The Oxerian Empire

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The Oxerian Empire

Founding Date

November 9th 2017


Twister - (2017-2018)
Emily II - (2018-2020)


First Oxerian Empire - (2017-2018)
Second Oxerian Empire - (2018-2020)

Notable Wars

Azomman-Oxeria vs. Kiev-Vire, State-Maveria vs. NSE Conflict, The War on Oxeria, The Great Unification War, Saroxerian Wars and Battles

The Beginning

Oxeria was originally founded as ''Haxovia'' by Twister in mid-2017. The primary directive of Haxovia was to eliminate the New Sarovian Empire. Many Haxovians were former members of Twister's early guild known as ''The Midnight Republic". Haxovia fought Sarovia several times, but could not manage to best their armies and soon shut down. Upon the fall of Haxovia, Twister quit for several months. Upon his return on November 9th 2017, the first Oxerian guild was created under the name ''Oxeria Empire''. This marked the beginning of Oxeria, and a new battle against Sarovia.

Midnight During Battle with Sarovia

The Fall of The First Oxeria 

On March 25th 2018, Twister Hax and Constantine VI agreed to go to war at Dozer's for the control of Nira (Onnet). After just one hour of fighting, Emperor Twister chose to pause the conflict and insist that everybody enter his house. He then asked his members to vote on who should be the next heir and Emperor. Many chose to not vote, but Ike was chosen regardless. Twister then quit mid-war, and gave full leadership and ownership to his heir, Ike Wolfbane. Before doing this, however, Twister had agreed to a treaty known as the ''Treaty of Sarholm." This treaty meant that Oxeria would cede all of its land and recognize Sarovia as the victor. Some time passed with Ike struggling to reunite the guild, until Joe Kyro demanded that he was given leadership. Ike agreed to his demands. Joe Kyro then attempted to proclaim Oxeria as Kyronia, resulting in the entire officer core revolting. Kyro was then dethroned. Ike regained control, and attempted to secure an alliance with Fyre's Xavi Military to no avail. In response, the Field Marshal, Emily VirTue threatened to leave with a group of other officers. A week later, with more and more people leaving and the Field Marshal's resignation, Oxeria was proclaimed dead on the April 21st 2018. The Oxerian people split apart, being absorbed into other militaries.

 Emily's Reign

During the First Oxerian Era, Emily VirTue was an iconic officer. The first notable event that boosted her popularity was the Oxerian General Elections. The Empire needed a stable General to lead the army, and once the election was announced, she applied as a candidate. Emily was seen as a hard working and loyal officer. Oxerians appreciated her unique trainings and ideas for rapid growth and reorganization of Oxeria. She held a speech, and propaganda was published in an attempt to boost her chances of winning. When the votes were tallied, Emily had won the elections against James Kyro 31-10. The second event that boosted Emily's popularity were the wars against Xavi. She led two wars against the House of Xavi, both resulting in Oxerian victory. She was titled a Knight Commander, and was given her own Corps to lead. The Second Oxerian Corps quickly surpassed the first. Later on, just days before Twister quit, he promoted her to Field Marshal of the Oxerian Armed Forces. Several months after the First Oxerian Empire died, Emily chose to ask Ike Wolfbane for leadership of the Oxerian Empire and its family. She then reformed the Oxerian Empire, which was first an absolute monarchy, led by herself. Then came the Saroxerian Union which lasted for 5 months. She was Empress of both Sarovia and Oxeria, and was a Monarch of the Unified Saroxerian Crown. Once Saroxeria was abolished, she reorganized Oxeria with a new democratic ideology, and a brand new strategy and way of leadership. She fought several ''civil wars'' against Crodax, which were led by Twister who wished to reclaim the Oxerian Throne. Despite 6 attempts by Twister to overthrow her, Emily remained the Empress of Oxeria.

