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The Graal Military Wiki is a MediaWiki site originally created in 2014 on the FANDOM network of which the primary goal is to preserve the history of the military community through community collaboration. The Graal Historical Society owns and maintains the domain in which the Wiki is being hosted.


The original wiki was created on 29 January 2014 by Sol Fessler on the wiki hosting platform FANDOM, allegedly as a propaganda tool for The State. Few pages were created during this time and the wiki's founder account would later be given to Auel Vist. Not much happened during his time at the helm of the wiki but him getting the founder account would prove to be significant in the history of the wiki as this would culminate to the wiki's overall management being given to Roanoke Han (now Xiaoguard), one of Vist's closest allies.

Roanoke Han would transform the wiki from a website with a few pages to a comprehensive database of military history. The wiki soon became The Wiki Project of the Graalian Historical Society, later the Graal Historical Society. Lots of literary works would also be produced during this time. Roanoke Han would formally establish the position of Wiki Overseer, the recognized head of the wiki. Several prominent figures from the community were also invited to become site administrators.

Han's activity would later stagnate and prevent him from contributing to the wiki any further. This would lead to him giving off the title of Overseer to Kevlar Vaughn, a seasoned veteran who would introduce Overseer Weekly, a weekly newsletter from the wiki team of that time, and other reforms. Vaughn's reign as Overseer saw an increase in wiki contributors. On late December 2016, Vaughn stepped down as Overseer and left the decision of choosing the next Overseer at Roanoke's discretion. For some time, the wiki would be run by an administrative committee but this would later fall apart, and Roanoke would be forced to choose a new Overseer.

Grizz Regium, another seasoned veteran, was chosen as the fifth Overseer on 02 February 2017 by Roanoke Han. His promised platform included bringing back old programs, such as Overseer Weekly, and bringing in new wiki admins. He would eventually resign, leaving the wiki without direction for about a year or so.

Past Overseers would come back every now and then to write and edit but no clear leadership was present until 05 January 2018, when Roanoke Han assumed the role of Overseer for the second time. Not much happened during this time except for some design changes. The wiki would be relatively quiet during this time, except for the Nullify Sarovia movement started by Drazius Volanus, which forced many wiki admins to heavily regulate wiki entries regarding the subject as they agreed that such an attempt was hard, if not downright impossible, to enforce.

On 08 January 2020, Zearos S'ahlesius contacted Nylius Vaughn, and together they formed the Wiki Executive Committee to revive interest for the wiki and history preservation. This committee grew in number and was divided into five different teams responsible for different aspects of the site. Roanoke, now known as Xiaoguard, returned to the project and began to move towards creating a standalone website for the wiki. The new Wiki was created on 29 January 2020, but was originally only known to Xiaoguard, Nylius, and Zearos. The existence of the new wiki came to light in March, when it was officially released. The FANDOM Wiki was closed on 17 March 2020 but still remains online for archival purposes.



The original logo for the Graal Military Wikia on the FANDOM network as seen above was simply two shields from Auel's Brittania guild adjacent to the words "Graal Military Wiki." This very simple design remained the wordmark of the FANDOM wiki from it's addition on 17 July 2015 all the way up until March 2020 when the wiki was migrated to the current website.


Following the migration from the FANDOM wiki to the new domain, the Wiki eventually took on a logo designed by Perseus on 19 June 2020.

On 15 November 2020, the Wiki officially unveiled it's new logo designed by Leah, and began offering stickers of the logo on Redbubble.