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Vist, Kazakov, Küsän, Çønsïlïm, Clovis IV

James Von Kazakov is a prominent old generation militant, joining the community in 2012. Being a long-term loyalist of The State, his service has extended throughout the Line of Auel. He is known for causing mass hysteria in the community through means of hacking, and on some occasions, information leaking. James is the founder of Ishval.

The Beginning (2013)

James joined GraalOnline Classic back in late 2012, though he installed the old Classic in 2010, but was later banned.

When James stumbled upon the State, he wasn't looking to join a guild, but when invited, he accepted.

Being curious as to what the State was, he was commissioned as Private, being placed at the bottom of authority. Despite his distaste for it, he put up with it. James grew fond of the State and his comrades, especially the Auels. However, James would once again quit Graal for two weeks.

Kingdom of Imperia (2014)

Upon returning, James discovered that the State had fallen. This infuriated him; he adored the State. However, he came across Imperia and decided to enlist.

James was ranked as Private and quickly established relationships with other Imperians. A few weeks into Imperia, the State's return would see James joining it as Private First Class. Imperia was discontent with Auel's return, which led to the Second War of Paranoia, during which James was promoted to Sergeant.

After the war, James was recruited into the Union by Macbeth. James assisted the Union's military, up until he met met General Equinox, who stole James' account. This forced James to once again, quit.

The Morzanic State (2014)

Eventually, James returned with an account full of items, and immediately searched for the State which had apparently returned. James ended up getting recruited by Morzan Von Kazakov, and was placed as Sergeant.

In due time, Auel's abuse of power caught James' eye. Before confronting him, Auel quit and transferred leadership to Morzan. An air of distaste around Morzan caused people to resign, James not being one of them, who actually grew to like Morzan. James also requested the Kazakov name from Morzan, which led to his induction into the family. After this era, James continued to help the State in the iterations that followed.

The Baierbach Federation (2015)

In 2015, James had become acquainted with Bram, with whom he founded a military, alongside Donald and Nikola. They discussed the justice system for the federation in Bram's house, eventually agreeing on military police. The group also began planning on other things. When James brought up his rank, he was made Major of all military recruitment. However, Bram later promoted him to Lieutenant General on account of all his hard work.

The State (2015)

James enlisted in a new iteration of the State as First Lieutenant, where he would master off-mapping with the help of Mika Vaughn. This allowed him to expand his knowledge with Cheat Engine. He grew even closer with Morzan, Auel, and Rollins. Exploring the unknown through off-mapping with individuals such as Aga, Mika, and Helen would become a main interest for James.

The Republic (2015)

Auel Vist and Logan founded the Republic, in which James would join. He and Muzak were both situated in a department under Roanoke Han, and were assistants to him until the fall of the Republic.

The Reinhard Empire (2016)

While on a hiatus, Roy Rhodes informed James of a new guild led by Muzak while playing Grand_Theft_Auto_V. He was offered a Colonel position, which he accepted, and worked closely with Roy, Muzak, Vinter, and Peter.

This guild was very successful, and by far one of Muzak's greatest works, if not the greatest.

The Kingdom (2016)

After the creation and launch of the Kingdom, James joined Morzan's sect, House Clovis. He played a huge role in the High King elections and established connections among other houses in order to further Morzan's influence. Despite his efforts, however, Vulnus was elected as High King.

The State (2016)

This State was led by Auel Logan. James was commissioned as Captain by Logan. After some time of inactivity, he was placed as the formal Ambassador and Head of Foreign Affairs.

The State (2017)

In this iteration of the State, James was ranked as Major, but was eventually promoted to Lieutenant Colonel alongside Colonel Ajax. They worked together until Ajax' promotion or resignation (unconfirmed). At the time, James was also promoted to Colonel, and remained in this position until this State era disbanded.

The Free States (2017)

Being an Auel loyalist at the time, James enlisted in the Free States, specifically Harau Bacsey's sect, as he wished to expand his knowledge beyond just the State brand and Imperia. However, during his time there, General Jin had it our for James, as he thought he was lying about the Magnus-kicking incident, when it had already been resolved. As a result, he was expelled and blacklisted from the Free States. Losing the original court case, James was given a retrial, for which he employed Sol Fessler as his lawyer. He was found guilty of being capable of mass-kicking the guild, but there was no formal evidence of James' intent to do such a thing. It carried onto one final appeal in the parliament. James was eventually allowed back in. He was also tasked by Xinke to portray Fyre as a traitor, and an affiliate of Sarovia, in hopes of discrediting his newly established Nova Byzantium.

The Maverian Empire (2018)

James enlisted in Maveria, led by Clovis Ian, which had a huge backing. He was placed in Maveria's high command, and played an instrumental role in the guild's operations.

Ian and James had constant run-ins with threats made by Muzak, who was leading Slavia at the time. Ian and James grew very close together, and they helped each other whenever an issue arose. Muzak was posing as a pest and a minor threat to Maveria, so Isaac and James managed to get Muzak banned, which led to Muzak's departure from the Military Community. James rode with Maveria until its inevitable end.

Ishval (2019)

In June of 2019, James was at a huge standoff with the rest of the community, being responsible for multiple war crimes against certain guilds, the main one being Imperia, which at the time, consumed most of the community's manpower. He decided to form "Ishval." Upon the formation of Ishval, his intent was to stand up against Imperia and their massive monopolization of the community. He managed to gather fifty members in a matter of two days, and formed a collective following, which went on to grow even further. James' motivation was to prevent the complete control of the community by Imperia and its allies. Here, Auel provided James with his current known head, and the uniform/shields used in Ishval. Auel also took on a counseling role in Ishval by providing advice to help the guild thrive. Ishval eventually collapsed due to an inside rebellion, mainly due to high command's unrest.


  • "Controlling fate is dangerous, when done by the wrong person."

Notable Achievements & Titles

  • Founder of Ishval
  • Lieutenant General of The Baierbach Federation
  • Colonel of The State
  • Colonel of The Reinhard Empire
  • High Commanding Officer of The Maverian Empire
  • Sergeant in The Kingdom of Imperia
  • Fourth and Former Head of Clovis
  • Former Heir of Auel Kusan
  • Mendacium X