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JJ Arçanüm

General JJ Vist of The State Military


Küsän-Ares II, Neo, Plagueis

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Elysia, Imperia, The Unified State, Corinth, Graal Historical Society


Arçanüm, Ares, Han, Küsän, Vist

Often considered a close ally by many, or even an enemy by others, JJ Arçanüm is a prominent militant whose loyalty has resided in guilds such as The State, Imperia, Elysia, and more. His service has extended throughout the Line of Auel on many occasions, though his allies and close companions come from a variety of different backgrounds. He is most known for having served as the General of The Unified State and is widely accepted to be the true heir of Auel Kusan.


The Beginning

JJ first started playing Graal Online Classic around late 2014 to early 2015. He would spend his first few years completing quests and towering at Old Castle. He would get banned every now and then and eventually quit, for he no longer found the game fun.

It was not until 2017 when he returned, and he would first join the Graal Military Community. He saw a man at Graal City recruiting for his guild. The name of this military guild is unknown. JJ would be there for a short period of time, but he thoroughly enjoyed the guild. He was fascinated by the uniforms and training ethics. Curious as always, JJ asked if the guild’s theme was based on the anime Bleach, since the guild held ranks such as Captain and Lieutenant. The leader disliked JJ’s comment, stating "Wtf no, kick him," and so he was kicked.

In shock and frustration, JJ begged to rejoin the guild, but his efforts were in vain. He began to search for other military guilds across Graal City, but unfortunately, he could not find any. JJ would then quit Graal again as he no longer had anything worthwhile to do.

Imperia: The First Kingdom of Akkadia (May of 2019)

Now, here's where the real military history begins. In early May of 2019, JJ decided to reinstall Graal. A man named Sau Lyaz approached him and asked him to join his guild. Seeing as it was a military guild like the one from years back, JJ gladly accepted the offer, and once again, he had a purpose for playing Graal.

The Kingdom of Akkadia was great, and JJ would, for a while, become extremely loyal to its leader, Sau. Later that night, JJ was promoted to Sergeant after passing a promotion exam, being the only newcomer to pass.

JJ’s time in Akkadia would be short due to Sau getting sick, but it was this kingdom that introduced him to Imperia and initiated his military career. After Akkadia's fall, JJ would be transferred over to Arcadia.

Imperia: Ordo Magnus (August of 2019)

JJ disliked Arcadia (as he was placed in one of its social guild-tags), and so, he decided to hop around the Imperian tags. He eventually joined Ordo Magnus. This is where JJ started to make friends, notably Isiah Xavi and Harriskar Magnus. He enjoyed the guild and was quickly promoted to Sergeant. He would soon leave to join Sau’s latest guild, Rhodinia. Rhodinia was unsuccessful so JJ rejoined Ordo Magnus.

During a battle at Delta against the Sarovians, JJ refused to PK (Player-Kill) because he was at 100 Alignment Points (100 AP takes time to achieve and essentially makes players immune to sword-based attacks. Killing a player will automatically reduce your AP). A frustrated Grandmaster Grey would then kick him out of the guild.

Imperia: The Kingdom of Elysia (October of 2019)

Realizing his mistake, JJ still wanted to help Imperia during the battle, so he joined The Holy Imperian Empire. However, when he joined he wore the Elysian uniform out of mistake (previously having joined Elysia during his "Imperian Expedition”). Commander of the Guard T Magnus and Emperor Xinke Magnus would then exchange the following words:

- T Magnus: “Is JJ being transferred?”

- Xinke Magnus: “Sure I’ll transfer him.”

- T Magnus: “That’s not how it (transferring) works.”

And so, JJ was transferred over to Elysia.

Elysia is where JJ grew and became known within Imperia. After a few days, he was made a Sergeant due to his past experience, and he eventually achieved the rank of Knight within a few weeks. JJ would become great friends with everyone in Imperia, including its high command. During November of 2019, JJ was appointed a Paladin by Zearos D. S'ahlesius. He wore his Paladin title with great pride (as only 1 Paladin was assigned per kingdom/tag), and Paladin meetings would be arranged every now and then to discuss the internal state of each respective Imperian guild. JJ continued to work hard, constantly recruiting and hosting training activities multiple times a day.

