The Unified State

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The Unified State

The Unified State

Representative Flag


Auel Logan Vist


May 24th of 2021



Hail State!


3.5 Months


• The Vehm (Arcadia & Allies) vs. The Unified State

• The Unified State vs. Naberius & The Estanari Republics

• The July Campaign (The Unified State & Allies vs. The International Brigade)

• State Rebellions (The Unified State vs. 225th Infantry Division)

The Unified State was a late iteration of The State, founded by Auel Logan in the Spring of 2021, subsequent to being granted total ownership of the Line of Auel, The State, and inheriting all of Auel Vist's assets. Logan, Auel Kusan, James Vist, Lendo Alcarin, and Clovis Rollins came to the conclusion that their prime had passed, and that a new era of State needed to pass down the old principles of the Graal Military Community to the newer generations.

The Beginning (February - May of 2021)

Planning for the Unified State (though the name had not been established at the time) began in February of 2021, lasting several months. Many people were rotated in and out of the planning phase, across multiple group chats. In the end, the majority of the planning was done by Auel Logan, Auel Kusan, James Vist, Truth Verrin, Lendo Alcarin, and Clovis Rollins. Throughout these months, many topics, options, and alternatives were discussed and combed through, from themes and uniform concepts, to the end goal of the guild.

In May of 2021, Joe Kyro joined the group. He brainstormed the idea to house State High Command in Kyronia until the official launch, dubbed "The Kyronian Facade". During this time, Kyronia had a short battle with Arcadia, which resulted in victory for the Arcadian republic. The Kyronian Facade lasted approximately a month until the official launch of the Unified State.

The Kozak Company (May 24th - September 10th)

Having been created on May 24th, 2021, the Kozak Company was the first company of the Unified State, and by far its most powerful in terms of overall stability. Having filled a 50 member roster on its first day and peaking 27 online, the company had a promising future. Kozak is where the majority of the mid to high ranking officers began before being transferred to future companies. Initially under the command of Captain Ophion Kyro, the company was usurped by JJ Arçanüm after Ophion was exposed as Linus Rhodes, an Arcadian loyalist. The Kozak Company had a complete roster filled with both veterans and rookies alike.

Thanks to officers such as Xeda and Mavis, recruitment was constantly active when the tag was not full, while other people contributed in different fields, such as Georgeeboy when hosting activities. The Kozak Company also managed to produce new generation officers, who were taken under seniors officers' wings and mentored.

Eventually, JJ went inactive for a short period and leadership of the company was transferred to Halfdan and Mavis. After JJ's return, he was promoted to Major and Halfdan remained in control of the company. Halfdan was later promoted and the company came into the command of Captain Sage. After some time, the company's activity declined, though soldiers withheld optimism up until the dissolution of the Unified State.

The CrUeL Company (May 25th - June 5th)

The CrUeL Company was one of the most organized companies which emphasized on documentation and recruitment. The construction of the company within its first several days were a difficult obstacle to overcome. Thankfully Nekronian soldiers who answered the call of duty such as: Monty, Chillim, Konev or Teddy Naz, Savi, Nyoko Xuko, and Mavis Çonsilim (from Kozak then), were retained after Nekron was laid to rest. CrUel was organised based on the concept of high expectations. This was delivered at lightning speeds, given the deadline for the finalization of the planning. Despite the fact that CrUeL was a newly built company, it successfully managed to advance in numerous friendly tournaments against the rest of the companies, even holding its own against the already functioning Kozak company. Despite the company running effectively, Captain Naz had other personal objectives. He desired to follow his own career and relaunch Nekron shortly after. Therefore he considered a merge with Han and Kozak would be the wisest decision in that case. On June 5th, the CrUeL Company merged with the Han and Kozak Companies.

The Han Company (May 31st - September 10th)

On May 31st, the Han Company was launched under the command of Travis Peusilis. The company began enlisting immediately, to which it attained a full tag in under a week. The officer core was established with members such as Arnold Vaughn and Thanatos Lathum. In the next month, the roster changed drastically, with Arnold leading the reigns as Captain after Travis was promoted to Major. The company declined as a result of the structure change issued by Vulnus, which introduced joint Captains.

