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Flag of the Grand City of Monteçon

Monteçon-Lorraine is a currently inactive Aurean-inspired guild originally formed as a civil division of the 5th Aurean Empire by Ajax Avidius, becoming independent following the empire's collapse. Monteçon-Lorraine would become a hotspot for Aurean veterans and newcomers, it was a great place of innovation, creating innovative graphics, and literature alike.


The Beginning

Flag of Olivie

On the evening of September 10th 2020, the House of Lords of the 5th Aurean Empire met to discuss their next steps after the collapse of the empire. While Kevlar wanted the guild to be completely disbanded, Ajax decided to keep his guild, Monteçon-Lorraine alive as an independent guild. After the death of the empire, some individuals such as Mika Vaughn would abandon the city's walls. With the support of several former Aureans such as Remus, Clayton, Hizack, and Mathias, Ajax's newly independent guild began to grow very quickly. Monteçon was able to establish a military unit known as Ordre d'Antioch, later renamed to Ordre d'Annum. The city itself continued to grow before a second was launched, thus was the beginning of Olivie, a lesser city to the east of Monteçon. With this expansion, Ajax Kaage would assume the title of Duque, branding his duchy as Monteçon-Lorraine, Lorraine being where Olivie and later Arlon would be founded. With the aid of Comte, Remus, Monteçon-Lorraine would find greatness. Hizack Dumont would soon establish Arlon and Sevran, both cities occupied by Brazilians. Dedicated to championing Aurean culture, Monteçon-Lorraine would continue to develop several cities that instilled Aurean values, the appreciation and importance of graphical innovation and the fanatical creation of literature being some of them.

The Coalition

Leaders of The Coalition.

Monteçon-Lorraine gained additional prominence with the establishment of The Coalition, an alliance between Monteçon, Neridor, Corinth, Arnithen, Schlesien, Sparta and Ross. On October 25th, 2020, at 3:00 PM EST, The Coalition launched an invasion on Arcadia. During the day, the battle raged on forever heated. Scathing words were exchanged between leaders and soldiers alike. Duque, Ajax Avidius, leading the main war tag, fought through the day, preparing for Arcadia's rich amounts of Filipino militants to envelope the arena. After a significant portion of Arnithian, Neridorian, and Rossian troops had withered away later into the night, it was up to a collective of Monteçonian knights and Brazilians under the leadership of Hizack that secured the night.

The two sides fought for up to 17 hours in the Battle Arena War Room, with Remus sending the winning screenshot at around 7:00 AM. Despite Peter having been tipped off about the invasion in advance and having time to prepare, the battle ultimately ended in victory for The Coalition. The Coalition seized Destiny, Deadwood, Red Lamp Inn, Swamp, and Northern Wilderness from Arcadia following the battle.