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Monty Von Kazakov

Monty Von Kazakov - July of 2022

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Valeria, Nekron, The State


Kazakov, Naz

Monty is a prominent member of the Graal Military Community, mostly known for his leadership of the Blades of Nekron. Monty is currently serving as Commodore of the Imperial Sarovian Navy on Graal Ol' West.

Graal Military History

Monty has served many militaries, and even considered himself a Germain Loyaltist, up until he committed crimes. A large portion of his history has been lost to time, such as his time in Crawford, and his time as a Valerian Captain. However, the following guilds are the ones Monty was most dedicated to.

Castle Blackfyre

In 2019, Monty reinstalled GraalOnline Classic. Upon logging on, Odin invited him to his guild house, and recruited him to Castle Blackfyre. Monty fought many wars and enjoyed his service in Blackfyre. He also met many people, with whom he would work together in the near future, including Clovis Zenfur, James Vist, Zyon Naz, Teddy Naz, Serith, Odin, JJ Vist, Jace Mendacium, and so on.

Blades of Nekron

When Castle Blackfyre disbanded, Naz divulged his plan to launch a gang on Era to Monty. However, he passed the guild onto Monty instead. It was dubbed "The Followers of Nekron", which Monty led with the infamous Naz, and Suzuya.

During Monty's reign, he established an alliance with the Arnithen leader, Terian Garaunt. They faced many wars together, and later on, Hizack was inducted in the alliance, which would soon dominate the map.

As time passed, Monty's real life responsibilities caught up to him, and forced him to transfer leadership of Nekron to Naz, his most trusted man and brother. Monty returned in 2021, and was commisioned as Grand Magrave, tasked with helping wars.

The Unified State

When Nekron was put into a state of voluntary dormancy, Nekronians moved on to the Unified State in order to aid Auel Kusan, including Monty. He served as a Private for quite a while, but eventually resigned due to his lack of commitment to the game.


Despite the Graal Military Community, Monty is also a member of the towering community, having joined Ascended in 2019. He made a lot of friends in it and received his first tower hat in Summer of 2021. This was a reason why wasn't as commited to the Unified State. Eventually, Monty became the co-leader of Ascended (Winter Season, 2021-2022), alongside Abu, Nyx, Cm, Gavo, Beck, Sarah, Sommer, Hades, and Claiton Valeria.