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Zyon Naz was a member of the Graal Military Community, best known for co-founding and providing long-standing leadership to the Blades of Nekron. Though previously active within the military community (from 2018-2021), both he and Nekron have since disassociated themselves from the military sphere. Instead, they have chosen to engage in iClassic much similar to FoV, focusing the guild on connecting with other aspects of the game such as Towering, Spar, Admin Events, and more.



My career began in summer of 2018. I was recruited to the Vali Republic, led by Halfdan Vendici and co-lead by Truth R. Verrin. The Guild was short lived, yet it was enough to make me fall in love with the GMC (Graal Military Community). It gave me a sense of purpose other then running a code shop and buying hats. After Vali fell I enlisted in Slavia, but I called Muzak a cuck and got removed. At this point I was bored with Graal and considered quitting until I saw a familiar face co-leading yet another guild, The Kingdom of Libertalia. Here is where I would get my first real taste of the GMC, joining the discord server, attending meetings, trainings, and finally getting involved in the community. Unfortunately, the guild was also short-lived, having folded under Sarovia. With Libertalia having died, Truth approached me asking if I would like to join an upcoming guild. This would turn out to be The Kingdom of Pravia. In Pravia, I would start voice chatting with guild members, and then Sau and Truth extensively, nothing important happened in Pravia, and by the time it was over I had a sense of direction, Lynx Pravata had told me I was destined for great things in the community and I took that to heart, I ended up doing the typical new GMC member thing and made a guild called "The Graalian Republic" that ended up merging into Armenia it had no notable members besides Nightwing. By the end of it all I had become a loyalist of Truth and Sau, joining Armenia, meeting the foundations of the Naz family.

December 2018

After Armenia, I started reading the wiki, I was determined to become a great leader, unlike my past attempts to lead, which never even got off the ground. It was December 2018, Truth had launched his greatest guild with Sau, The AAPA. Here I would meet one of the most influential men of my career, Clovis Isaac. When we first met, we fought in voice chats, but after I told him a story about kayaking, we clicked and became inseparable. Despite our friendship, his high status within the guild couldn't save me from being kicked for going out of uniform. In retrospect, I should have been removed far earlier for similar reasons.

After my removal from the AAPA, I joined a small guild called The Cabot Republic. Here, I was determined to prove my worth to Cassius Sentell. With the help of Igor Naz, I managed to recruit 30 people in the span of a few hours. Days later, Brandon attempted to create his own guild and poached roughly 8 members. Cassius, losing faith in the guild, left it for me to lead. At this point, I was very hyped to become a leader. Maveria had collapsed, the AAPA had disbanded, and Sau was starting up another Guild, Autarch. After a few days of hard work we had amassed an army of noobs and were eager to join The Freedom Alliance which consisted of Christian Alvar, Twister Crodax, Sau Verrin, and me, Jacket Verrin. If you couldn't tell, during this period I was still deciding on a name to use. The only thing that came from the alliance was one battle, where me and Sau took Delta from Saro-Oxeria. Shortly after, my guild fell and we all joined Sau. When Sau's guild fell, our circle of Verrins were pushing for The Kingdom of Pravia to return under Lynx Pravata, and sure enough, it did. This would end up being the start of a rivalry between me and Sau. After a series of wars and losses, Sau left the guild because he felt that he was being ignored, shorty after he left, Pravia would be masskicked and killed. The next guild to come out of the Verrin circle was a rebellion against Sau's Lyncan named Lunar Company. This Guild would only last a total of five days, but in those five days we managed to take Destiny from Sau and then we called it quits. After Lunar Company collapsed, I followed Truth yet again to his newest guild Equestris. This would be my first taste of how toxic the GMC can get. Truth was promptly bullied in GMC servers and dogged on being called a "My Little Pony guild" or something along those lines. I was named Lynx II and set off to help Halfdan launch a new project that didn't get off the ground, I would then join Ordo Magnus.