After requesting their own company, Angel and Spyros were transferred to the Han Company in order to bring it back to life. If they were to succeed, they'd be given the chance to launch their own company. Upon doing so, the tag was passed onto Thanatos Lathum.

Thanatos and his officers took initiative and commenced the "Han Rising". After great efforts, the Han Company was revived. Kai, Raven/Christi, and Gothic were introduced into the Han Company, and the company's activity began to thrive.

The Consilim Company had meanwhile been experiencing difficulties and disbanded, with Angel becoming the Major, and Thanatos Lieutenant Colonel. However, Angel resigned shortly after and Spyros was promoted to Major, to which the position was later occupied by Emberlynn Rhodes after being promoted to Lt. Colonel. 1st Lieutenant Kai was instated as Captain after senior officers witnessed promising results.

In a turn of events, the school period forced five officers into retirement. The damage was irreversible, and the Han Company disbanded along with the other companies.

The Consilim Company (July 10th - August 15th)

In a casual night, Spyros and Reggius Çønsilim were having a conversation about the overpopulation of the two existing Companies and about the rank inflation. After a lot of discussion, they constructed a plan for a new company under the name "Regium Company'', led by them, and took it upon themselves to propose the plan to high command. The plan was approved under the condition that Spyros and Reggius would work to perfect Han and Kozak before launching a new company. They immediately took matters into their own hands and did their absolute best to improve the companies to be the best versions they could possibly be.

Nearly a week after, the planning began. Before officially launching Regium Company, Spyros approached Reggius to initiate an additional change. They both came to agreement on the new name and The Consilim Company was born to honor those before them as they were both new generation Çønsilims. The Company ran smoothly for a fair amount of time with Spyros and Reggius excellent teamwork. A while after, following the retirements and resignations of important officers and other soldiers. For instance Jace and Emberlynn, the captains of Çønsilim. Following their resignation, the company struggled to stay on its feet. A few days before this incident, Spyros and Reggius noticed some trouble with communication, this led to a transfer between Jace (Kozak) and Spyros (Consilim) to ensure a better future for both companies. However, after the said individuals resigned, not long after, the disbandment of the company was announced and its troops were distributed to Han and Kozak on August 14th.
Highlight of The Unified State

Birth of The Unified State (May 31st)

The Unified State

Pre-Uniform Era: Launch Day

The Unified State officially launched publicly on May 31st, 2021. There was an astounding amount of members who attended festivities for the day to show their support and pride of the rebirth of the State. General Kusan presented his troops at the base stairs of Onnet Town, after which a speech was given by Kusan which concluded with a unanimous “Hail State!” resonating among members. Following a successful launch day, on June 1st, 2021, Graal servers shut down. Speculation among the ranks suggested that the administration disrupted their efforts to revive the State and prevent it from launching. In the past, admins and the State have had a rough history, but this did not end the patriotism and energy within the guild. Members celebrated through a Discord voice call which built cohesion between older Statesmen and new generation members alike. Even The State´s founder, Auel Vist, despite having retired, decided to join in on the fun night.
 “We may not have been able to play the game, but our spirits thrived through a server-wide Discord call that lasted hours into the night.
The Unified State returned to Graal on June 2nd after servers were running efficiently again. The State Military would then launch an aggressive front of propaganda in the effort to assert dominance in the Graal Military Community. Every guild was seen as opposition. Sergeant Major Reggius began logistics work and created in-depth activity rosters for each company. War was on the minds of Statesmen that day. A mass assembly of State troops arrived in Destiny, coined as "The Southern Conquest", led by General Kusan. The goal was to conquer Destiny primarily and then transfer back North into Swamp and Deadwood respectively. This would not be an easy task considering Arcadia, who was referenced as “The Sleeping Lion," officially owned the territory of Destiny. They had shown a strong and lengthy presence in the community, but their strength was dwindling as the days went on, opening the possibility to eliminate it.
The Unified State in a voice chat after the server unfortunately shut down for a short period of time.

