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The Vist Family


Auel Vist


Summer of 2011


Auel Logan Vist


The Royal Guard, The State, Imperia, The Kingdom

The Vist Family is one of the oldest standing families in the Graal Military Community, with roots in the Royal Guard and Imperia, two predecessors of the modern military community. It is considered one of the few families to second the Line of Auel in prestige, having been the first ruling family of Imperia, and a former ruling family of The State. However, it was not until early State that the Vist name was officially transitioned into a family, and members were introduced into it.

Auel Vist's Reign

Under Auel Vist's reign, the Vist Family gained many members, all of whom were prominent militants and allies of his. The first member to be inducted was Pierce Bowen, a State General and cousin of Auel Vist. Bruce, later known as Roanoke Han, then befriended Auel and took on the Vist name after being given an alternate account of Auel's. Throughout the rest of his reign, Auel introduced Auel Logan, Savus, Leon Fessler, and Xeno (Not to be confused with Xenophone) into the Vist Family.

In 2016, Auel played an instrumental role in formulating the Kingdom system, eventually choosing the Vist name to represent his house instead of Auel. Minor houses such as House Vaiken under Tyrell would flock under House Vist, which served as their overlord house. At the time, the symbol of House Vist was depicted as that of a tree with a variety of branches, hence the house's motto, "One Tree, Many Branches." Unbeknownst to Auel Vist, he would lose the High King elections to Auel Vulnus. This caused Auel to go inactive, which, by proxy, led to the demise of House Vist and the Kingdom when Vulnus abdicated the throne to him.

Upon Auel Vist's retirement, Auel Logan inherited all of his assets and was granted total ownership of the Vist Family, along with the Line of Auel and his guilds.

Auel Logan's Reign

It was under Auel Logan's reign that a new generation of Vists would be established, and the Vist Family would see new faces, among them James Kazakov in 2020, a long-time State loyalist.

When JJ Arçanüm was promoted to General of The Unified State following Auel Kusan's retirement, he requested the Vist name to gain further authority in the State. It was around this time that the Vist Family would be assigned the ruling family of the State, though this only lasted the duration of this specific iteration.

In 2022, Auel Logan ennobled the Vist Family in the Auro-State Empire and made JJ the lord of House Vist. However, Vist did not remain a noble family due to the riddance of nobility, following State's secession and declaration of independence from the union.


Old Generation

  • Auel Vist - Founder of The Vist Family. Initially his first name, but later transitioned into a family during the early State.
  • Pierce Vist - General of The State, was inducted into the family by his cousin, Auel Vist.
  • Bruce Vist - Longtime ally of Auel Vist, took on the Vist name before adopting the persona of Roanoke.
  • Auel Logan Vist - Served and led The State on several occasions, was instated as head of the family upon Auel Vist's retirement.
  • Savus Vist - State General and loyalist of The State, was given the name by Auel Vist.
  • Xeno Vist - Work in Progress (WIP) (Not to be confused with Xenophone Bacsey).

New Generation

  • James Vist - Brigadier General & Colonel of The State, was given the name by Auel Vist.
  • JJ Vist - General of The Unified State, requested the Vist name to gain further authority in The State.