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Am I allowed to edit the Wiki and create new pages?

Absolutely! The Wiki is a community project which thrives off the contributions of people just like you. We encourage everybody to write about any GMC history they may know about.

Can someone help me write my page?

The Wiki team is currently offering assistance with creating new content. If you'd like to write an article about yourself or your guild but require some help feel free to join our Discord server here..

What happened to the old Wiki?

The old FANDOM wiki still exists for historical preservation purposes, but was locked by FANDOM staff when we completed the migration to the new wiki in March of 2020. You can still view the wiki as it was before the migration here.

Who manages the Wiki?

The current managers of the Wiki are Xiaoguard and Nylius. JJ is in contact with both of them. A team of dedicated volunteers also helps in maintaining the Wiki.