Saroxeria Union

In August of 2018, The Oxerian Empire was ready to declare war against Sarovia and retake Onnet. A planned offensive was created, and with the promise from Maveria to aid Oxeria in its conquest, everything was ready. Or at least that is what Oxeria believed. Just a day before the offensive was scheduled to begin, The Maverian Kaiserreich decided to betray their promise, and declared war against Oxeria and Sarovia. The State, which was led by Vulnus at the time, decided to follow Maveria's decision, and oppose Oxeria and Sarovia. The Oxerian Empire was in a difficult position, and had to either wage war on two fronts, or side with its old enemy in order to defeat the current one. An emergency officer meeting was held that night, and Oxeria decided to accept an alliance proposal from Constantine VI. Oxeria and Sarovia then ambushed The State in Destiny, and after 2 hours, Maveria and The State retreated, and victory was proclaimed. For the very first time, The Oxerian Empire fought on the side of Sarovia. The State fell just days after that conflict, and Maveria surrendered and signed a peace treaty. A few weeks later, on the August 28th, the Oxerian Empire was approached with an offer to create a unified empire and noble family of Vasa-Oxeria. After another meeting, the Oxerian people accepted the proposal. The unification of Oxeria and Sarovia then began, with Her Majesty Emily l VirTue Vasa-Oxeria as the Crowned Empress, and His Majesty Martius l Vasa-Oxeria as the Crowned Emperor of Saroxeria.

Dissolution of The Saroxeria Union

Oxerian Meeting

The tension and paranoia on both sides had reached new highs in Saroxeria in the middle of January 2019. The two main factions, Sarovians and Oxerians, had both developed separatist views. The Oxerians accused Sarovia of attempting to ''Sarovianize'' them. A motion was passed to implement a single uniform, and a change in the regions system, which added to fears of Oxerian identity being erased. Oxerians argued that this Union had broken the terms of the agreement, and maintained that Oxeria would keep its three regions of Nira, Eastern Nira, and Sorrel as well as its red uniforms. The Sarovians accused Oxeria of attempting to gain more power, protesting against ''Oxerian Only'' meetings, and the advantage of having more English regions than Sarovia. Despite the Crown's attempts to maintain unity and stability, a referendum was demanded by Oxeria. Sarovia had to accept a referendum, or a civil war would be inevitable. The parliament meeting, in which only Oxerians were allowed to vote, presented the idea of full and total independence, and a Democratic ideology, with Emily as the leader. The results were published, and they greatly favored full independence. On the January 26th 2019, The Oxerian Empire declared independence and abolished the Saroxerian Union. A brand new political party was created, known as the ''Democratic People's Union of Oxeria (DPUO)." Emily proclaimed it as the successor and new legacy of an Oxerian Empire, designed to be fully independent and serve Oxeria's ideals of "Order & Justice." A brand new parliament was created, and Oxeria became a partially democratic nation.

New Oxeria

On April 26th 2019, The Kingdom of New Oxeria was created with Imperian support by Kaleb V. Kaiori and General Aiken L. Neplion of the Third Command. They protested against alleged corruption within Oxeria and accused Sarovia of faking a war to boost activity. Kaleb was selected to be the King of the guild by Imperia, due to his experience and being a well known Oxerian. However, within two days, the Kingdom was mass kicked and deleted by Kaleb, who went on to rejoin Oxeria. A majority of the guilds members rejoined Oxeria, with Aiken taking some time off before joining Imperia.

Oxeria in 2019

Oxerian Propaganda Poster

After Oxeria declared independence, Emily ll began to modernize Oxeria. Massive rallies were a regular event, and Oxeria managed to fill up its two Commands within 2 weeks. New documents were written, more shields were created, a brand new ranking system was set in place, and Oxeria was getting back on its feet. At this time, Twister Crodax attempted to reclaim the Oxerian throne, believing it was weak and unstable. His rebellion was crushed shortly thereafter, with Twister joining Imperia. While this civil war forced Oxeria to devote its attention towards Crodax, Sarovia decided to attack Oxeria. When Oxeria declared its independence, Sarovia demanded Onnet to be given to them, stating Oxeria could only keep Snow Town. Using Oxeria's rebels as the perfect opportunity, Sarovia annexed Snow Town, and Oxeria was forced to cede it without war. On the April 26th, Imperia attempted to appoint a former Oxerian as King of the ''New Oxerian Kingdom." The Kingdom attempted to lure away Oxerian officers with the promise of higher ranks, but was ultimately unsuccessful and fell a short time after. On July 26th 2019, Oxeria celebrated its one year anniversary under Empress Emily. A few months later, Aurea decided to aid Twister in creating a ''Communist Oxeria," dragging Oxeria into a war, and once more being forced to fight along Sarovia. The New Sarovian Empire surrendered, abandoning Oxeria in a war at Onnet Town. A cease fire was signed after 8 hours of fighting. Empress Emily ll held a meeting with Kevlar, signing a peace treaty in exchange for Aurea and Imperia to cease supporting a fake Communist Oxeria.

