The Line of Clovis

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Whereas not as remarkable as the Line of Auel, the Line of Clovis is arguably the closest the community will get to another great line. Both were started by Auel Vist and both hold a paramilitary unit attached to the line. For the Line of Auel this is the Sentinels, for the Line of Clovis it is the Warrant Officers.

The First Clovis

The first Clovis was Auel Vist. Using an alternate account under the alias Clovis to avoid getting detected by his rivals and the administration, Auel used this name to begin another State. This would be the first time the State was ever run by a name outside of Auel.

Auel Vist

The Second Clovis

The Line of Clovis went from being a simple name to a full-fledged line, when Auel Vist gave the name to Morzan, with the famous remark, "You should start calling yourself Clovis now."

Auel Clovis Morzan

The Third Clovis

The exact year of when Rollins was given the name of Clovis III is unverified, however, it is believed to be in late 2014. Rollins was made a Clovis due to his incredible loyalty to Morzan and Auel, both signify a true Clovis. Rollins became the third Clovis, and although he rarely used the name, he remained incredibly loyal and efficient.

The Fourth Clovis

The Fourth Clovis is James Von Kazakov. During the summer of 2017, James requested the title of Clovis due to his continued loyalty to Morzan and Auel, he was granted the request and there James and Morzan created The Vadim Stratocracy. James always was a secretive person but always seemed to exceed expectations and always stayed Loyal to Morzan and Auel.

The Fifth Clovis

Over the years Morzan continued to look for potential in those that were overlooked by most officers of the time. Amongst these was Ian von Kazakov, one of the new generation of members in the community. Ian caught Morzan's eye while in The Royal Army, a military lead by Tzu (Savus). Ian impressed Morzan by exhibiting loyalty, intellect, and humility. Knowing that Ian was a rare breed in this new generation he was given the name Clovis V, and is currently the last Clovis. He has decided to reform the lineage as of 1.14.19.

The Sixth Clovis

Isaac requested the Title by Morzan himself and was granted the request. He was later backed by James (Ex-Head of Clovis) and was removed from the line in 2019 due to unknown reason. Isaac's time in the line was short but exceeded the criteria one would need to-to become a Clovis.


  • Clovis I Auel Vist
  • Clovis II Morzan(Retired)
  • Clovis III Rollins
  • Clovis IV James Von Kazakov
  • Clovis V Ian Von Kazakov (Head)
  • Clovis VI Frederick Wolkig (Removed)
  • Clovis VII Zenfur Von Kazakov

Warrant Officers

The Warrant Officers are a specialized paramilitary task force devoted to the line of Clovis. Much like the sentinels, their ranks remain heavily secretive and incredibly exclusive. They are expected to follow any Clovis' orders to the letter, without complaint or hesitation.