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Han, Vist, Consilim, Mendacium, many more.

Xiaoguard Han is a prominent member of the Graal Military Community, best known for his work on the Graal Military Wiki, the founding of the Graal Historical Society, his key role in building the first New Sarovian Empire, his key role in The State, and the creation of the Dunmoore SMP Minecraft server.


The Beginning - Cause of War

Xiaoguard started playing Graal sometime in 2010. He got an early taste of leadership when he created a guild called Cause of War, recruiting several of his friends and leading an entirely unsuccessful towering campaign. Nevertheless, Cause of War introduced Xiaoguard to the world of Graal and the possibilities it held.

Introduction to Militaries

Xiaoguard's Graal Military career began in The State in 2013 under the name of "Walter "Radar" O'Reilly," a reference to the show M*A*S*H*. Walter originally joined The State after noticing the guild had taken a tower, and messaging Auel. Quickly recognized as an exceptional soldier by Vulnus, Walter was promoted to Corporal, and days later befriended Major Falcon and transferred to the Graal Defense Forces special unit as his 1st Lieutenant. Walter continued to impress the officers of The State, but Walter at the time deemed himself more loyal to Major Falcon than The State itself. Therefore, Walter defected from The State with Major Falcon and assisted with the creation of Sparta, where his name was changed to King Eurotas. Sparta allied Riders of Rohan, Xeno's State rebellion guild. Eurotas took control and made a ranking system, as well as rearranging the officer core of Riders of Rohan. Falcon was annoyed by this however, stating "You should be building up Sparta, not our allies. You're making it so it'll be harder to take them out later." It was around this time when the signature Gorgo head was uploaded, and the name "Eurotas" was changed to "Gorgo." Later, Falcon's frustration grew to its limit, and he demanded that Gorgo stop helping The Riders of Rohan. Gorgo refused and was later kicked from the guild. Gorgo then disappeared for some time, but popped up again later in Morzan's State. He was assigned the rank of Colonel and given the territory of Valerock City (Snow Town), a project that lasted one day, subsequently being shut down by Sherlock when he took over The State. Gorgo was one of few who knew of Sherlock's plan to disband The State, and he did everything he could to make The State as fun as possible for everyone up until that point. When Sherlock disbanded The State, Gorgo planned on vanishing again, but he decided to join Morzan's new State, and was assigned the rank of Sergeant. Morzan's second State didn't last long, and following that Vulnus formed his own guild known as Alteria. It was in Alteria when Gorgo was assigned to train Stein, which is what kicked off their long-term friendship.


Following Alteria in April of 2014, Sol brought back his guild Aurelia, and as Gorgo had struck a deal with Sol a while beforehand, he was given the rank of Emperor. Gorgo, however, did not like Sol's style of leadership, so he staged a coup and turned the entire military against Sol in less then 10 minutes, forming Atlantia. Atlantia survived up until the return of Auel, when Gorgo allowed him to absorb the guild into his new project, The Nation. After The Nation failed miserably, he left to re-create his social guild The Inventory, help TaZe create Pathenia, and revitalize Asano Clan.


Later in 2014, Gorgo found himself no longer to wish to be an active part of the military community and left to create Microsoft with Juliette, as Bill Gates. The Bill Gates account was given to him by Stein, who originally used it under the name Dr. Hatch. As Bill Gates, he created numerous minor exploits which were distributed to militaries, as well as creating a private militia for Microsoft known as Gates Brigade. During this time Gates Brigade claimed the territory of Valerock City (Snow Town), and successfully managed to defend it from an attack by The State. When Juliette eventually quit Graal, Bill Gates did too.


Professor Roanoke Han

When Bill Gates eventually returned to Graal in late 2015, he began to make more of an effort to befriend Auel, seeing him as a powerful ally. After a while, they had become acquainted, and Auel gave one of his accounts to him. This account would become Bruce Vist, later Roanoke Han, and would serve as the Director of Logistics (Intelligence) in Xinke’s State. It was also during this time that Roanoke became the Wiki Overseer for the FANDOM Wiki, after management of the website was given to him by Auel Vist. The Wiki was only a handful of pages at this time, but would grow exponentially over the following months under Roanoke's leadership. During his time in The State, Roanoke created a State Database containing dossiers on every notable person in the community. He realized quickly how dangerous the material was, however, and restricted access to Xinke and Auel under the condition that they must request specific information rather than simply viewing the dossiers. After Xinke was overthrown and Kusan was appointed the leader of The State, Roanoke left to Han Dynasty, the guild owned by his new alt. He used this guild to house the senior staff of The State as they waited, and altogether the guild was active for about a month before everyone moved on to other things. Later on, the guild was used as an honorary tag for prominent community members. The State returned again shortly after, and Roanoke was offered the position of Chief of Communications. He gladly accepted this position, and excelled in the role. His career in The State ended abruptly after an infamous debate over jurisdiction policy between Morzan and other officers that lead to his resignation. He revived his main account for the creation of Imperia, however it was banned quickly. He subsequently created an alt named "Duke Xinke II" who would come to lead the Intelligence Department of Imperia. Xinke II left after a dispute, and then quit again for some time.


Socks, Ash Lightwind, and Ikiba negotiating with Crawford

Upon his return, Roanoke became the Ambassador for The Republic, the latest incarnation of The State, taking on responsibility for all of The Republic's foreign affairs. Long having abandoned the philosophy of "No Allies," The Republic was looking to expand it's influence across the community. In the process of looking for military guilds, Roanoke came across Ikana. Ikana was a small military led by iKiba and Ash Lightwind. Roanoke quickly fell in love with this little guild, however The Republic was not interested in it at all due to it's small size. Eventually, becoming disenchanted with The Republic, Roanoke resigned in January of 2016 and created a new account to begin his next persona - Socks. To avoid suspicion, Socks spent some time getting his stats up, and started in Ikana at a low rank, eventually receiving the predetermined rank of Captain. The military never did grow to any considerable size, however the members were all good friends and the guild was always doing something. It was in Ikana that Socks met Orbitus, later known as Nylius, one of his strongest allies.