These terms were accepted, and the ''Communist Oxeria'' led by Twister was left alone. The guild instantly changed its name, and Twister cut all ties with Kevlar. The new rebellion named ''Legions of Oxeria'' also fell in a short time. Oxeria may have defeated another rebellion, but it still held no land, and wanted to retake its capital. On August 18th 2019, Emily ll demanded that Aurea cede Onnet to them or go to war. Oxerian soldiers rallied at the Onnet Forest as Aurean officials debated on what was the right thing to do. After 20 minutes of waiting, Aurea decided to cede Onnet, and The Oxerian Empire was successful in its reclamation of Nira. Aurean and Imperian diplomatic relations were at its lowest possible point, and with the recent change in leadership within Aurea, the new leader Artix approached Empress Emily with a request to annex MoD town in order to prevent Aurea from getting attacked from all sides. Oxeria was reluctant, but ended up agreeing to do so. Weeks later, Kevlar returned, and a meeting was held between the two leaders. Kevlar stated that he had no interest in land, and insisted that Oxeria kept MoD town. Just days after his decision, Aurea shut down. Oxeria then had control of Onnet and MoD.

Oxeria in 2020

Upon the defeat of most hostile guilds and the beginning of the new year, the month of January was a peaceful one. In February, Oxeria's ideology switched once again and it was no longer a Democratic Monarchy. Oxeria was now an Absolute Monarchy under Her Majesty Empress Emily II. This decision was proposed in the Oxerian Parliament and passed with a majority of support.

The state of the community was bleak, with very few active guilds and little to no conflict. The map distribution was quite simple. Oxeria controlled Onnet Town and MoD Town, while Imperia controlled everything else. The relationship between Imperia and Oxeria was Neutral to the public eye, but tense in the grand scheme of things. Oxeria still had claims over Snow Town, known as Sorrel in Oxerian History. Imperia had controlled the territory for several months, and Oxeria wanted it back, but had no means of successfully taking it over. Oxeria was at friendly relations with the newly independent state known as Arcadia. The Oxerian Empire fully supported Arcadian independence, and their Anti-Sarovian orientation and vision.

As the month of March approached, the New Sarovian Empire under their Empress Brianna invaded Imperian lands. The Oxerian Empire wished to remain neutral as both factions were seen as hostile. However, the Oxerian Intelligence Agency (OIA) had received sufficient evidence that the New Sarovian Empire had indeed drafted plans to invade Oxeria.

With these recent discoveries, the Oxerian Empire officially declared a state of war to the Sarovian Empire. The first battlefield was MoD Town. The battle ended in Sarovian defeat in the land of MoD, but victory in the Delta front against Imperia. And so, a meeting was scheduled between Emperor Xinke and Empress Emily in order to discuss an official alliance.

Oxeria had agreed to an alliance and made the suggestion that Arcadia joins the war and is given territory. And so, the first Anti-NSE Pact was formed. A series of battles occurred in the territories of Onnet Town, MoD Town and Snow Town, all resulting in Sarovian defeats. And over the several days of relentless battles, Sarovia only managed to achieve a decisive victory in Destiny due to them invading at 3AM. As Destiny was recaptured, Sarovia sued for peace. It surrendered in the war, and became an Oxerian Protectorate for 30 days. A non aggression pact was also signed between Sarovia and the Anti-NSE Pact members.

After the 30 days ended, Sarovia became fully sole and independent once more, and its former Emperor Constantine returned to power and swore to reclaim the birthright or something. Maveria was established shortly after, which sparked much drama and controversy among the previously allied nations. Oxeria placed the true intentions of Arcadia and Maveria into question, as both identified as Anti-NSE nations, and yet Maveria did not join the Anti-NSE Pact, but instead sought to seek an exclusive alliance with Arcadia alone.

