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Platforms Played

  • Ol West ~700 Hours
  • Classic ~4,500 Hours
  • Era ~40 Hours


  • Kaage
  • Barragan
  • Iparis
  • Rhodes
  • Atlas
  • Avidius
  • Krieger
  • Magnus
  • Landa
  • Artois

Notable Guilds That Ajax has Served in

  • Multiple renditions of State 2013-2017
  • The Free States 2018
  • The Third Aurean Empire 2018-2019
  • House Regium 2017
  • Imperia 2018-2019
  • NFR 2016
  • Communist Aurea 2019
  • Grand Northern Republic 2020-Now


Ajax has served for about 5 years. He would start in The State and would mainly fight against Imperia and would fight in Air Asia (A removed portion of the Map). During his stay, he would stay rather stagnant as a Sergeant or Lieutenant throughout 2013-2015, during this time he would make friends with Donald and Peter Rhodes, Arno Kaage, and Aga Kaage. In 2016, Ajax was invited to take part in the NFR (The Northern Frontier Republic) where he would fight poorly armed Sarovian Scouting Parties (numbered around 15) with 5 heavily armed officers and would win. During 2016, Ajax would become a Colonel in State and would work in Intelligence with Estrella. After the fall of that State, Ajax would help Auel and many others work in the House Systems. He would play a minor roll in these Houses, and it would fall soon after launch in 2017. Ajax would join TFS (The Free States) in 2018 and would become a Brigadier General in the 2nd Army. This would be a massive failure. The 2nd Army suffered staff shortages and unsanctioned transfers to the 1st Army. Ajax accompanied with Paw, Joe Kyro, and other officers would defy Yohann's (Savus') orders to rebel against Auel. After this, Ajax would go through a burst of short-lived guilds with Muzak, and they would separate. He would join the Clans system and would remain in the Torii Clan, and after that, he served in the Third Aurean Empire as a landed noble. From 2019-2020, Ajax would serve in 2 forms of Aurea on Classic, one as a Commissar, and another as an ad visor. He now leads a collective of guilds on Ol' West.