The Çønsïlïm Family

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The Çønsïlïm Family is one of the oldest, and most prestigious families within the military community. The family was created in Spring 2013 by Vulnus in order to rival large families such as Atlas. Çønsïlïm is a stylized version of the Latin word for wisdom and guidance, consilim.


Renewed State

The Çønsïlïm Family was created in 2013 during the Renewed State, following the lead of other families within The State such as Atlas. It was during this time that Çønsïlïm gained its first set of loyal members, Raiden and Murphy. It soon gained some other members such as Wildcat and Bushgod, but the family remained relatively small.

Absolute State, Brittania, & The Last Auelian Era

As Vulnus gained a reputation more people wanted to be like him and learn from him, and his family grew exponentially. It was during this time that the family peaked in recruitment gaining members such as Irish, Gorgo and Ender. During this time, Çønsïlïm had become arguably the most prestigious, and well known Graal military family that the community had ever seen; boast a surplus of intelligent and respected members. The family soon became an order where people in power would help other people in power. The Çønsïlïm Family would always help fellow family members in need. It would be seen as more-so a public order, for the family would influence all militaries they possibly could.


After the State, and a gradual loss of some of its members, recruitment was open. Members who were selected could join the family if they chose to do so. The Çønsïlïm Family website was created along with a Çønsïlïm guild, and the family altered its ideology. Rather than being a place for great people to be accepted, it changed itself into being a place where mediocre players could develop into great players. It started programs such as the Graal Gentleman's Club (GGC) and Leadership Training.


The Çønsïlïm Family created a huge underground sphere of influence that almost no one could rival. Being an international family across several militaries, members could pull strings across Graal. The family was dedicated to making itself and its members better, and that's what it did. In recent events, the family has focused more on becoming a family rather than a title, and focused on developing its members.

Mission Statement

"Classic, a Graal home to about 5,500 active players is filled with unqualified leaders, admins, and scammers. Because of this, many people are stuck in a position where they are considered "noobs", and cannot fully enjoy the game, simply because no one is willing to, and few are qualified to actually teach. This is an unchangeable aspect of Classic, but it can be worked around. The Çønsïlïm Family was created as a safe haven for player development of the mind, spirit, and fighting ability. It was created to form bonds of friendship, and love between players, giving people both a home, and a school in which they can feel friendship while developing their skills. Çønsïlïm is a Latin word meaning guidance and wisdom, and that is exactly what we try to do. Our goal is to create a pan-classic family that is not stricken or hindered by politics or guilds, but a place where we can all spread our friendship and knowledge to make the game a better place."