The Nuke Crisis

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The Nuke Crisis was a major crisis in the Graal Military Community lasting from December of 2016 to January of 2017.


Nylius & The Nuke

The glitch was first discovered by Nylius (then known as Orbitus) in 2014 while looking for glitches to kill time playing Graal, after he rejoined Fist of Vengeance (FoV). While experimenting with user permissions and guild tags, he found that by following a simple formula, the guild tab will glitch and another tag will be taken by the server as your guild tag for a certain time period. Understanding the potential for its grave misuse, Nylius never used it aside from editing the guild news of one of the FoV subtags, specifically Fist of Valour, from time to time, increasingly so when the guild began to slowly wither away due to its age.

There were instances, however, wherein Nylius used the glitch against FoV's enemies during wartime, specifically towering guilds which fought against FoV. After some time, it fell into disuse and Graal would not see it be used until around two years after it was used in FoV by Nylius. It remained dormant after FoV until Nylius joined Communist Aurea and later became Commissar for State Security.

Aurea had no reason to use the glitch in its early days as it was well-received by the community, having a strong and active set of officers and members. Nylius also was not in a position to use it, serving as tag-holder and Colonel of the 1st Rifles Division. He was later promoted to Colonel-General and eventually Commissar for State Security after the retirement of James Dolan.

The Committee on State Security, under the supervision of Nylius and to the amusement of Kevlar, tested the glitch in multiple small guilds before classifying the "find." Nylius never revealed his pre-Aurean knowledge of the glitch in order to avoid the possibility of being cast out of the community for having spearheaded something so sinister.

Constantine Acquires The Nuke

The nuke, as it was then labelled by the higher-ups in Aurea, was first officially used in the context of the Military Community against Sarovia. An operative was recruited by Aurean infiltrators into Sarovia's multiple tags and was able to wipe out the entirety of Sarovia in minutes. At the time, no one knew how it had happened, only that it was performed by Aurea. The nuke and its instructions were kept classified until Nylius revealed it to Xiaoguard in December of 2016.

Following the receipt of the nuke instructions from Nylius, Xiaoguard passed on the instructions for the glitch to Cincinnis, who in turn passed it on to Constantine Vasa, marking the beginning of The Nuke Crisis. Constantine used the glitch against numerous guilds, offering an ultimatum to capitulate to the Sarovian Empire or face total destruction. This eventually backfired on Constantine when Xiaoguard released the instructions for the glitch to the public, and it began to be used against the Sarovian Empire. Constantine, fearing for the future of his guild, published a post on the Graalians forums decrying the glitch, to no avail. The Nuke Crisis came to an end when Xiaoguard brought news of the unfolding events to former iClassic Graphics Team Administrator Leah. Leah swiftly passed this information on to iClassic Manager Xor, who then directed development staff to patch the glitch. Soon after, the glitch was patched on iClassic and the crisis had come to an end. Unbeknownst to many however, the glitch was not immediately patched on Ol' West and continued to be used by the Aurean Empire for months following the end of the crisis on iClassic. This fell under the radar for some time until the glitch was eventually discovered there and patched as well.

Constantine's Graalians post regarding The Nuke Glitch.