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The May 21st Movement

From Graal Military Wiki
"It was a two week period of total war.
It started with not one, not ten, but four simple horsemen.
It ended with the destruction of the Malums."

The May 21st Movement (M21) was a rebellion led by Constantine and Zakiev. Starting off with merely four men, the rebels miraculously held off against 19 enemies, until their manpower grew to outnumber the enemy. M21 is debatably one of the most prominent rebellions in recent military history. 

Fearing that Peter would finally conquer the military world with his new guild Malum, Constantine contracted Zakiev to stir up a rebellion to weaken Peter. With the help of others, Zakiev and Constantine rode into York Town, and held it down, waiting for Malum to respond. Sure enough, nineteen Malum soldiers entered York, and began to fight. Zakiev and Constantine called upon their friends to help and many came, including the two militaries Kalvacia and Paconia. Coupling artillery glitches and manpower, the rebels were able to hold off Malum until the admins began warping everyone. The leaders of the two factions realized that regular warfare wouldn’t work if the admins were going to constantly warp them, so they settled on a three round guild spar instead. M21 narrowly won the guild spar, and Malum admitted temporary defeat. 

After the battle, Zakiev left, and The New Sarovian Empire was formed under the leadership of Constantine, declaring himself Emperor. Sarovia's numbers grew, and Constantine launched the Autumnwood Campaign, a plan to conquer and destroy Malum. After many battles, the plan succeeded, Peter was banned, and Malum fell.  

Sarovia's activity exploded, reigning as the dominant military for three months until its dissolution.