Wiki Overseers

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The Wiki Overseer is the recognized head of The Wiki Project and makes the big decisions for the wiki, usually with the support of other wiki admins and bureaucrats.

The 1st Overseer: Fessler Dolan[edit | edit source]

The Wiki was founded on January 19th, 2014. Fessler was the creator of the Wiki on the platform FANDOM. He started it with Kusan Delawyn, but his time as Overseer was short-lived as Auel took over the Founder account after a short period of time.

The 2nd Overseer: Auel Vist[edit | edit source]

Auel took control of the Wiki from Fessler, however he did nothing with the power and would soon after hand it off to Roanoke.

The 3rd Overseer: Roanoke Han[edit | edit source]

Roanoke transformed the Wiki into what it is today. Taking a small, 20-30 page Wiki and turning it into a thriving place of resources and information. Roanoke reigned over the Wiki for the majority of its existence, working on it actively and hiring a number of staff. However he relinquished control on 22/08/2016.

The 4th Overseer: Kevlar Vaughn[edit | edit source]

Kevlar Vaughn was given control of the Wiki on 22/08/2016 from Roanoke Han. In December of 2016, Kevlar grew disinterested in the Classic community and made the move to West. As a result, he stepped down as the wiki Overseer.

Overseer Committee[edit | edit source]

Overseer Kevlar Vaughn stepped down in December of 2016. As a result, former Overseer Roanoke Han started the search for a new Overseer. Multiple candidates were contacted but ultimately none were interested. As a result, Roanoke formed an administrator committee to continue the day to day operations of maintaining the Wiki.

The 5th Overseer: Grizz Regium[edit | edit source]

Grizz Regium was given the position of Overseer of the Wiki on 13/02/2017. He had expressed interest in bringing back old programs. However, he eventually resigned due to him being busy with life.

The 6th Overseer: Roanoke Han/Xiaoguard[edit | edit source]

Roanoke Han/Xiao took the position of Overseer once again on January 5th, 2018 and started working on it again. The position is still held by him as of February 11th 2020. He currently oversees the operations of the Wiki alongside the new Wiki Executive Committee.