Guilds and Leaders of 2020

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  • Castle Blackfyre, led by Odin, is launched.


  • Castle Blackfyre leadership is transferred over to James and then JJ.
  • Sergei Nikolai relaunches Kiev Grad.
  • Kiev Grad is disbanded.
  • The Kingdom of Arnithen, led by Terian Lepos, is launched.


  • Hizack launches the Revolutionary State.
  • Zaza leads the Imperial State.
  • Leadership disbands Imperia on Classic.
  • The Kingdom of Corinth, led by Aiken L. Neplion, is launched.
  • Zaza steps down as the leader of the Imperial State with Auel Logan taking his place. The Imperial State is then effectively transitioned into the Auxiliary States.
  • Oxeria transitions into a democratic socialist republic and forms two region tags.



  • Aurea is disbanded.
  • Aurelia, led by Leon Fessler, is disbanded.
  • Sammy Romari leads the Kingdom of Neridor.
  • Nekron is created, led by Monty Naz.


  • Oxeria, led by Emily ll VirTue, is disbanded.
  • The Revolutionary State is disbanded.
  • Constantine declares himself Emperor of Sarovia (Disputed by the Aurean nobility).
  • Kevlar Vaughn leads the Order of St. Emera under the banner of Montecon-Lorraine.
  • The Order of St. Emera is disbanded.
  • Castle Furous, led by Heran Furous, is launched.
  • Fyre Xavi relaunches Byzantium.


  • Neridor is disbanded.
  • Ajax Kaage transitions Montecon-Lorraine to the Communist State of Borgia and the Republic of Pwontan, led by Ajax himself and Hizack Lux.
  • Castle Furous is disbanded.
  • Nekron leadership is transferred to Naz.
  • The Communist State of Borgia and the Republic of Pwontan are disbanded.