Overseer Weekly

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Overseer Weekly is the official publication of The Wiki Project, founded by Kevlar Vaughn during his term as Wiki Overseer.

Overseer Weekly mainly publishes editorials which address timely issues concerning the military community. In pursuit of The Wiki Project's goal of preserving history, it is also necessary to be a force of change and improvement. Thus, we present Overseer Weekly.

Articles and opinions of writers do not reflect the official stance of the Graal Historical Society on community issues in any way, unless otherwise stated. There may be instances that official announcements will be made through the publication.

Volume 1: March Issue

  1. Going Back To Basics | 07 MARCH 2020
  2. Foul Mouths & Loose Lips | 14 MARCH 2020
  3. N/A 21 MARCH 2020
  4. N/A 28 MARCH 2020