When I joined Ordo Magnus, I figured this was my chance to prove myself to all the old generation leaders, and finally make a name for myself. My time in Imperia was short because I still wanted to lead. At this point, I felt like Truth looked down on me so I got with Isaac and began planning. Within a few hours, we had The Kingdom of Acindia, in our first day we got 30 members then 30 turned 40 the following day we urged Truth to join us and everything was going good until tensions between Sarovian Lyncan and Acindia were at an all time high. When Acindia started, I dropped the name Lynx II and became Zyon-Naz, during this period we also started a short lived detective agency called 75, it was mainly an echo of the GCPD. I never got the chance to do anything with my army after Clovis Ian bullied a scary 4chan hacker Corporal in my guild, which had gotten the personal information of all our HC and voice chat friend group. The man (named VSD) then doxxed Sau, and had me follow him to Era. There we did nothing, and he eventually posted pictures of me on 4chan saying I was the Christchurch shooter when he was a kid, or something to that effect. He would end up deleting his discord.

Summer 2019

After months missing from Graal, I returned naming myself Naz instead of Zyon-Naz. Within my first day back Frank Rich (now known as Odin) and Edgar Feurnoux approached me, asking if I wanted to help them start a mafia (a theme I had always had an eye for). So I agreed, and we started our own mafia community. At this point we had a total of  five mafia guilds. The Rich Syndicate would end up being the dominant mafia, effectively killing off all of the other guilds in our small community. Things were slowing down, and Odin had left to start The Corvinus Order partnering with James Vist leading Ishval. I had five tags and no direction, so I downsized to one tag. Octane Axium approached me asking me to go under him, to which I agreed to. TRS had become the Axium Outlaws. Shortly after, Imperia did away with Axium, TRS was disbanded.

Naz vs Verrin

At this point I began building up my own family, Naz. Over time, we had a strong group of 10 or so people, and we would follow each other to every guild. It was now October 2019, and I was itching to lead within the GMC again, so me and Kazukai Hakai created The Nation of Hakai. We proceeded to attack and win against Adraxia every day until they stopped showing up. The relationship between Adraxia and Hakai had reached a time of peace when Jace became one of the faces of the guild. Corvinus had made a return after being dead for a short while, and with that everyone was in fear that the new Aurea would take over. Odin approached me and Jace with a plan to attack Aurea, we were going over battle plans and Odin and Jace began threatening Hakai saying they would come for us if we pulled out. Me being a young leader, I immediatly warned Aurea of the impending attack. It had turned out that Jace planned to back stab Odin beforehand. Aurea, Hakai and Adraxia would then massacre Corvinus. Shortly after, disagreements between the high command would fold Hakai.


After my betrayal of Odin, we eventually managed to reconcile our friendship and began leading again. Odin wanted to bring TRS back to which I agreed to, so we managed to hit 50 members first day and began attacking this guild called The Coven, where they had witch role play orgies. TRS would be deleted by admins after a few days of raiding The Coven's houses. After having nowhere to go, I turned to The Darksteel Order for guidance. Here I would learn as much as possible from Harau Bacsey, picking his brain practically daily about various GMC topics. Darksteel would serve as a huge inspiration for my future projects, but unfortunately I was removed due to drama caused by Sammy Romari, and this would spark my beef with Harau Bacsey. One night, me and Octane were laughing at him after taking his tower saying he sounded like the nerd from robot chicken. Harau responded to this by going on an alt account and spreading my phone number which I had given him so he could get me on for emergencies.


With nowhere to go, I yet again sought out something new, and ended up joining Raiden Bacsey in The Khaos Insurgency, where we blew up to 4 tags and slowly died off. It was nonetheless, a great guild where I would meet Mukies Naz, and Raiden who later became a Naz. When Khaos died, I ended up joining Arcadia seeing as it was the biggest at the time, and viewed as anti Imperian guild. Here I would go inactive because there wasn't much to do, and I grew bored of Arcadia as well as the game as a whole.

The Vikings of Gladious

I was now an inactive head of a loyal family who had done nothing but follow each other guild to guild, so I figured I needed to make something. Finally, I returned and rounded up the entire family for a new guild. With help of Feurnoux, we managed to hit 27 online and were looking pretty good. Unfortunately, the project was short lived, and I walked out on it due to real life problems. In the wake of my leave, it was so sudden I didn't tell anyone, and I just quietly left Graal and discord. I came back a few days later when I was ready to face the heat for walking away. I came back to rumors being spread that I killed myself due to Imperian harassment. Edgar Feurnoux, Isaac, and Mukies quit the GMC, believing I was really dead while Jace was getting ready to swing back at Imperia. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. Odin however, had told my guild that before I left, I told him he could use our members to remake Corvinus, which was false. I had told Sau that after Gladious died we'd merge into Rhodinia, but the struggle between the two guilds managed to kill them both.

