The Nullification Of Sarovia.

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Articles Of Sarovian Nullification

Nullification:(Verb)to make legally null and void;Invalid

Article I

In so much as the Greater Graal Military Community has Duly the erratic Behavior Of Sarovia and its leader a cause for Nullification is brought forth. Henceforth the Graal Military Community at Large moves to strike Sarovia from the Military records and nullify any Further entity in regards to Graal Military efforts, conflicts, and organization.

Article ll

In so much as Sarovia refuses to accept defeat of any measure of any given battle. The military community and its members have decided to officially erase Sarovia from the Military Records, Permanently. The New Sarovian Empire, is no longer considered a Military. The New Sarovian Empire will henceforth become a Social Guild under Military standards, All Sarovian lands will be preached from them as they are Nullified, The Emperor, Auel Sherlock Zor, will be ultimately Banned from the Military Community instantly, there will be no more signs of quality in leadership from him. If he refuses, his argument will be ignored and nullified.

Article lll

With Sarovian lands breached and pried from them, a new military battle system will be in the making to ensure “Sarovia” never happens EVER again. The community will be able to rebuild after 1/25/18. 1/25/18 will be the official date of the nullification Of the NSE. All records of the NSE will be wiped from the Graal Military Community Records officially removing it as a military guild for existance.

The Reconsiliation Of Sarovian Members

All Sarovian members will be given a chance where they can recondisder themselves as part of the Miltary Community once again.(Not including Vasas, Constatine, Field Marshals+) they will have to first leave all Sarovian guilds and disband them, then they will have to take off all Sarovian attire and forget Sarovia’s existance.

The Unforrgiven

The Following will State all Sarovians that are officially Banned from the Military Community:

  • Emperor, Constatine Vasa
  • Prince, John Vasa
  • Empress, Naomi
  • Vasas(Relinquish your name to be forgiven)
  • Severax
  • Marty
  • Cinnicis
  • Field Marshal+

The Age Of Peace

As Sarovia happily dies the Community now in shambles will be rebuild, a new Age Of Peace will begin and The Community will finally rebuild, no more ashes, just peace. The Age Of Peace will provide the Military Community a feeling of nationalism. The Age Of Peace will hopefully be the future of GraalOnline allowing Graalians to be more interested in any official militarized guild or support the community in any way they think is best.