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"I am a servant of the people."

Savus is a true loyalist of The State, and has proven so, many times throughout the eras of State. A natural leader, Savus has devoted his Graal existence to furthering the State and it's cause.


Savus was brought into Graal around Winter of 2013, and Fifth State. He served as a Private in State for months after months. After serving in State for so long, Savus began to be liked internally, instead of only being hated externally. He made allies, and some of those allies became his closest mentors. There were only a few mentors that Savus considered, one of them being Vulnus K. M. Çønsïlïm, a close ally. Vulnus mentored Savus in the art of leadership and in the art of sparring. Additionally, Savus started becoming closer to Auel, who was, and still is like a mentor to Savus. Auel and Savus would start communicating, sharing, and inspiring. Savus started becoming more and more recognized as a leader, and he was rewarded for his efforts.  During the Reborn Era, Auel gave Savus an opportunity, and Savus did not disappoint. Savus went from an enlisted soldier, to a Senior Officer in three days. Henceforth beginning his career as Senior Staff. Savus started inventing new ideas to keep State Troops amused and inspired. In the process he taught them to communicate with one another, and taught them the difference between an ally and an enemy. Auel began to realize that he can rely on Savus, and Savus can be trusted. Auel has taught Savus that being a leader is to be a servant of the People. Today, Savus has devoted himself to advancement. Furthering the State, until it is at a prominent close.