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Arkantos is a veteran of The State, notable for being the first person to be assigned as the Chief of a Research & Development department. Arkantos researched and developed numerous hacks that The State employed early in military history.


Arkantos joined Graal in the summer of 2013. Arkantos joined The State after he observed a rally in Graal City. After The State fell, he joined as a Captain in The Union Military which fell soon after. After Sherlock destroyed The Union, Arkantos retired until King Auel was back again. After Auel returned, he joined State as a Master Sergeant. State fell once again, and in 2014 Arkantos started learning about hacking. He got banned many times as a result of this. During the Summer of 2015 Arkantos discovered a hack he called "Improved Horse Wall Hack," which helped him with off mapping. Late in summer 2015 The State was back and Arkantos joined it as Chief of Research and Development once more. Since then Arkantos has returned off and on, but has largely quit the game. Arkantos was once commemorated by "The Arkantos Institute of Technology," a now-defunct research and development organization operated by Xiaoguard.