Maveria and Arcadia formed the "Southern League" which had control over Destiny and Swamp at the time. As Imperia refused to impose any strict measures or disclose political condemnation on this act, the Oxerian Empire called for a parliamentary meeting and came to the decision to exit out of the Anti-NSE Pact as it no longer had function or trust among its signatories. Oxeria then proclaimed a neutral foreign policy. However, the true intention of that neutrality was brought to light after as Oxeria sent an ultimatum to the Imperian government which consisted of just 3 words: ''Sorrel or War." The easternmost territory of Oxeria was an essential province to own if the Empire were to be proclaimed as Greater Oxeria. Oxeria had launched a full invasion of Imperian-held Snow Town, and while Oxerian forces were occupied there Arcadia and Maveria declared war on Oxeria and invaded Onnet. Being in a difficult position, Oxeria was forced to withdraw from Snow Town and sign a peace treaty with Imperia, and after 6 hours of fighting in Onnet Town a peace treaty was signed with Arcadia and Maveria as well.

As the various guilds in the community fought one another, Sarovia used this opportunity to build itself back up and launch invasions on the now war-torn nations. Arcadia and Maveria both signed a non-aggression treaty with Sarovia. Oxeria hesitated siding with Imperia once again, as it was a direct obstacle to its long awaited goal. Sarovia declared war on Oxeria at 4AM, invading both MoD Town and Onnet Town. Oxeria decided not to defend MoD Town and all soldiers were placed in Onnet to defend the capital. After 8 hours, Oxeria had successfully defended Onnet Town.

Imperia then ceded the territory of Northern Wilderness to Oxeria, and together they launched a coordinated invasion on Sarovia. Oxeria invaded MoD, while Imperia invaded Delta. Both battles resulted in decisive victories. Shortly after, Sarovia opened up a new front in York Town, which resulted in a Sarovian victory. Imperia then sent an offer to the Southern League to break their treaty with Sarovia and join the war in exchange for complete control over Deadwood, to which they agreed to.

The tides of war quickly shifted, and Sarovia was defeated once more, with the resignation of Constantine and total annihilation of all Sarovian armies and territories. Oxeria had gained the new territory of Northern Wilderness, which was renamed to Ormond. But Oxeria still had their sights on Snow Town, and an offer was sent to Imperia to trade Snow Town for Northern Wilderness, an offer which they declined.

Greater Oxeria

A month of relative peace passed, and the tensions between Imperia and the rest of the Southern League came to its boiling point. A new Anti-Imperian pact was proposed by Oxeria, with a planned assault which was named Operation Blitzkrieg. The operation was a massive coordinated land invasion of all Imperian territories; Snow Town, York Town, Castle, Delta. Upon the declaration of war, Imperia refused to fight, stating that they left the GMC and those lands are free to take without war. Regardless of the cause, Oxeria had achieved what it was seeking for its 2 year journey: a Greater Oxerian Empire which united all Oxerians and controlled all Oxerian territories.

Shortly after, Imperia completely left GraalOnline Classic, and only remnants of it remained such as Niflheim. Oxeria was at peace for several months, until going to war with Maveria. Arcadia and Oxeria became allies and fought several battles together against the Maverians. Maveria invaded and took over Onnet Town and Snow Town, but those territories were invaded again the next day and recaptured. It turned into a long and tiring war, each attempting to attack the other at times when they would not be able to form an army. After a few weeks of fighting, Maveria ended up dissolving after one final battle in Onnet Town in which they achieved victory. They handed the territory to a Brazilian guild, and it was immediately invaded and recaptured by Oxeria.

As the long awaited goal of Greater Oxeria was accomplished, Oxeria was turned into the Democratic Socialist Republic of Oxeria (DSRO). Oxeria's two main regions of Onnet and Sorrel became home to the Republic's military. Shortly after, Sarovia dissolved and Oxeria absorbed many of the former Sarovians into brand new regions. With the new influx of members, Oxeria created the Nafets Confederation consisting of Oxeria, Reuss and Nafets.

Not long after the inception of the Confederation, many Oxerian officers ended up resigning due to real life responsibilities and general boredom with Graal. With Oxeria's primary goals being achieved, and Sarovia completely eradicated from the community, the Armed Forces were officially disbanded by Premier Emily II on November 1st 2020. The Oxerian Family continues to exist within the GMC and have a home in the Oxerian Memorial Server. The journey of the Oxerian Empire began on the July 26th 2018, coming to a peaceful end on November 1st 2020, with the intent for no official Oxeria to exist again.