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Perseus joined the community in late 2014, and quickly gained prominence within the community. He is known for his exceptional ability to create graphics, being the founder of the Atwell Corporation on Ol West, and for various command roles he has held; Mainly in Astoria as an Oberst, a Lt. Colonel and Marshal of the Eastern Front in Aurea, and later Field Marshal of the Aurean State.


The Baierbach Federation (2014)

Passing through the Onnet Dirt Patch late one October 2014 night, Percy stumbled across a recruitment rally that peaked his interested. He requested to join, and was promptly invited into Brig. General James' house for an evaluation. James instructed the then-military virgin Percy to perform a flank, which confuzzled him sorely. Percy swiftly recovered, before maneuvering behind James and shooting him up the ass with an arrow. Needless to say, this didn't sit well with James. Percy got briefed on the way militaries worked, was ranked as Private, and it stuck, I guess. The next night, Private Percy attended a meeting with all of the military brass, Muzak, then known as Bram Baierbach. James, Shabac, Aizen and perhaps a few other names that have been forgotten. Muzak invited everyone to his shitty-ass empty house, and this appeased everyone but Percy. Before the meeting was set to start, he said something along the lines of, "This crib isn't as well furnished as a crack house, lets blow this popsicle stand and go to mine, a broke ass bitch didn't decorate it." And so they did. Percy's house sported a sleek three-office setup, which impressed the army brass for some reason. Someone suggested he be promoted to Lieutenant, and he was. The meeting continued with topics the still-military virgin Percy didn't quite understand. Muzak then raised the question of who would lead his army brigades- Aizen, being Aizen, quickly volunteered for even the slightest power Muzak offered him. Percy followed suit, thinking "What's this faggot got that I don't?" Percy was promptly appointed as Captain of the 2nd Infantry Regiment, and Aizen of the 1st IR. Percy carried out his duties for a short time, recruiting graalians to lay down their lives in his name. Percy attended his first ever training, as a Captain, and he was commanding it. It didn't go over well; surprisingly. After a quick rundown of what to do, Percy got back to work. The next day, maybe, Muzak hosted a training. It, too, didn't go over very well. It ended after Muzak disciplined the enlistedmen, only addressing them by their "IP addresses". This might be around the time where Percy underwent his metamorphosis into Perseus, adding Church as a surname. Perseus was called to battle by his superiors, a fight at Dozers with some guild who wasn't worth remembering. At this time, Perseus' 2nd Infantry was the powerhouse of the nation, making Aizen look bad. He continued to perform his duties to the best of his abilities for about a week, before Macbeth's confederate State (thing) reared it's ugly head. Aizen, being an utter ass wipe from time his mother shit him out of her anus, deserted the Baierbach Federation and joined the State. In the following days, the federation toppled. But it served as Perseus' proving ground, teaching him how to be the best asshole he could be. GraalOnline Olwest saw its iClient release during this time, and Perseus began playing on there, mainly, for a short time while Macbeth's guild perused around the poppy fields.

Cardinal Direction Guilds

Its early January 2015 now, the State was dead and Perseus rounded up some of the good ol' boys he remembered from the Baierbach Federation. He created a surprisingly dysfunctional guild, given the fact there was absolutely no one in it. Perseus laid his claim on Delta, feeling fairly confident no one would want to square up for such a shitty territory. One day as he idled at the Trainstation, Peter Rhodes came by, using some exotic alias. Peter offered Percy a position in his Command of the Cardinal Directions. (The name I have given it, because I can't remember the proper one.) He was to hold down the Western portion of the map, Delta being his first due area. Time passes with Perseus doing literally nothing, because there is no one in his guild. Eventually, some of the other cardinal direction guilds decide they want to tear eachother up, and they do so. Peter scraps the project and goes away for a little bit.


Percy idled at the Trainstation for a while, waiting for shit to pop off. He sees a guild with a pretty respectable amount of people in it. And they are rocking a bitchin' gun shield, too. He requests to join, and is put at some rank that was probably abysmal, I don't remember. AFO, the grandfather of the Sarovian Empire, forms during this time. Perseus gets moved into the military intelligence part of Askovia, and ends up manufacturing some pretty legit-looking fake screenshots, depicting Fortis Asano trashing Sherlock, and vice versa, which wasn't good because they were allied at the time. Percy submits his 'doctored' screenshots to his commander, and forgets about them. Some Askovia-AFO joint trainings happen, then the guy who was in charge of the screenshots leaked them because he was a douchebag. Sherlock and Fortis are absolutely belligerent at this point, and I like to believe I am a large part of the reason Sherlock made Sarovia into the tyranny it is today.

