Line of Auel

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One of the most well known names in Graal Military history, the name Auel was first used by Auel Vist, changing his name from Cordias following the overthrow of King Harau in The Royal Guard. Auel began to give the name to State officers who he deemed to be most deserving of the name, starting with Auel Kusan. The name is one of the few throughout history to be worn before, not after, your username.


Old Generation Auels:

  • Auel Vist - Founder of the Line of Auel
  • Auel Faulkner Kusan - State General who requested the name of the second Auel.
  • Auel Vulnus Kusan Mendacium Consilim - State General who took on the name Auel and was later given approval by Auel Vist due to his quality.
  • Morzan Auel Kazakov - State General who served and led the State on several occasions.
  • Xinke Auel Magnus - Last State General who took Auel's name, after much struggle with him. Was declared the most deserving of the title of Auel.

New Generation Auels:

  • Auel Rohan - State General given the name alongside Auel Aga sometime after the July 21st catastrophe in order to attempt raising a new State.
  • Auel Logan - Mysteriously given the name by Auel Vist.
  • Auel Craig - Given the name in the newest Reincarnate of The State Led by Zaza

Former Auels:

  • Auel Kevlar Vaughn - State General who took the name to gain further control over the military community to aid his effort in restoring it, was later given approval by Auel Xinke. Officially relinquished himself of the name on December 23rd, 2016.
  • Auel Aga - State General given the name alongside Auel Rohan sometime after the July 21st catastrophe in order to attempt raising a new State. Resented being appointed to the line and dropped the name shortly before quitting.
  • Sherlock Auel Holmes - State General who was given the name in order to gain control of the state. This was done to maintain the purity of The State after the disappearance of Führer Auel. Relinquished himself of the name, though tried to reclaim it two years later to gain control over The State. Quickly received backlash and is continued to be viewed as an Auel no longer.

Claimants and False Auels

  • King Auel - First King The Royal Guard. Quit and gave the name to Captain of the guard, Cordias, beginning the Line of Auel. This was a myth propagated by Auel in an attempt to erase Harau from The Royal Guards history.
  • Auel Drazius - False claimant.
  • Auel Maddox - Given the name by Auel Morzan in December 2016. Morzan rescinded the Auelship almost after a week.