Around early December, Elysia would adopt a Japanese theme. The former German themed kingdom was now known as The Elysian Shogunate. This is where JJ was promoted to the rank of Daikan, a special rank that was worn exclusively by him.

Imperia: The Second Kingdom of Akkadia (December of 2019)

During late December of 2019, Sau Lyaz rejoined Imperia and spoke to JJ about relaunching Akkadia. JJ was hesitant. He did not want to leave Elysia, as he grew fond of its leader, Azrael Kusan, as well as its members. Elysia was the guild where JJ felt he truly belonged. Elysian officers such as JT Caelestius, Sergei Nikolai, and Bobi Rogers knew of JJ’s importance within Elysia, so they were heavily against him transferring. Regardless, JJ  joined in on the plans and was brought into the Lyaz family.

The time came, and Akkadia was relaunched. JJ was given the rank of Marshal. Within the first week, Akkadia was at 30 members and activity was steady. As time went by, JJ would come to realize that Sau was no longer as active as he once was. Despite JJ’s once unwavering loyalty to Sau, he would soon rejoin Elysia due to his lack of satisfaction in Akkadia. Once Sau got the news that JJ had left, he mass kicked Akkadia and left Imperia shortly after. This made JJ somewhat guilty, but he was happy to be back in Elysia nonetheless.

Imperia: The Elysian Papacy (March of 2020)

As the days went by, Elysia grew inactive. Azrael decided it was time to adopt another theme. And so, The Elysian Papacy was born. This era of Elysia was based off of the Swiss guard. This is also where Azrael convinced Fyre Xavi (A Maverian Chancellor at the time) to join Elysia. With him, Fyre brought his fellow Xavi family members.

Within the first few days, Elysian activity once again increased significantly. JJ’s starting rank was Lieutenant (he was the first Elysian Lieutenant). The Elysian Papacy had a church in which JJ was made a priest. Things such as the church services, the Japanese tea house and arena, shogunate clans, and overall Azrael's ability to implement new activities into the guild is truly what made Elysia remarkable. It goes without saying that Elysia was the most fun JJ's ever had on Graal. Sadly, Elysian activity only lasted a few more months, and Imperian activity as a whole began to decline. JJ grew bored, and Sergei Nikolai approached him at the perfect time, speaking about plans for a new Kiev. JJ let a few of his friends know of his departure that was soon to come, and one of them quickly went to Azrael to notify him. During those days, Azrael showed signs of irritation, but he did not do anything major to prevent JJ from leaving. He did, however, try to get some information from JJ about this guild.

One night, on a usual Imperian-wide meeting, JJ began to leave all Imperian discord servers as well as guild tags. Azrael noticed this and before JJ left the Elysian tag, Azrael said "Yo". JJ began to think things through for a few minutes, but his decision was final. He left The Elysian Papacy, and would then leave the main Imperian discord server respectfully, shouting the famous “Visi Krusa Imperia!” motto before exiting.

Castle Blackfyre (May of 2020)

Not much can be said about Castle Blackfyre, it was a guild led by Odin. JJ was placed in Blackfyre alongside many others in order to try and poach members for Kiev. After a while, Odin planned on taking a break and handed leadership over to James Von Kazakov. After some heavy convincing, James gave Blackfyre leadership to Sace (who was working with Kiev at the time). Sace then almost instantly handed Blackfyre leadership over to JJ.  JJ would then officially announced that Castle Blackfyre had been conquered by Kiev. However, Blackfyre officers Naz and Zenfur quickly retaliated, bringing a portion of Blackfyre over to their guild. The rest remained under Kiev control until Kiev officially launched. Once Kiev launched, JJ mass kicked the remaining Blackfyre loyalists.

Kiev Grad (June of 2020)

While offered the rank of Captain, JJ chose to start off at a lower rank in Kiev, that rank being Lieutenant. JJ believed that if he wanted to achieve a higher rank, he would have to prove himself worthy of it. After some hard work and effort, JJ would eventually be promoted to Major. Kiev then entered the Anti-Imperian Alliance which JJ fought in. The battle would result in a win for Kiev and other known militaries, as well as a massive blow to Imperia. JJ felt guilty for having fought and partaken in nullifying Imperia, his old guild.

