Wiki Overseers

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The Wiki Overseer is the recognized head of the Wiki Project. The term was originally coined by Roanoke Han, also known as Xiaoguard, upon assuming the leadership position for the Wiki in 2014.


  • First Overseer: Sol Fessler - The Wiki was founded on January 19th of 2014 by Sol Fessler and Auel Kusan on the FANDOM Wikia network. For a short period of time, Fessler ran the Wiki until he passed his account to Auel Vist, who then changed the password and took control over the Wikia.
  • Second Overseer: Auel Vist - Auel's time running the Wiki was most notable for his injection of State propaganda, an issue that is still being reckoned with today. Auel spun many false narratives on the Wiki that have been removed since then, such as the legend of "Cae & Cael," the supposed brother and sister that ran Krung Thep, who were actually Auel himself. His use of the Wiki to publish propaganda is a dark shadow on the Wiki's history as an organization, which now strives for honesty and neutrality.
  • Third Overseer: Roanoke Han - Roanoke, also known as Xiaoguard, took on leadership of the Wiki in late 2014, and transformed the Wiki into what it is today. What at the time was a small, thirty page Wiki, became a thriving community project full of resources and information. Roanoke looked after the Wiki for the majority of its existence, working on it actively and appointing numerous staff. He would later resign from the position of Overseer on the 22nd of August in 2016, and fall out of the public eye for some time.
  • Fourth Overseer: Kevlar Vaughn - Kevlar Vaughn was given control of the Wiki by Roanoke Han after his disappearance. However, in December of 2016, Kevlar became disinterested in the Classic community and moved to Ol' West. He subsequently made the decision to step down as the Wiki Overseer. After doing so, former Overseer Roanoke Han began a search for a new Overseer. A few potential candidates were contacted, but no new Overseer was chosen. As a result, Roanoke formed an administrative committee to continue the day to day operations of the Wiki.
  • Fifth Overseer: Grizz Regium - Grizz Regium was given the position of Overseer of the Wiki on the 13th of January in 2017. He resigned not long after, citing an increasingly busy life in the real world.
  • Sixth Overseer: Xiaoguard Han - Xiaoguard was reinstated as Overseer on January 5th, 2018, and began working on the Wiki again. He was responsible for the migration from the FANDOM network to a private website. Xiaoguard held the position until November 19th, 2020, when he appointed a new Overseer.
  • Seventh Overseer: Nylius Avidius - Nylius was appointed the Overseer by Xiaoguard Han after his resignation, though relinquished his position to him when he resurfaced.
  • Eighth Overseer: Xiaoguard Han - Ever since Nylius passed his position to him, Xiaoguard maintained the wiki and and intended to do so indefinitely. However, he unexpectedly retired without assigning a new Overseer, though had since made some appearances and occasional contributions.