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Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

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Mika Regium Vaughn is a member of the Graal Military Community, known as the Empress of the Aurean Empire alongside Kevlar Regium Vaughn.

The State (2014 - 2015)

Mika was introduced to Graal in 2013, and to the Graal Military Communityin in 2014, when she enlisted in the State by request of Helen. She joined the Ranger Unit led by Aga, and went on off-mapping expeditions with Arkantos. As a result, Mika received a 2.500 hour ban.

The State continued into 2015, and it was during that time that Mika met Kevlar. The two quickly became friends and soon married. Although she did not partake in many incarnations of Aurea, Mika has long been regarded as the Empress of Aurea since then.
Mika & Other Having A Good Time

However, the State's hacking operations led up to its deletion on July 21st of 2015.

The Kingdom (2016)

In 2016, Mika joined the Kingdom, a project by Auel Vist, upon enrolling in House Regium led by Auel Vulnus. Although, due to activity issues, she was transferred to House Avalor led by Fessler.

After the fall of the Kingdom, Mika would stay mostly uninvolved with Graal and guildless for the next four years.

Arcadia & Auro Roma (2020)

Mika returned to Graal in 2020 after getting in touch with Peter Rhodes and deciding to join Arcadia. She became the first of Cladz's Arcadian Night Sentinels program, as well as assisting with social development and graphics. She stayed in Arcadia for 4 months until Kevlar returned and created Auro Roma.

As she was married to Kevlar, Mika decided to part ways with Arcadia and join Auro Roma. It was at this time that Mika officially became Mika Vaughn. She led Urbs Maxima, the civil guild within Auro Roma, while also taking an active role in government affairs.

From Auro Roma came the Fifth Aurean Empire, in which she took the role of Empress. Constantine also declared Kevlar the Emperor of Sarovia in order to invalidate the current incarnations of Sarovia. As a result of this, Mika also became Empress of Sarovia.