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"James Von Kazakov"
James Von Kazakov wearing the old Warrant Officer uniform


Vito, Dolos


The State, Imperia, The Republic, The Free States, Ishval




Clovis IV

Mendacium X







The Beginning

James M. K. joined Graal in late 2012. Though he played the old Classic in 2010 for a couple months, he then quit because he was banned. When he came across The State, he wasn't looking to join a guild. He was invited and he accepted the invite. He was curious as to what The State actually was. James noticed that all of the officers had cool shields on. He was automatically ranked as a Private, putting him at the bottom of authority. James didn't really like that, but he put up with it. After a few weeks, he started to enjoy the people he worked with. James loved The State. The Soldiers were disciplined, he liked that. The fact that he enjoyed being there defines why he was such a good soldier. James also grew fond of the Auels. He enjoyed how they worked. When he first joined The State, he automatically adored The State and Auel Vist. James would then leave Graal for two weeks.


When James came back, he discovered something new. The State had fallen. Not only did this upset him, but it made him furious. He loved The State. Later on he noticed something new had formed. Imperia, James liked it. The name sounded cool, all the members looked cool, and so, he decided that he'd ask for an invite. One of Imperia's members recruited him and he joined. James was quickly placed back at the rank of Private. James and John Vasa formed a connection with Ryzallion at the time and James also established relationships with other Imperians. James enjoyed his time in Imperia, but a week after his arrival in Imperia, The State had come back. James was so happy, he wasn't just glad The State was back, but he was happy to see Auel. James quickly joined The State but he came to realize that he was placed at Private First Class. When things got better, they quickly changed again. The arrival of Auel made Imperia furious. The arrival cause a war, the war known as "The Second War of Paranoia." James assisted The State. While in the war, he was promoted to Sergeant. This war changed him, which led to his later years.

The Union

After the war had ended, James was recruited to a guild called "The Union". Macbeth Tarkin was the officer who recruited James. James assisted this military for a while. Soon after, James met a man known as "General Equinox" who wasn't fond of him. General Equinox stole James' account. Afterwards, it basically forced James to quit the game.

James' Return

James returns with an account full of hats, mounts, and objects. James searched for The State, for he had heard that The State had returned. James was recruited by Morzan Von Kazakov and was ranked at Sergeant. James grew proud of his rank. He wore that rank with pride. James noticed that Auel had been abusing his power. He had banned his own men just to ban one of the enemies' men. Auel decided to quit, and he passed on leadership to Morzan. Not all that many people stayed since some believed Morzan lied and cheated his men. James continued to stay, over the time in State with Morzan he had grown to like him. He realized he was a Morzan loyalist. James asked Morzan to become a Kazakov, and Morzan granted his request. Afterwards, James continued to help The State in multiple reincarnations since 2013.

The Baierbach Federation

James grew to like Bram, he loved being around him. James and Bram had an idea, they wanted to create a new military because at this time they all were dead, so they met at Bram's house, along with Donald and Nikola. They sat around the table and started to discuss a justice system for the federation. Donald and James both agreed on the military police, so that is what they did. They spent hours planning. James confronted Bram about his rank and at first, he said he would be placed as Major of all military recruitment. Bram finally decided that he would give him Lieutenant General for all his hard work.

The State (2015)

James joined and was made a 1st Lieutenant upon joining. In this incarnation of The State, James learned how to go off-map with the help of Mika, and expanded his knowledge with Cheat Engine in general. In this State James became closer with Morzan, Auel, and Rollins. James' main hobby was off-mapping and further exploring the unknown with other off-mappers, most notably Aga, Mika, and Helen.

The Republic (1st Gen)

Upon the first creation of "The Republic" being spearheaded by Auel and Logan, James joined. He and Muzak were both placed in the department led by Roanoke Han at the time. They were both assistants to Roanoke during this time period. James continued to act as an assistant to Roanoke until the fall of The Republic.

