Muzak Kusan

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Muzak started in early 2009 but didn't join the community until late 2013. He is known for his skill of manipulation. He is known for ranking from Private to Brig. General in The State. And making some somewhat semi-successful guilds of his own. He is the son of Kusan which is being questioned recently over controversy, and the first Muzak.

The Beginning

(Muzak wrote this in first person) 

I’ve played this game since 2009, I didn’t join the community until late 2013. That being said, I joined in the SAFF Era. 


I was placed in Garcia team. Under the command of Shaw Garcia. After I became Lieutenant (I think) I was banned. Afterwards I created another account. Then, I joined the next era of State. 

The Renewed Era

I remember absolutely nothing here. All I remember was I was under Kusan’s command.

The Last Auelian State

After being inactive for a year, Arkantos greeted me. He made me his WO and we worked together. He showed me many advanced and minor hacks. Including Wall Hacks, Off-Mapping and even Account Banning and Hijacking accounts. Then, State came. I joined, and eventually it was disbanded. (This was in 2015) 

The Republic

This is gonna be a long one..

Roanoke and myself were great friends, he placed me as his assistant. 

Then, he placed me in his department. There, I worked alongside of James Kazakov. 

I then asked for a military position. I was placed as Captain of Military Recruitment.

This was the last Era of an Auel commanded guild that Roanoke and I was close in.

Warrant Officer

I am in-fact, still an active warrant officer. 

After a misunderstanding with many warrant officers, such as Aetius and Winston.. Morzan noticed me. 

He offered me a position, and placed me as Sergeant Cadet. After I completed my training, I became Lance Corporal. 

After being appointed as a Clovis in the Kingdom system, I was given the title of Chief Warrant Officer under Director Morzan. (Not a Clovis Anymore) 

The Vrezran Empire

Soon after being inactive, getting banned and gaining loyalists. 

I then made a guild to basically reform the community.

Surprisingly, the guild boosted in numbers. It had a government that was functional--and many other branches. 

Then, Constantine offered me and my officers ranks and power. At the time, my guild was slowing falling apart. Paw was banned, Arno was banned, so Low and I decided to take it.

Another Vrezran was created in 2017, but was killed after I took a small break from the community.


Once I joined, I was made the Minister of the Sarovian Justice department. Then I was turned into a Treasury Minister--and a few more.

Until I noticed John was an arrogant prick. So, a group and I decided we were going to rebel.

Until Bruce decided to run his mouth, and get us all kicked anyways.

(My views on John since then has changed, and I have become great friends with John and Sherlock.)

The Reinhard Empire

This was by far, my most successful creation. 

Roy Hakari and I decided to form our own WWII style military.

It was by far successful. 

After boosting members, with having almost not "thirty" online all day. 

Then we started a huge alliance, with all the standing military’s who were alive. It was named “The Grand Centennial Alliance”, which I based off of Hitler’s “Axis Power”.

We managed to get many leaders to assist us. Including Vinter, Peter and Perseus. 

Sadly, I was banned and Peter took over.

He failed, so we fell.

The Kingdom

I am the newest Clovis of The Line of Clovis (Expelled), so I decided to base my house off of it.

It was the most powerful house under House Regium and House Vist. (No Longer A Clovis) 

The State (Logan’s State, 2016)

I was the Chief of Staff of the State led by Auel Logan.

I banned 2 family names from the State, Konn and Rebook.

The Duchy of Kusan

I created the Empire alongside Irish. It was rather large, and my favorite creation. Please check out its page for more information.

The State

I was placed as Brig. General and Head of Foreign Affairs. I was also lowkey the Intelligence Director until I resigned.


After the downfall of the Duchy, I merged to Sarovia. Where I am currently Captain.

The Free States

I joined the Free States, made by Auel and Xinke. I went from Private, to Colonel up to Major General of the First Army. I was mentored by Auel during this time--where he taught me some ways to improve my leadership skills. Those skills I later put to use in Slavia.

Kingdom of Slavia

After nearly two months serving in the New Sarovian Empire, I had quickly ranked to Field Marshal of the 4th Corps. Constantine had brought it to my attention that the Army hadn't been succeeding, and unknowingly, it was intentional. My staff and I had used this to manipulate the members of Sarovia into trusting us, and it undoubtedly worked.

In just two short days, almost to the third month, members of my Army sprung a rebellion. Which was considered a large-scaled rebellion, and took nearly four of their regimental leaders. Our idea of the rebellion was to simply damper the success of the NSE, and at the time, it was apparent that the sovereign and general staff were scared it would be a successful rebellion, furthermore confirming what we had planned would be an utter success.

Constantine had gathered information that the then, Free Slavian Army, had gather intelligence of his personal information. At the time, we didn't have the information, and instead was a publicity stunt. Constantine was known for leaking information, and we wanted him to leak my information, which would in turn incriminate him, and administration would act accordingly.

They released my information in bulk, all the way down to my previous addresses. At this time, we reverse searched the information linked to the website of the NSE, which was at the time, still a .com domain. It gave us information of the domain owner, and we managed to link it back to Constantine. In efforts to conceal the information as best as possible, we brought it directly to his attention. Needless to say, he was angered. We never leaked, or shared the information with anyone outside of the immediate command. He had thought we did, and using one of the many aliases he had used over the years, he 'released', alongside Cin, fake information in hopes to counter the information he had thought was public.

One of my officers at the time, Sammy, had worked alongside many members of the Free Slavian Army, and doxxed individuals of the NSE. One of which was my former best friend, Jordan. The information Sammy had gathered was all accurate; and we began to seclude her from the everyday command operations of the Army. To this day, I don't think she realized she never really was included in anything, and instead we pushed her to pursue a Brazilian corps, which would have never been implemented. Our plan had worked, and we didn't see any purpose of keeping Slavia alive any longer.

I had announced my retirement, and handed the guild to Jace, my most loyal companion, and allowed him to act as he wished.

The Slavian Empire was ultimately successful by the standards of the community at the time. We were the only guild Constantine admitted to losing to, and to this day, I consider that an ultimate victory. The sacrifices my soldiers made, both on and off the battlefield, will always be remembered as exemplary service.

Notable Achievements

  • Reaching Brigadier General in the 2017 State.
  • Former Head of Kusan
  • Fang member appointed by Jin Fang.
  • Leader of the Duchy of Kusan.