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Sarovia, officially the New Sarovian Empire, is arguably the oldest living guild in the community, going way back to 2015 and having incarnations that have surpassed the two years of existence. It is also one of the largest and most diverse guilds in Graal military history. Sarovia has members from the Americas to Asia and has maintained its foothold in the community despite its many controversies and hardships. Its nominal head is Constantine, formerly known as Aros or Sherlock.

Advanced Forces Operations (AFO)

Started by then Captain Aros Mako (Constantine), the AFO found success in the community despite the lack of action from the outside. It lived off of training and missions. AFO was able to gain some popularity even without the proper recruitment and "organization" at that time, such as a website, guild shields, and even an actual name for their military.

AFO was later planned to be renamed to Sarovia but Aros, being the great person that he was, got a hefty 4,000 hour ban and was forced to let AFO die despite its success and bright future.

New Sarovian Empire (2016)

Considered to be the golden age of Sarovia, the New Sarovian Empire, or the NSE as it was popularly known, became the bastion of the community's old guard, having prominent figures within its ranks such as Zearos D. S'ahlesius and James F. Zor, remnants of the old State. The empire had two fully operation corps, with each corps having five regiments and each regiment having 25 members each. Activity during this time was also phenomenal, arguable the best during those days and certainly groundbreaking considering the size and longevity of guilds back then.

Standard Issue.png

NSE had a proper government and systems in place as well. Cities were set up in guild houses as well as different systems for soldiers such as the Sarovian war bonds. It had a Senate, consisting of prominent community figures and members of the Sarovian imperial family, which had substantial amount of authority to give flavor to NSE's government. The same Senate held the election for emperor which led to the downfall of the New Sarovian Empire. The Chancellor of the New Sarovian Empire was Xiaoguard, second only to Constantine himself. Xiaoguard provided all of the documents and graphics for the original incarnation of Sarovia, including the original overcoat uniforms like the standard-issue uniform seen above. Xiao was instrumental in the planning of the guild, creating fun activities and meetings for the members of Sarovia, and many other responsibilities. Xiao and Constantine later began to feud due to personal issues in Xiao's life which eventually started to affect his performance. In the aftermath of this feud, Constantine has made numerous attempts to erase Chancellor Xiao from Sarovian history.

"The Patriot" by Xiao, 2016