Castle Blackfyre

I took a few months to repair the damages caused to the family, and I managed to pull the Naz family into a fresh project. Here we didn't do anything too important as a guild, but I did make a lot of great friends such as JJ Von Kazakov, Clovis Zenfur and Clovis James. Unfortunately, after pulling 30 members online as a single tag against Imperia at York, we were fading out, and this began the decline to where I was urging to head to Era and experience the game. The final nail in the coffin was when Odin was being outed as a sex offender, since he dirty role played with various girls on Graal and discord. At this point, Odin left Blackfyre to James. With the return of Kiev, James was handed a sinking ship, and he eventually gave the tag to Sace, who would then give it to JJ. Afterwards, JJ conquered Blackfyre for Kiev. With the fall of Blackfyre, I joined Sarovia as a place to go inactive in, but within a few days I left and began packing alts into the Kiev tag. By the end of Kiev, we had around 14 alts placed in total mass kicking the guild. With Kiev being gone, I fully moved to Era for a grand total of six months.

Returning from Era

When I came back to Classic, I joined Logan's State. Nothing much happened there besides the addition of Nyoko Xuko into the Naz family. However, I left over a dispute with State's high command over Skyler Romari openly supporting Germain. After State fell, I started planning with Zenfur. This was another short lived guild. Planning with Zenfur reminded me of planning with Isaac, who had gone inactive. I hadn't had someone who I clicked as well with since December 2018, when I met Isaac. Sadly, when we formed The Blades of Ezra we both had such different visions, and ways of running things. I left, and Zenfur disbanded, causing a rift between me and Zenfur that never quite went away. Being without a guild once more, I did what I always do and seek out small project to join. And so, I headed to The Kingdom of Corinth, which was filled with Imperians. Here I would befriend those who were willing to accept me. Aiken, Apollo, and Mavis being a few of them.


One night while I was casually listening to music, I got a notification on discord. It was an image from Monty Naz, who I had left the basis of a guild called Nekron before my leave to Era in April, 2020. In the image, it was Monty and a group of Nekronians . I was in shock, he had realized my vision, so I returned in full force pulling the entire Naz family into one more project. Yet again we managed to have a combined 6 tags, pulling 50 on nightly with a majority of our members being Filipino. Even with that, I never saw myself at the helm of something this big. In the beginning, we had many victories dominating the map with Arnithen and The Revolutionary State for a brief time. Shortly after, Hizack (leader of The Revolutionary State) disbanded, Suzuya and I both had to leave Graal. Him for real life responsibilities, and me because my house flooded. Nekron briefly went inactive. When I returned, we picked up the pieces and reformed, coming back strong. Shortly after my return, the entire high command had left due to a strong disliking towards Monty. As luck would have it, Monty had to take a break at that time. It was all riding on me, so I decided to turn the guild around completely. In two weeks, I managed to cultivate a great community of quality players, and made discord a requirement to join. Slowly, the old high command started to return. With me as Overlord during this period, I grew very close to Clovis Ian. Ian took on the role of my mentor, and he still is to this day, one of my best friends. As much as I wish I could deliver a more in depth complete story, Nekron is still alive and well at the time of writing this. it is 4:25 AM 3/22/2021 and in ten days it will be our six month anniversary!


This is a first person message from Naz written in 2021:

I would like to take a moment to pay my respects and give thanks to a few people who helped shape me into the leader I am today. I know I missed a few events, guilds, and people, but it's been a wild three years with so many ups and downs, yet I personally wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Clovis Ian - Ian you’re genuinely a legend, and I never thought I'd be kicking it with you two years after you indirectly train wrecked my career before it even started. But on a serious note, I've never had a friend or a mentor like you, I hate to get on my knees but really, you're one of my motivations to keep pushing further. If I still end up playing this game in 5 years, I'll make sure nobody forgets the name.
  • Clovis Zenfur - Zen, I know we have a shit ton of unresolved beef, but you're a legend. There is no Naz without Zen.

Much love to the Naz/Nekron family. If I put everyone I wanted to thank here, I'd break the wiki so to make things short, I love the GMC. I always hated the get it guys GMC dead, Graal bad mindset. We're a community founded on being rebellious, yet organized. If anyone has the ability to rebel against the system and force change on this game, it's us. Love me or hate me I think we can all get behind that message.