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Muzak (formerly known as Muzak Kusan) is a prominent member of the Graal Military Community. He is renowned for his skill in manipulation and for having risen through the ranks from Private to Brigadier General in The State. Additionally, he founded several moderately successful guilds. He is the former heir of Auel Kusan, and is the first Muzak.


The Beginning

Muzak started his journey in 2009 when he began playing the game, but only became an active member of the community in late 2013, during the SAFF Era.

SAFF Era / The Renewed State

During this period, he found himself part of the Garcia team under the command of Shaw Garcia, eventually achieving the rank of Lieutenant before facing a ban. After creating a new account, he transitioned to the Renewed Era of the State under Kusan's command, but recalls little from that time.

The Last Auelian State

A pivotal point came during The Last Auelian State when, after a year of inactivity, Arkantos approached him and appointed him as a Warrant Officer, initiating a period of collaboration and learning various advanced and minor hacks. With the eventual dissolution of the State in 2015, Muzak moved on to The Republic.

The Republic

In The Republic, Muzak's association with Roanoke Han led to roles of increasing responsibility, including serving as Roanoke's assistant, working alongside James Kazakov in a department, and later assuming the role of Captain of Military Recruitment.The Republic was the final Auel-led guild where Muzak and Roanoke were in close collaboration.

Warrant Officer

Following a misunderstanding involving several warrant officers, including Aetius and Winston, Morzan took notice of Muzak. He extended an offer and assigned Muzak as a Sergeant Cadet. Upon the completion of his training, Muzak advanced to the rank of Lance Corporal.

Later, within The Kingdom system, Muzak's appointment as a Clovis led to the bestowed position of Chief Warrant Officer under Director Morzan, although he no longer holds the title of Clovis.

The Vrezran Empire

Shortly after a period of inactivity, experiencing a ban, and accruing loyal followers, Muzak established a guild with the primary aim of revitalizing the community. To his surprise, the guild experienced a surge in membership, boasting a functional government structure alongside various branches.

Subsequently, Constantine extended offers of ranks and authority to Muzak and his officers. However, during this time, Muzak observed his guild facing many internal challenges; key members such as Paw and Arno had been banned. Consequently, together with Low, a decision was made to assume leadership to salvage the deteriorating situation.

Another iteration of Vrezran emerged in 2017 but met its demise following a brief hiatus taken by Muzak from the community.


Upon joining Sarovia, Muzak assumed the role of Minister within the Sarovian Justice department. He later transitioned to the position of Treasury Minister, among others.

However, a turning point arose when Muzak recognized John's behavior as arrogant and disagreeable. This realization led Muzak and a group of allies to contemplate rebellion against the established order.

Unfortunately, Bruce's outspokenness resulted in their collective expulsion despite their initial plans to rebel against the leadership.

The Reinhard Empire

The Reinhard Empire proved to be Muzak's most successful guild. Together with Roy Hakari, they conceived a WWII-style military force, which achieved significant success.

Their efforts in recruiting members led to a substantial increase in their ranks, nearly reaching the mark of thirty active members daily. Subsequently, they initiated a large-scale alliance known as "The Grand Centennial Alliance," drawing inspiration from Hitler's "Axis Power."

Their alliance garnered support from numerous influential leaders, including Vinter, Peter, and Perseus. However, Muzak faced a ban, resulting in Peter assuming leadership, which ultimately faltered, leading to the downfall of their initiative.

The Kingdom

A former Clovis, Muzak chose to base his house off the lineage. He claims it was the most powerful house under House Regium and House Vist.

Logan's State (2016)

Muzak was the Chief of Staff of the State led by Auel Logan. He banned two family names from The State: Konn and Rebook.

The Duchy of Kusan

Muzak created the guild alongside Irish. It was rather large and deemed his favorite creation. Please check out its page for more information.

The State

Muzak was placed as Brigadier General and Head of Foreign Affairs. He also acted the Director of Intelligence until his eventual resignation.


After the downfall of the Duchy of Kusan, Muzak chose to merge under Sarovia where he assumed the position of Captain.

The Free States

Muzak became a member of The Free States, led by Auel Vist and Xinke Han. Progressing through the ranks from Private to Colonel and eventually reaching the position of Major General of the First Army, he underwent mentorship under Auel. During this period, Auel imparted valuable lessons on enhancing leadership abilities, which Muzak later applied in his endeavors within Slavia.

Kingdom of Slavia

After nearly two months serving in the New Sarovian Empire, Muzak swiftly ascended to the rank of Field Marshal of the 4th Corps. It was brought to his attention by Constantine that the army was not faring well, a circumstance that Muzak and his staff strategically exploited to gain the trust of Sarovian members.

In a span of just two days, nearly at the onset of the third month, a rebellion erupted within Muzak's army, considered significant and claiming the defection of nearly four regimental leaders. The rebellion's primary objective was to hinder the success of the New Sarovian Empire (NSE), which appeared to evoke fear within the sovereign and general staff, solidifying the perceived success of Muzak's plan.

Constantine alleged that the Free Slavian Army had acquired his personal information, although Muzak had orchestrated a deceptive ploy. The information released in bulk, including previous addresses, led Muzak's team to trace the domain ownership back to Constantine. However, upon bringing this to Constantine's attention, he retaliated by disseminating fabricated information, alongside Cin, in an attempt to counteract the perceived public release of his details.

During this time, one of Muzak's officers, Sammy, gathered accurate information on individuals within the NSE, including Muzak's former best friend, Jordan. They strategically isolated Jordan from the army's daily operations, steering her toward a non-existent Brazilian corps. Although the plan succeeded, Muzak eventually announced retirement and transferred leadership to Jace.

The Slavian Empire achieved relative success within the community, notably being one the few guilds Constantine had admitted to losing to at the time, a victory Muzak still holds significant. He commemorates the dedication and sacrifices of his soldiers, acknowledging their exemplary service on and off the battlefield.

Notable Achievements

  • Reaching Brigadier General in the State in 2017.
  • Former Head of The Kusan Family.
  • Fang member appointed by Jin Fang.
  • Leader of the Duchy of Kusan.