After this war came a series of mass kicking from Naz, for Naz claimed he wanted revenge for what had happened to Blackfyre. One of the major issues with Kiev, and an issue that would plague many other militaries to come, was Kiev's unstable and lazy officer core. Officers deserted and came back, while others did absolutely nothing other than stand AFK during training activities. Kiev soon died out, and JJ left due to these many issues/ the guild's inactivity. Many officers such as Sace and Isaac quickly followed in his footsteps, telling him they left for the same reason: inactivity.

Imperia: Ordo Caelestius (July of 2020)

In an attempt at redeeming himself, JJ rejoined Imperia. He joined Ordo Caelestius under Azrael. He was rank capped at Squire for about a month, and was then made a Sergeant immediately after his rank cap had ended. Despite being a Sergeant, JJ accepted the rank because he was more than happy to be back. He was glad to be with his old friends and leaders; Xinke, Zearos, Azrael, Mavis, Isiah, Kei, Aiken, just to name a few. This rank, however, would not stop him from exceeding in his tasks. He worked extremely hard, recruited daily, and even hosted 19 training activities in one week at one point. JJ would remain in Imperia until its official disbandment. To his surprise, Xinke Magnus thanked JJ for his contribution in Imperia and added that he was a memorable person. Xinke's shortened statement:

Sup there JJ, I have some stuff to say because believe it or not, you are memorable...anyways, beyond that, I appreciate your time and effort that you put into this guild. I also appreciate the fact that you've always been positive, even with a lot of people shitting on you for various things. I hope you'll keep that part of yourself going forward. One thing I'd recommend, from simp to simp, be careful not to let yourself be tricked too easily. You have a good heart, and sometimes parties will want to exploit that for their own benefit. Take care of yourself on Classic, and if you ever need help or whatever with school, just shoot me a message." - Xinke Magnus

JJ was in Imperia for over a year, and it is by far the most successful guild he has ever been a part of in terms of fame, size, fun, and overall success.

The Kingdom of Corinth (August of 2020)

After the fall of Imperia, Aiken L. Neplion, a former Imperian officer as well as JJ’s friend approached him. He spoke about launching Corinth, a guild that was originally supposed to launch as an Imperian kingdom. JJ accepted the offer and joined Corinth, receiving a position in Corinth’s high command (first a Consul in Corinth’s senate, and later on a Minister in its ministry).

Corinth was a Greek themed kingdom with excellent graphics. The main tag would take some time to fill, but eventually activity stacked up and Corinth would prosper. Jon would launch a civil tag by the name of Kiato, and JJ the Reino de Aegina. Corinth being an overall neutral guild, would not partake in many conflicts, but they did join the First Coalition (an alliance which stripped Arcadia of its lands).

It was during Corinth that JJ became a member of the Kazakov family. He requested the name from James, with James granting his request.

JJ would enjoy his time in Corinth, but eventually the guild grew inactive. There were also internal issues within the high command, and after a month of the guild’s inactivity, he and Sace began making plans for Levia.

Royaume de Levia (January of 2021)

After a few weeks of pre-launch, JJ would convince the leaders of the Kingdom of Novenia and Octavia to merge within Levia. On January 3rd, 2021, King Sace launched the second iteration of Levia, and JJ was placed at Marshal (the highest rank after the King). JJ was a part of Levia’s high command which consisted of Sace LeQue, Truth Verrin, and himself respectively. Within a week, Levia was able to fill two 50 member tags, and JJ was made the Duke of Levia. JJ would be the tag leader for the main tag, managing the tag efficiently.

One of Levia's highlights was the fact that they were constantly at war with Sarovia, which resulted in Levia officially declaring that a state of war existed between the two nations. This declaration was mainly due to Sarovia's immorality and tendencies to false claim land they did not own. The final straw would be when Levians were hosting patrol operations on Big City. At the time, Big City was seen as a neutral territory by the entirety of the community, minus the Sarovian faction due to there being a lack of a PK zone. Sarovians would interrupt one of Levia's patrols, and Levia would react by having a standoff on BIg City's bridge. Levian soldiers would stay on the bridge stating, "Sarovia, Big City is neutral", with Sarovians lined up on the other side. Soon, other notable militaries such as Byzantium and Sparta would line up alongside Levia, saying the same words. The standoff would last hours until admin interference arrived. The administration would ghost the entirety of the bridge, ending the standoff.

