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Augustus Fujin Consilim, commonly referred to as Neos, is one of the youngest Generals in State history, obtaining the rank of Brigadier General in his early teens. He is said to have a good understanding of military structure and logistics. Fujin is also a somewhat prominent mentor, training Kevlar, Ajax, Zakiev, and even Savus. Fujin is known as a huge supporter of Military Policing.

The Beginning

Fujin had started playing Graal in January 2013, and took the role of an assassin, joining a guild by the name of “Ghost Assassins." After spending some time with the Assassins, Fujin had become a mercenary.

The Old State

One day, Fujin was wandering around the York Forest, and  stumbled upon a skirmish being fought between the State and Rebels in front of Master Li’s Dojo. Filled with interest, Fujin decided to enlist and quickly started making friends with State Officers and soldiers. After the State had fallen, Fujin returned to the world of Assassins, and created his own guild.


After a few months, Fujin had attempted to create a military called “Atlantia," (The name was later used by Gorgo, but this in fact was earlier) and sought to ally with the State. But due to the State’s firm no ally policy, Fujin’s ambitions were crushed. He had later joined Arcadia, and fought in the Arcadian-Britannian conflict.

The New State

Much later, Fujin joined the new State. Fuji remained an NCO at the time, but could’ve become a Captain. Unfortunately, Fujin lacked the Gralats to buy a proper uniform, resulting with him still being stuck as an enlisted man.


Fujin was later picked to be an operator in the SSF. Fujin’s more prominent attributes, such as Security, Intelligence, Special Operations and logistics are all thanks to the SSF. Without the help and training of the SSF, Fujin wouldn't be who he is today.

Neo State

After Fujin’s time in the SSF, he was appointed Brigadier General of the Eastern Command. At this time, Fujin grew close to Pierce Vist, and even trained alongside him in a newly formed Elite Task Force, who’s members included: Kozak, Irish, Fujin, Vulnus, and Pierce.


In early 2014, Fujin had spent time leading the Syrixian Spec Ops, and successfully led an infiltration mission into Arcadia to solidify Alyssa’s reign, which was preferred by the Syrixian Command.


  • Created an elaborate plot with Gorgo, which it’s details still remain classified (Project Icarus)
    • Joined Viral's guild "Pimpin."
    • Was briefly a private military contractor
    • Was the head of the hated Military Police in Auel’s “21st State" (Before and after Morzan took control of it)