The Unified State vs. The Vehm (June 4th)

The Vehm Battle

The Unified State vs. Arcadia & Allies

The Kingdom of Arcadia

Disbandment Broadcast

Official Statement

After some exploring, Captain Naz and General Kusan located a Player Killing zone within the volcano of Big City, and deemed it a claimable land. As they began gathering soldiers to claim Big City Caldera, word is received that Arcadians and its allies were gathering in Battle Arena. Arcadia with their allies, collectively referring to themselves as "The Vehm", sought to respond to the Unified State's ultimatum of surrendering Destiny or a state of war. The Unified State hastily began gathering troops and approached Battle Arena with approximately 22 soldiers. However, to high command's surprise, Arcadia enlisted the help of four different militaries to aid in their battle, topping over sixty troops upon entering the battle. The Vehm was prepared to eliminate the Unified State's dominance once and for all to prevent it from seeing the light of day in the future Bastion system. With odds stacked against them in regard to sheer numbers, battle experience, and organization, the Unified State was looking at a steep uphill battle, under the screenshot system nonetheless. Despite this, with the help of several key tips from Donald, a former Arcadian who played a monumental role in the thriving victory by assisting the Unified State with valuable information.

After hours of battling, Imperio Quin, an Arcadian ally, would collapse towards the end of battle, as their tag was mass kicked. The Unified State would eventually come out victorious and the Vehm was humiliated in front of the entire Graal Military Community.

With Imperio Quin collapsing and Arcadia having dissolved as a conclusion of its moral degradation upon the delivery of this severe blow, the Unified State would win its war against the Vehm, which consisted of the Arcadian Republic, the Kingdom of Arnithen, Semper Forctus, Imperio Quin, Helsingor, and Livonia.

Famous Photograph Recreation (June 19th)

On June 19th, General Auel Kusan organized the recreation of a famous State photograph upon recommendation from numerous soldiers with detailed improvement. The attempt came out successful and the result was liked by the entirety of The Unified State.
The Unified State

New Iteration of State Photograph

The Last Auelian Era

Old Iteration of State Photograph

The New Era of Uniforms (June 20th)

On June 20th, Senior Lieutenant Thanatos introduced the Unified State to the newest edition of uniforms including Enlisted-Non-Commissioned Officer, Officer and High Command bodies. The new uniforms surfaced and originated from the regalia body design and with effort, not to forget the assistance received by Azerius, was transformed into the latest generation of State uniforms.
The Unified State

New-Generation Uniforms

"We are the mother******* Unified State!" - General Auel Kusan
Unified State Protest (Train Station)

The Battle of States (June 25th)

Major Choco was reprimanded and expelled from the Unified State for falsely claiming himself an Auel. In retaliation, he gathered the Unified State's opponents to "create a better State". The State rebellion, dubbed the 225th Infantry Division, was a product of Choco's misplaced frustrations towards the Unified State.

With an eye toward neutralizing the State rebellion, General Kusan assembled an army of soldiers. In due time, the primed Unified State declared war on the 225th Infantry Division. Whistle staring at an offline tag, motivational speeches were given in order to preserve the thrill and air of distaste towards the 225th Infantry Division for a more efficient performance in the battle. However, despite the climax of war, Choco conceded soon after. The State proceeded to the train station and claimed the 225th Infantry Division as cowards.

The Grand Duchy of Treor (July)

Treor Serenissima

Official War Declaration

After Arcadia's defeat, State had uncontested control of almost the entire map. It was Soft, a former Arcadian Consul, outraged by the newfound success of his enemy, who launched Treor with the aim of destroying State's military and political dominance within the Graal Military Community. He united two nations under this banner: Jan's Nolvendore and Jason's Forctus - guilds which had been victim to a long string of military defeats at the hands of State. With the launch of Treor, him and Ajax convened with the leaders of the 225th Infantry Division (who had rebelled from the rule of Logan) and Arnithen to launch the first large-scale invasion under the Bastion's ruleset. Anticipated to be a long-term, back and forth war spanning the entirety of July, it was dubbed "The July Campaign".
The July Campaign

Army of Ajax & Soft vs. The Unified State

The July Campaign was the heaviest military and political defeat that The Unified State and its allies had received. Opposed to the anticipated month of conflict, Treor led an offensive that took the whole map in three days, emerging victorious on all fronts.