During his time in Ikana as Socks, Roanoke continued to meddle in the affairs of the wider GMC. Following an email exchange with Caen, Roanoke logged into Caen's account and managed to convince Sherlock to abdicate the throne of his guild, The Kingdom of Reuss. Following this, with no idea that Roanoke was disguised as Caen, Sherlock and Roanoke created the guild Graanonymous together and kicked off The Info Wars.


After Ikana eventually fell apart, Socks received an old account from Raiden and changed his name for the final time - He was now known as Xiaoguard, and still is to this day. The only people who were aware at the time that Xiaoguard was Roanoke were Orbitus, Ash Lightwind, Vulnus, and Raiden. In order to create a backstory for this new persona, Xiaoguard bounced around towering guilds for some time, eventually settling on John Akechi's guild Absence, where he received his 1k hat after some time.

The first military guild Xiaoguard joined under his new name was the New Frontier Republic on Ol' West, with the leader, Kevlar Vaughn, completely unaware of his previous name. Xiaoguard assisted with tracking down and killing Sol Fessler for defecting from the Republic, and was an active member of the NFR up until its end, only ever reaching the rank of Sergeant.

Chancellor of the New Sarovian Empire

The Emperor and His Chancellor, June 6 2016, by Xiaoguard

Xiaoguard is well known for his founding role in the New Sarovian Empire in May of 2016, making all of its uniforms and documents and organizing all of the guild events for this early period of Sarovia. Xiaoguard and Sherlock were good friends during this time, until a disagreement had Xiaoguard removed from the New Sarovian Empire and wiped from its history books until years later when the two former colleagues became friends once again.

Exposure as Roanoke

Firmly believing that he had covered his tracks thoroughly, in August of 2016 Xiaoguard reached out to Constantine Vasa, then known as Sherlock, via his Roanoke email to ask him to find details about Xiaoguard. He told him he believed Xiaoguard had hacked one of his social media accounts, and he wished to find out more details about him. After some research, Sherlock eventually spoke to Nyl, who informed him outright that Xiaoguard was Roanoke Han, unaware of the consequences of his actions. Sherlock exposed the information to the public, and Xiaoguard left for a short time, but not before posting a now lost rant on his blog.

Vacation on Graal The Adventure

Xiaoguard Han on GtA (15/08/2016)

During the summer of 2016, not long after being exposed as Roanoke by Sherlock, Xiaoguard spent the majority of his time playing on Graal The Adventure. There he befriended many PC Graal veterans, joined the Rommiel Family, and enjoyed many innovative and fun events incomparable to iClassic. Unfortunately, the ability to log in to Graal The Adventure was eventually removed due to disagreements between GtA staff and management of GraalOnline.

Cincinnis & The Nuke Crisis

Xiaoguard played a key role in The Nuke Crisis in February of 2017, having been the first person to receive the instructions from Nylius and then pass them on to Cincinnis. In turn, Cincinnis then passed these instructions on to Constantine Vasa, causing The Nuke Crisis. Xiaoguard put an end to the crisis when he brought news of the unfolding events to Leah, former Graphics Administrator for iClassic, whom elevated the issue to management. Due to the way these events unfolded, Xiaoguard will often quip that he both started and ended the biggest crisis in GMC history.

Webmaster of The GMC

Since taking over the Graal Military Wikia on the FANDOM network years ago, Xiaoguard has become the de facto Webmaster of The GMC, owning and hosting the Graal Military Wiki, Graphics Depot, Documents Library, Sarovian Wiki, and Portuguese Wiki. Xiaoguard has also contributed to the hosting and design of countless guild websites, and was planning a deployment of an interactive guild territory map created by Auel Vist before his eventual departure.

Dunmoore SMP

After retiring from Graal and denouncing any remaining affiliations, Xiaoguard created the Minecraft server Dunmoore SMP on April 26th 2021, with the help of Nylius and Ajax. What started out as a small server for friends eventually grew into a thriving community with dozens of towns and cities and hundreds of players. Staff members on the server were primarily longtime friends from Graal, including Laken, Macbeth, Envisage, and others. The server was monetized for some time, pulling in upwards of $1500USD before the store was shut down due to unexpected popularity. With the help of developer Britton B., Dunmoore created several unique plugins such as the Gold Bank economy system, the Dunmoore Halloween event, and Dunmoore Archaeology. Dunmoore SMP officially closed down on April 26th 2023, it's 2 year anniversary. Since then, Xiaoguard has mostly moved away from the digital world, but can still occasionally be caught working on the Wiki or popping in to send a strange message on the GHS Discord server.

Titles & Achievements

Absence 1k
Absence 1k
  • Graal Military Wiki Overseer
  • Founder of the Graal Historical Society
  • Founder & Owner of the Dunmoore SMP Minecraft server.
  • Founder of Atlantia
  • Founder of Star Command (Zone)
  • Founder of Valerock City (Classic & Ol' West)
  • Founder of Microsoft
  • Leader of Han Dynasty
  • First Chancellor of the New Sarovian Empire
  • Aurean Prince
  • Former Leader of The State
  • Owner of Absence 1k hat
  • Former G2K1 Development Staff
  • Coordinator of The Kingdom Elections
  • Facilitator of the Wiki Migration

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