The Reinhard Empire (2016)

James at the time was on a huge break from Graal. However, one day playing GTA V with Roy Rhodes, he informed James that Muzak was creating a guild and offered him a Colonel position. James accepted and worked very closely with Roy (a great friend of James at the time), Muzak, Vinter, and Peter. This guild was by far very successful, and one of Muzak's greatest works if not the greatest.

House Clovis (2016)

Upon the creation of the "Kingdom System", James being a very good associate with Morzan, had decided to join Morzan and Muzak's section "House Clovis". Here he played a huge role in the assistance of the election and was establishing connections among other houses to further Morzan's influence. Morzan, Auel, and the other candidates eventually lost and Vulnus was elected.

Logan's State (2016)

James was placed at the position of Captain by Logan, and after some time eventually due to James's inactivity, the formal Ambassador and Head of Foreign Affairs.

The State (2017)

James was placed as a Major, and was then eventually promoted to Lt. Colonel working alongside Colonel Ajax. Here Ajax and James worked together until Ajax was eventually promoted or left (unconfirmed), and James was promoted to Colonel. He stayed at this position until the fall of this State era.

The Free States (2018)

As being a loyalist to Auel at the time James decided to join The Free States. He decided to join Harau's section and tried to expand his knowledge beyond just The State brand and Imperia. During his time in TFS (The Free States), General Jin had it out for James. Jin thought that James was lying about the Magnus-kicking incident when it had already been solved. Jin had James removed and blacklisted from TFS. Losing the original court case, James was given a retrial. James employed Sol Fessler as his lawyer and was still found guilty for being capable of "mass-kicking the guild", in which there was no formal evidence of James' intent to do such a thing. It carried onto one final appeal in the parliament. James was eventually let back in and he stayed until the fall of The Free States. James was also tasked by Xinke to portray Fyre as a traitor and an affiliate of Sarovia in hopes to discredit his newly found created "Byzantium". This happened because Fyre had said some things in guild chat one night that some would consider politically incorrect, and was removed.

Maveria (2018)

Maveria being led by Clovis Ian at the time had a huge backing. James was placed in Maveria's high command and played a massive role in guild's operations. Ian and James had constant run-ins with threats made by Muzak, who was leading Slavia at the time. Ian and James grew very close together and they helped each other whenever an issue arose. Muzak was posing as a pest and a minor threat to Maveria, so Isaac and James managed to get Muzak banned, which led to Muzak's departure from the Military Community at the time. James rode with Maveria until its inevitable end.

Ishval (2019)

In June of 2019, James was at a huge standoff with the rest of the community, being responsible for multiple war crimes against certain guilds - the main one being Imperia, which at the time consumed most of the community's manpower. He decided to form "Ishval". Upon the formation of Ishval, his intent was to stand up against Imperia and their massive monopolization of the community. He managed to gather 50+ members in a matter of 2 days and formed a collective following, and this went on to grow even further. James' motivation was to prevent the complete control of the community by Imperia and its allies. Here, Auel provided James with his current known head, and the uniform/shields used in Ishval. Auel also took on a role in Ishval by providing advice to help the guild thrive. Ishval eventually collapsed due to an inside rebellion mainly due to high command's unrest.


  • Manipulation: James has and is known for his manipulation skills and techniques that he uses to get what he wants and is very talented when it comes to swaying people's opinions.
  • Invisibility: James being a major part of the known group "774" James has the ability to go completely invisible or change his gani to be more transparent.
  • Invincibility: James has the ability to be completely unhittable and invincible to players and arrows/bombs
  • Wallhacking: James being taught by known hackers Arkantos and Morzan - James is able to wallhack via horse and/or just on foot which gives him access to other places in the map others wouldn't normally be able to access.
  • Botting: James has the ability to setup bots and have them run all at once through external tech.



  • "Controlling fate is dangerous, when done by the wrong person."

Notable Achievements:

  • Fourth Clovis
  • 3rd Kazakov
  • Colonel of The State
  • Ex-Heir of Kusan
  • Ex-Head Of Clovis
  • Mendacium X