One day, JJ noticed Sarovians patrolling in MoD Town. Sarovians claimed that they owned MoD, though in reality, it was Levian-owned territory. Despite most of the community recognizing MoD as Levian-owned, Levia waged war on MoD Town. At the time, Sarovia owned a decent portion of the map, and other militaries took advantage of Levia's invasion. House Bonhart would invade Onnet Town, and Byzantium would invade both Snow Town and Northern Wilderness (all these territories being owned by Sarovia at the time). This would result in Constantine conceding all of these territories, resulting in a win for Levia.

A month went by and Levia’s activity decreased. Officers began to get lazy, and many other officers left to join other guilds. Previous reforms had failed, and so, Levian high command decided to disband. JJ would proceed to join the Abaddon Stronghold as a Warlord, and a high commanding officer.

The Abaddon Stronghold (February of 2021)

The Abaddon Stronghold was a short lived guild led by Octane Feurnoux. The guild had a medieval fantasy theme, and was inspired by games such as Dark Souls and Blood Shell. As a Warlord, JJ was third in command of the guild, and would oversee all operations. He took care of both internal and foreign affairs alike, and even commanded Abaddon in a battle against Arcadia in Swamp Town. Despite Arcadia having Lathum and Exercito as their allies, the battle would last merely an hour, resulting in Abaddon's victory.

During a PK activity at Northern Wilderness, Octane would kill an admin. Petty, the admin gave Octane a two week ban. Due to the unexpected ban, JJ was made the temporary Master and de-facto leader of Abaddon (first in command). This is where JJ would meet Regius Faust, a hard working and prominent member of the community. Regius replaced JJ as Warlord and would become the second in command, helping JJ out the most. The two kept the guild running stable for a few days, but the inevitable would soon arrive.

Abaddon would soon become inactive. Only Octane was able to remove members from the roster, making recruitment near impossible. JJ tried to transfer everyone over to a tag called The Achlys Pillar, which proved to be for the most part, ineffective. By the time Octane's ban was lifted, the guild was beyond repair, and Abaddon disbanded.

The Blades of Nekron (February of 2021)

Weeks prior during JJ's time in Levia, he was approached by James Vist. James invited JJ to join Nekron after Levia, but JJ informed him he'd join one of Octane's projects next. With the disbandment of Abaddon, JJ was free to join, and so, he joined Nekron. Aside from James, JJ joined Nekron due to its heavy distaste towards Arcadia, which is something that JJ too shared.

Nekron was a cult themed military that had received heavy backlash because of its leader's malicious history. Naz (leader of Nekron), had a doxxing incident back in 2019 which he has since then, regretted and is now great friends with the victim, Sau Lyaz. Moving on, JJ joined Nekron as an Initiate, just like everyone else. However, James (being a high commanding member of Nekron) managed to get JJ a higher rank, that rank being Knight. Immediately, JJ would get to work. He began training troops to excel in their combat abilities and intellect alike, and became great friends with everyone in the guild. Naz noticed the amount of work JJ was putting in, and in just a few days, JJ became a High Knight and was brought into Nekron's officer core.

JJ continued working hard, and now that he was in the officer core, he found himself leading Nekronian war discussions, constantly disproving screenshots and marking Nekron's own. JJ would help Nekron undercover and sometimes publicly during his time in Corinth when it came to war, which is part of the reason Naz trusted him.

After a month of being a High Knight and putting in the same amount of work and effort, Naz wasted no time and made JJ a Sentinel (JJ skipped a few ranks), effectively making JJ a part of Nekron's high command. As a Sentinel, JJ would continue to host his training activities, implement new ones, and made sure lower ranks were constantly involved. One of JJ's best remarks from Nekron was the fact that it was a very friendly guild, with unique and talented members. Whether it be its artists and musicians, or the people with goals they heavily wished to aspire, Nekron was filled with the best of the best. As the months went by, JJ was brought into Nekron's "Hall of Fame", which consisted of the most prestigious and important members of Nekron. If you would like more details about it, you can visit Naz's house on Graal Classic, or click here.

