The Küsän Family

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The Küsän Family


Auel Kusan Ares




  • The Kingdom of Elysia

    December, 2013

  • The Kusanic Missionaries

    February, 2019

  • The Church of Kusan

    May, 2021

The Küsän Family is a prominent family of the Graal Military Community which gained prestige during the early iterations of Elysia.


The Küsän Family is thought to have originally begun as a way of honoring Auel Kusan as a leader. This is only partly true.

The name was at first stolen by Vulnus sometime during The Renewed State. Due to heavy convincing and his once unwavering loyalty to Kusan, Vulnus was made the second Küsän. He worked closely with and under Kusan for a while, and the two eventually became known as close brothers. A few months later, Ambrogio, a close friend of Kusan, became the third Küsän. The two remain extremely close to this day.

These three held the name together for some time. Eventually, other individuals to a hold of the name, notably Karthas, and Sherlock. The name became very popular when Kusan led Elysia, where every member became invited to use it. The Kusan Family essentially contains all of Kusan´s pupils and people he taught. Notable members during this time include: Azrael, Karthas, Tesla, Regius, Laxus, Sherlock, and Vulnus.

Eventually Kusan would go into retirement and named Muzak Küsän the next head of the family (2015-2017), with the purpose of rebuilding the name due to Karthas' failure at attempting to make it better. Muzak was removed from the family in 2021 (further information can be found below).

The next head of the family was Irish Küsän (2017-2019). It was handed over to him by Muzak before departing from the Graal Military Community.

In February of 2021, Kusan returned and due to his interest in The Blades of Nekron, he decided to stay on Graal once again. With his return came The Unified State, where he would eventually gather the Küsän Family during the trial of Muzak vs. The Küsän Family. This trial took place on July 21st, 2021. Here, Muzak would be tried for all his crimes against the Küsän Family which include but are not limited to: impersonating Auel Kusan for his own personal gain (in an attempt to get into the Line of Auel), accusing members of The Küsän Family of his own malicious deeds, and more. With the pressure of the entire family on his neck, Muzak continued to lie and lie, each of his lies quickly being contradicted by members of the family. Eventually, he could not bare anymore of the trial and ran off.



Ragnarok: Individuals who represent the original Lineage of Kusan from 2013.


Periphery: Individuals who carry the direct Kusan Family and are entitled to its rights during Kusan's retirement.


Icarus: Individuals who were re-validated with the Kusan name in 2021, the newest members of the family, or those who gained the name under the ownership of Muzak.

Former Claimants

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