Bavaria (2015)

Perseus bounced around a few shoddy militaries for a few weeks, before he noticed Peter returned with a new regime. Perseus requested to join, and was ranked as a Sergeant or Second Lieutenant, in the 2nd Infantry Regiment. His commander was forgotten long, long ago, but Aizen was his First Lieutenant, unfortunately. Perseus continued his grind either as a 2LT, or successfully grinding to 2LT. It was around this time Percy introduced Philip to Graal, and it got him hard, too, apparently. Bliss, the Captain of the First Infantry Regiment, was removed from the position for doing fuckall, and replaced by, unfortunately, Aizen. Perseus recieved a promotion to 1LT, and Philip "philled" Percy's previous spot on the roster as 2LT. Some time passed and whoever the Captain of the 2nd Infantry was, either got herpes and told to get lost, or fucking died. Perseus was finally promoted to Captain of his beloved Infantry, to which Peter promptly decided was no good, and pulled a surprise Super Hiatus. The command staff of Bavaria kept the ball rolling for a short time after Peter pulled out almost as fast as your father, after he realized what he had done. The senior staff eventually followed Peter's example, leaving Aizen, who was a Major at this point, as the highest ranking officer left. As the days passed by, Aizen would promote himself. He had "achieved" the rank of Lieutenant General in just under 3 days. Aizen offered Percy a promotion to Major, if he would transfer leadership of his regiment to one of Aizen's goons, Sasha. Percy rejected the promotion, and instead convinced Aizen's other goon, Captain Vinter of the 1st Infantry, to defect with him, forming a guild under Percy's command.


It was around late March, or early April 2015 that Perseus set his plan into action. He laid down the roots for the Victricean Legion [From the latin "victrix," insert hairy vagina joke.] an ancient Roman themed guild. Victrices quarreled with Logan Verum's State and later the Republic and won many key battles in the campaign against it. Standing against the State, and coming out on top.

The Kingdoms

Mid 2015, Auel returned with a grand plan to reunite the community under his banner. All militaries would come together to form their individual house under the Lord that would have them. Perseus was asked to be a liege-lord by Peter, who obliged and created House Church. It was during this time Perseus really began making graphics for Graal.


After a hiatus from Graal following the Kingdoms, Percy returned to Graal in early 2016. He found Peter planning to make a new guild, called the Iron Legion or something trashy. Perseus joined and was appointed as a Captain, and would lead a regiment. Everything goes according to plan, Peter decides to change the name to Malum. For the rest of that story, see The May 21st Movement. After the whole M21 debocle, Malum dies.

Aurea (2016)

Perseus joined Aurea, lead by Kevlar Vaughn, and was placed on the roster as a Lieutenant Colonel, head of the graphics department. Perseus has a lot of fun here, making a lot of allies, and experiencing some firsts in the community, such as Nylius, then known as Mevarus, accidentally nuking the Committee on State Security guild. He participated in the fight against Drazius' Bavaria, receiving the medal for the campaign. As weeks turned into months for Aurea, the amazing communism grew to be too much. The senior staff, in the Kik chat, all agreed a theme change was due. In November, Communist Aurea was dissolved and reformed as the Imperial Court of Aurea, with Perseus being appointed the Minister of Conformity, or the big man on the totem pole when it came to discipline. In December, Kevlar decided he was going to step down from his position, a few accidents happened here and the timeline is fuzzy but Perseus ultimately resigned from his position in early January of 2017.


Upon Percy's resignation from Disco-Party Aurea, he joined Philip's guild, Ydalir, along with a handful of other Aurean refugees. He made some bomb ass viking shields for Ydalir during this time. Ydalir mainly fought Azrael's Imperial Court of Communist Aurea, with a notable battle happening at Snowtown, where Aurea was unable to admit defeat because their entire alliance wasn't present, so they couldn't lose land.

Ol' West (2017)

Percy had played Olwest off and on for some time, but was never aware of any relevant guilds on the server. He heard of Aurea from somewhere, and fired up Olwest and promptly joined. He was appointed Commandant-General of Military Research and Development, looking for ways to use ingame items to expand the military's roleplay and making graphics that were needed. It was during this time Percy founded the Atwell Corporation, then known as Dax & Sons Textile Company. Olwest Aurea was very active during this time, with a lot of commerce and Aurean Football League games taking place. Aurea had a truly functioning government and civil population on Graal, an incredible sight to behold. Percy was discharged for challenging King Banana Eater's authority and went into a decently long hiatus.

Guilds (A - Z)

A list of (most) of the guilds Percy has been involved in. Guild leaders will be listed in parentheses.

  • Askovia (Regius)
  • Astoria (Peter)(Rynji)
  • Aurea Kevlar)(Azrael)(Nyl)(Lance)(Artix)
  • Avalonia (Fessler)
  • Baierbach Fededation (Muzak)
  • Bavaria 2015 (Peter)
  • The Free States (Auel)
  • House Church (Himself)
  • Hyberia (Sammy)
  • Iron Legion (Peter)
  • Malum (Peter)
  • Maveria (Chocobites)
  • Reinhard Empire (Muzak)
  • Ryoma (Rynji)
  • Victricean Legion (Himself, Philip)
  • Ydalir (Philip)

Associated Acts (A - Z)

Various associated guilds, families and people.



  • Astoria
  • Atwell
  • Avidius
  • Church (Abolished 2016)
  • Dax
  • Faust
  • Rhodes
  • Ryoma
  • Ullr


  • Auro Roma (2020)
  • House Avidius
  • Rothstein (Olwest)