Eventually JJ was made Nekron's Warlock and by proxy, the commander of its war efforts. Not long after, JJ, with the assistance of Hizack, orchestrated and formed a monopoly between Nekron, Kronborg, Sparta, and other small Brazilian guilds. Even without ally assistance, Nekron conducted successful campaigns against the Arcadians and Arnithians, forcing the two to join forces against Nekron. After several successful battles, Soft reached out to Brazilian leaders, labeling Naz and other members of Nekron as "doxxers" and "predators.". The Brazilian allies believed said allegations, effectively turning against Nekron and turning the tide of war to Arcadia and Arnithen's favor.

It was around this time that JJ would meet Auel Kusan, who briefly joined Nekron, having returned to the community after several years of absence. Having an already State-leaning officer corps with members such as James, Rollins, Ian, etc., rumors of a new State spread around the community. JJ was more than eager to witness another State - after all, he had been loyal to Elysia for a year, and wanted to see what its original leader, Kusan was truly capable of. Little did he know the two would eventually become an excellent mentor-apprentice duo.

After heavy convincing, Naz had decided to lay Nekron into a state of dormancy and joined in on the planning for an upcoming State. JJ sent out the announcement, and so he awaited instructions from State high command.

The Unified State (May of 2021)

JJ played an instrumental role in The Unified State's development, and later on, its leadership and military. For more information on this, view the 'Ascension' heading on the bottom section of The Unified State's page.

Wandering (August of 2021)

Journey's End (January 2022 - Present Day 2024)

Achievements and Titles

  • General of The Unified State
  • Grand King of the Elysians
  • Marshal and Lieutenant in the 3rd Magnusian Imperia
  • Consul in the Kingdom of Corinth
  • Heir of Auel Kusan
  • Director of the Graal Military Wiki
  • Founder of the Arçanüm family
  • Current head of the line of Ares
  • Lord of House Vist

Other ranks and titles:

  • Warlock in the Blades of Nekron (First Iteration)
  • Duke of the Duchy of Kusan
  • Colonel in the 7th Aurean Empire
  • Duke of Levia
  • Marshal in the 2nd Levian Empire
  • Paladin of Imperia under Zearos' command
  • Grand Master of Abaddon (First Iteration)
  • Former head of Kusan


JJ is often considered to be compassionate, straight forward, and at times, ruthless. He cares deeply about his subordinates, but enforces discipline when necessary. His circle consists of State and Imperian loyalists, with some Bacseyian remnants in the mix. However, this circle remains relatively small due to the cruel nature and politics of the community. As such, he will rarely be one to speak out publicly, both on and off the field. Some may perceive this character as "cold," or "ruthless," but JJ will always prioritize the well-being of his subordinates.

Although he does prefer a more laid back and neutral viewpoint, JJ is always on the front lines to support and defend his guild. He does not enjoy indulging in the community's toxicity, often critiquing the community for its harsh and childish nature, claiming it would be better off if it worked together.


Throughout his time in the GMC, JJ has been in his share of families. However, as of recently, he affiliates himself with the following:

  • Arçanüm: Founder of the name. Created in order to hand out to those he considers loyal and hard working allies.
  • Ares: Given to JJ by Auel Küsän Ares due to his leadership ability and quality while serving in The Unified State.
  • Han: Was initially introduced into the family by Xinke Han, though he was later backed by Xiaoguard Han sometime during the Seventh Aurean Empire.
  • Kazakov: Inducted into the family through James Vist during JJ's time in Corinth - was later backed by Auel Morzan.
  • Küsän: Given to JJ by Auel Küsän Ares I while being made an Ares.
  • Verûm: Given by Frederick Verûm II during his time in The Unified State due to his quality. Was later backed by Auel Logan.
  • Vist: Granted by Auel Logan Vist during JJ’s time as General of The State Military.