Aiken L. Neplion

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Aiken L. Neplion
Aiken wearing the Corinth Uniform (2020)


Imperia, Elysia (Imperia), Serelia (Imperia), New Oxeria, Oxeria, Lerouxia

Join Date

Around 2015 - 2016

Guild Affiliations

Imperia, Corinth


Neplion, Magnus, Maza, Leroux, Han, Temlar, Fairfax, Vendici

Aiken L. Neplion is a member of the Graal Military Community, best known for his time in Imperia and the creation/leadership of the The Kingdom of Corinth.


Aiken, formely known as Sworld, first joined the community circa 2015 - 2016 after deciding to leave the towering community. He first began hopping between guilds such as the Royal Army and the Midnight Republic in an effort to gain ranks as quickly as possible. He finally became fully invested into the community in 2016 due to his extreme dislike towards Sarovia. The first guild he settled down in was a small guild called The Kingdom of Raixevielian, led by a player currently known as Wilhelm Altenhofen, gaining the rank of Grand Duke. After the guild died in 2018 due to inactivity and internal issues, he took a break from the community, joining a guild known as Neridor later that year, under Sammy Romari. [1]



After returning from his brief break, Aiken was approached by a member of the Neridorian Empire, asking him to join. He accepted, starting off as a corporal. He began to climb the ranks, up to lieutenant, gaining the name of Neridor. On the Christmas Party celebration, he was given the rank of Crown Prince, by Emperor Scae before the death of the guild after the vote between Scae and Sammy which led to the guild being mass-kicked by Brandon.


After the mass-kick, Aiken joined a guild called Lerouxia, led by Kleio Leroux. Starting out as a private, he quickly climbed up the ranks, becoming a lieutenant after a couple of weeks, due to his experience and constant activity. Soon afterwards, he was made the Emperor of the guild, implementing guild activities such as mafia and competitions which awarded prizes. Subsequently, Lerouxia was disbanded after being mass-kicked, consequently losing a tremendous amount of activity.

Ordo Rhodos

After leaving Neridor, he decided to join Ordo Rhodos, as he knew a couple members there from his earlier guilds. He took the knight test early on after being trained by Halfdan a couple days beforehand. He passed the test and began hosting and attending trainings. However, this would not last long, as a couple months later, ghe guild was mass-kicked and deleted.


After the death of Lerouxia, he was invited to join Oxeria by Kleio, around April, 2019, who recommended him to Emily to be the new general of the Oxerian Third Command. He began to try to revive the guild, gaining up a small loyal gathering. He was only general for a month before being approached by Imperian Officers and High Command.

New Oxeria

After leading the Oxerian Third Command for about a month, Aiken was approached by Imperian Officers and High Command, offering him to join a revolt against Emily, called The Kingdom of New Oxeria. He accepted, convinced by the fact several well known Oxerians he knew were in the revolt as well. He was made 2nd in command of the guild, below Kaleb who was made the king. The next day, the guild was mass-kicked by the king himself.


After the mass-kick of New Oxeria, he was transferred to Ordo Caelestius where he was demoted to knight. Nothing really happened during this time period until Elysia was formed and Aiken was transferred over as a knight. As one of the earliest members, he began to work and train harder, earning him the rank of paladin about a couple weeks into the guilds inception. During his time as a paladin, he was transferred over to Ordo Caelestius once again to help recruit, and then onto Ordo Magnus after its death. He returned back to Elysia a couple days later after helping recruit a couple members in Ordo Magnus. After 2 months, he gained the rank of Marshall and created some of his own trainings. He commonly hosted such as dodgebomb, mafia and king of the hill. After staying in Elysia for about a year, helping out with rank names for the Japanese theme and training members, he was transferred over to Serelia in exchange for Halfdan.


After being transferred to Serelia, Aiken continued his work as an Otomi under Envisage. There isn't much to discuss here, as he was transferred to the Holy Imperian Empire in a couple of months.

Holy Imperian Empire

After the reworking of Imperia's tags, Aiken was transferred into the Holy Imperian Empire as a Lieutenant. At this point, he felt a bit burned out and took a bit of a break before returning and continuing to host his trainings such as dodgebomb and mafia, until the eventual move of Imperia off of Graal.

Kingdom of Corinth

After the announcement of Imperia's move off of Graal itself, Aiken began creating plans for a new guild, named the Kingdom of Corinth, after a delayed tag he was planned to lead under Imperia. On August 30th 2020, Corinth was created with the fellow Imperian Halfdan. After launching, the tag stayed at around 20 members until October where major recruiting and activity spiked. Corinth had the unique system of having an elected group to advise and vote on policies put forward by the members of the guild, taking York within months of its formation and holding it until December of 2020 when it was taken by the allied forces of The Kingdom of Arcadia, The Byzantine Empire, The Republic of Pwontan, and The Communist State of Borgia after hours of fighting.