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Fyre is a military leader that has been a member of the military community since 2013, notable for his numerous Byzantium guilds.



Fyre grew to some notability through Sarovia, while growing displeased with the "corrupted senior management" and "lazy officers." He gained a negative name through carrying out distasteful actions on behalf of the guild, one of these actions would be forging messages and battlefields (removing enemy soldiers from screenshots and fabricating surrenders) once commanded to by Sherlock. Fyre also did some minor graphics for the guild and was one of Sherlock's trusted graphics artists.

The growing threat of social militaries was noted at this time, and Fyre decided to leave Sarovia due to a severe issue with nepotism within the guild. The first interaction he had with Azrael Kusan would be in this guild, where his opinion of him would be that of a lazy, complacent officer.

Fyre can also be credited for starting Sarovia's use of the beret-like hat from Snow in uniform.

The Stygian Battalion

The Stygian Battalion was a very short-lived guild Fyre made to gain attention after leaving Sarovia. A few ex-Sarovians who left with Fyre joined, however only lasted a few days. The peak of the guild was a very long standoff at the Castle throne room which lasted around 8 hours.


When Fyre joined Aurea, he noticed a power vacuum. The guild had several very high up but overly comfortable ministers that slowed down his development within the guild.

Acknowledging that the end of Kevlar's Aurea was approaching fast, he began to make preparations for taking advantage of the power vacuum from the ministers, ending with the removal of ministers from matters regarding military ranks and the army in general. Ministers at this point still retained a strong grip on political matters within the guild.

Once that was done, he was promoted to the position of a senior officer. Over this period he had become friends with Azrael and Kevlar. When Fyre was accused of attempting to discredit the ministers by trying to file a case against Perseus (a minister at the time) for abuse of control, he was found out and demoted to Lieutenant for one day. The leniency of this punishment angered ministers who wanted him gone, however due to how short and non-severe his punishment was, they grew even more agitated.

His hard work paid off when he was made Colonel and de-facto second in command of Aurea after Kevlar's leave.

He worked hard for Aurea and managed to establish himself as a reliable subordinate and loyal officer.

Aurean training led by Fyre Xavi


Originally a joke, the guild started by Paw Vivre, Fyre Xavi, and Azrael Kusan grew to become very powerful. While serving loyally for several months, Fyre grew agitated by Azrael's growing sympathy towards social military guilds. Azrael also refused to acknowledge Sarovia or State through foreign talks or relations.

After much thought, Fyre gave Azrael an ultimatum. Either acknowledge the threat of State and Sarovia and attempt to form relations while winding down a heavy reliance on social militaries such as Valeria, or he would leave. Azrael dismissed this as a bluff and ignored it. Fyre warned Azrael that he had until the end of the month to decide otherwise he would leave.

After the month was nearly up, he decided to enact a plan. Peter Rhodes, an established regiment leader of Azlam who had many loyalists in Azlam holding officer positions, was leaving and forming Astoria due to the same reasons as Fyre had planned to. This was perfect for Fyre. Peter first planned to leave slowly which wouldn't have hurt Azlam enough to cripple it. Realising this, he encouraged Azrael to act aggressively towards Peter and his leaving officers and convinced Azrael that Peter and his loyalists were better off leaving as soon as possible. This alienated Peter and led to his people leaving much quicker than originally planned. Azrael failed to realize that a swift leave would cripple the guild to disrepair.

When Peter took his leave, what happened was exactly as Fyre had predicted - Azlam was crippled, and the remaining officers were mainly Xavi loyalists, thus starting Nova Byzantium.

Nova Byzantium Autokratoria

After Peter's leave, Fyre formed a hastily planned guild named Nova Byzantium during June 2017. Named after his favourite empire, Nova Byzantium had an advanced ranking system and promotion qualification as well as huge number counts for the initial launch and following days.

Outside intervention due to Sarovian guild kicks and Azrael's pleas towards soldiers of Nova Byzantium to join his guild slowly decreased the member count. It did, however, achieve some fame: boasting a huge number count in the first few days which turned the tables on several battles, Nova Byzantium was also part of treaty negotiations against Valeria and Sarovia, supporting Astoria, State, and the Horde.

While shortlived, coming in at less than a month, Fyre enjoyed the time in leadership.

Second Coming of Nova Byzantium Autokratoria

After the leaving of Peter Rhodes from his guild Astoria and the community itself during September 2017, Fyre started began a conquest to support the community and encourage the development of roleplaying and classical values from previous militaries. Formed to combat the oppression of Sarovia over fledgling militaries, and to challenge the degenerative nature of social militaries, it as expected flourished on the starting week due to high demand for an alternative to the current guilds available to players in the Graal Military Community.

Byzantium used an elite fighting force compiled of the Centurion Primoris and led by the Megas Centurion that was similar to Astoria's Royal Guard, however Centurion Primoris were tested by fighting ability and had to be intelligent enough to get to the rank of Centurion, and win a sparring tournament against other Centurions, meaning both intelligence and fighting ability was focused on rather than just a selection process.

Fyre began the guild with a campaign of inviting Rhodes members and old community leaders.

The first great victory for Byzantium was when York was captured, and Sarovia admitted loss twice out of four battles, and a treaty was agreed upon.

The guild lasted from around September 2017 to December 2017, after a devastating mass-kicking operation in November of 2017 led to the slow death of the guild.

The Xavian Order

The Xavian Order was formed around the concept of the Holy Roman Empire in January, 2018.

Unfortunately the community was suffering a stagnant period, however the guild managed to survive around 2 months.

The Leadership Break

After the third iteration of Byzantium, Fyre paid more attention to his personal life. Once college died down, he joined the community mainstream as an independent for a while. He helped officers in Sarovia to expose actions by Sherlock and convince members to leave.