Soft was successful in his mission to dismantle the militaristic hegemony of State, and was politically successful too, for the Unified State's political influence over the community significantly diminished.

With Soft's goal achieved, he dissolved Treor.

The Government (May 31st, July 11th)

Both iterations of the government unpredictably concluded to a catastrophic end, resulting in massive failure. The government was mostly an on and off project, instigated by Joe Kyro and Vulnus Regium individually.

The first implementation of the government was somewhat successful, securing a healthy life span. The government consisted of councilors and was successful in the implementation of organization. On the contrary, the election process was indeed rocky, having been jeopardized by a citizen attempting to purchase votes for a representative. The issue caused altercations between Joe Kyro and Logan. Consequently, the High Councilor resigned. Surprisingly, the council sustained themselves before they were removed or independently resigned being accused of ties to Joe after rumour about a rebel Kyronia had been spread.


  • High Councilor: Joe Kyro
  • Councilor of Foreign Affairs: Snow Küsän
  • Councilor of Justice & Internal Affairs: Oksana Khalida
  • Councilor of Research & Development: Mavis Magnus
  • Councilor of History & Archiving: Tenacity Vaith
  • Councilor of Education: Drazius Vølanus

The second time a government was implemented resulted in initial success. The elections process was executed smoothly, with slight delay. Subsequent to the completion of the parliament, Chancellor Vulnus, suddenly went inactive without a trace nor a heads-up. He had promised elected representatives a Constitution (which was drafted but incomplete). After lacking mutual effort to withhold it on its feet, the government indefinitely went dormant. However, there were a few parliament members dedicated to their departments, namely Reggius and JJ. Reggius issued modern ID cards to all State officers and NCOs, while JJ released art projects and took record of Unified State citizens' talents. The Parliament would remain in its dormant State until the end of the Unified State era.


  • Chancellor: Vulnus Regium
  • Head Minister of Foreign Affairs: Arnold Albus
  • Head Minister of Justice & Internal Affairs: Ceres Küsän
  • Head Minister of History & Education: Spyros Çønsïlïm
  • Head Minister of Logistics & Records: Reggius Çønsilim
  • Head Minister of Culture & Arts: JJ Arçanüm


  • Department of Intelligence: James Vist
  • Department of Alchemy: Morzan Kazakov

Ascension and Dissolution (August 11th - September 11th)

Following Auel Kusan's retirement, JJ Vist was appointed General of the Unified State. During his first few weeks as General, JJ reformed the remaining three State companies and got rid of inactive members throughout the guild's core. Initially, the reforms met with high success and activity, albeit said activity did come at the cost of the dissolution of CrUeL. With no time to waste, JJ led the Unified State and its allies to battle once more. Statesmen had not seen battle in over a month, so this was the perfect opportunity for everyone to get in on some action. With the assistance of Nekron and the Order, The State Military successfully invaded Arnithian and Kronborg territory. The Unified State's allies would follow these victories by declaring battles of their own, starting with the Order stronghold. The Order's initial invasion was unsuccessful, as they tried to attack Nolvendore and their allies alone. However, JJ came up with an entirely different plan and called for a second invasion, which met with great success for his allies. Under JJ's leadership, the Unified State's first few battles were won swiftly. These victories, sadly, did not last very long.

The start of a new school year in September would contribute to the State's rapid decline. General JJ and his officer core began to fall inactive. Uproar among the ranks ensued. The pitfalls and decline of the State military would pave the way for an alliance between Arnithen, Kronborg, and Nolvendore, which saw these circumstances as a window of opportunity to combat and end the Unified State.

In an attempt to do so, the alliance declared war and launched a series of successful attacks on the State. The State Military fended off some of these attacks and declared some of their own, but its military was no longer at its peak. The anti-State alliance outnumbered the State with great numbers. The Unified State's allies all crumbled, and Nekron decided to take a more neutral approach in the war. Options were low, and after heavy consideration, State leadership accepted the guild was beyond repair and had already accomplished its set goals. On September 11th, 2021, the Unified State dissolved, and its members went on their own journeys.