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The Graal Military Community, shortly referred to as GMC, is the unofficial, but widely used term for the community of guilds in GraalOnline Classic, that participate in highly organized military roleplay.

Pre-iClassic Militaries (1997-2009)

Prior to the release of iClassic in 2009, organized guilds with ranks and uniforms were commonplace on PC Graal since its release in 1997. A prominent example of these would be Rommiel and Ventrue Vampires, who waged fairly significant wars on one another. Another example is the Phoenix Vengeance Clan in 2001, which later became the Fist of Vengeance (2013-2016) on iClassic.

Origins on iClassic (2009)

The forefather of the modern Graal military community is considered to be Graal Defense Forces. Led by General Insignia, the forces made use of a simple rank system and uniforms, and fought against hackers, as well as dabbling in towering. The Graal Defense Forces would serve as Auel's inspiration to create Royal Guard, and later, The State.

The Experimental Era (2009-2011)

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The beginning of the military community as we know it today is the founding of the Royal Guard in Summer of 2011. Some of the events of this era are still questionable to historians due to an abundance of misinformation on the topic, however it is well-known that Harau Bacsey was the King of the guild, with Auel as the Captain of the Royal Guard. Auel would come to overthrow Harau and take total control of the guild, before eventually disappearing for some time, leading to the death of the guild. From there, Auel began to explore other ideas for guilds. He forged an alliance between three large towering guilds at the time: AGK, NAL, and Rice Kings. It was known as "The Alliance." This venture did not last very long due to lack of cooperation and central authority. Auel then went on to create Krung Thep, another shadowy part of the community's history. Auel operated the two accounts that led the guild, Cae and Cael. Auel would then go on to create a second Royal Guard, with the same arrangement as the first, with Harau as King, and Auel as Captain of the Guard. This would only last for a few months before ultimately facing the same fate as the first Royal Guard, with Harau being deposed by Auel.


The community used to be called as "military guilds" collectively back in its early stages. The first known addition of the word "Graal" to their collective name was when the old wiki, hosted with FANDOM, was created as the "Graal Military Wiki", which is still the official name of the Wiki Project. There was no real terminology used to refer to military guilds during this time.

In 2016, Mevarus, alongside Drazius and later Macbeth, created the first Discord server for the community, only a few months earlier than Paynius' news server. The server was named "Graal Military Community", and for a long time, the term Graal Military Community, and the acronym GMC, almost exclusively referred to their Discord server.

When the server was handed off to Macbeth and Mevarus' later disappearance, the server died, which dispersed the community for some time. Graal Military Community would then later gradually become the term used to refer to the whole community by late 2017. By 2018, the term became the unofficial, but universally-accepted name of the military community.