their guild. With Nafets being considered far worse than Maveria, Aurea and Arcadia would join in on the attack although not all at once. Aurea would not officially join the war against Nafets until later when Aurean forces attacked Snow town on their own. Since Arcadia and Maveria already attacked snow previously that day, Oxerian leadership thought Aurea was just violating the 24-hour rule. Unbeknownst to them, Aurea wasn’t apart of the initial fighting. After a couple of hours of discussion Emily, leader of Oxeria, conceded defeat to Auro Roma placing Snow town firmly under Aurean control. The remaining battles against Nafets ended about the same with Maveria and Arcadia winning decisive victories over the confederation. After Nafets effectively had all their lands stripped from them, Maveria disbanded, content with their final victory.

With Maveria’s disbandment, there came an almost Aurean high period. Despite contractors like Brandon trying to claim Choco did not want Maverians to join Aurea, Maverians joined Aurea regardless. They filled the fairly depleted ranks of the two legions and gave Aurea an activity boom for a while. Enjoying their place in the sun, Auro Roma would continue for some time more, facing some decline in activity once again. After some time Kevlar and Richard Vaughn were receiving communications from Sherlock/Constantine of the New Sarovian Empire or what was left of it. Aurea and Sarovia had been at war for most of their existences, with Sarovia launching expeditions to Aurea’s home server of Ol’ West just for Aurea to show up on Classic and throw it back at them. So when Sherlock made his intention to formally surrender NSE to Aurea and the Vaughn family, there was a great deal of change coming to Aurea. At the ceremony where Sherlock officially surrenders Sarovia (as well as Oxeria) to Aurea, he granted out Sarovia’s titles to Aurean nobility and royalty. To end the ceremony, Kevlar declared the formal dissolution of the New Sarovian Empire and announced the creation of the 5th Aurean Empire, ending Auro Roma.

Aurean Empire (5th-8th)

Kev > Nyl (5th; Classic and West, fight against Sarovian rebels and usage of Sarovian claims) > Nyl > Kev (6th; Nyl was active in Arcadia while leading Aurea, attempt at allowing settlers, constant missions and skirmishes, issuance of the Exigency Doctrine by Nyl so that Mika can reinstate Kev as Emperor formally) > Soft (7th) > Hythes (8th)