The Küsän Family

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The Kusan Family is thought to have begun as a way of honoring Kusan as a leader of his own guild Elysia, this is only partly true. The name was alleged, as reported by Auel Faulkner Kusan part of a more ancient family that died out leaving him the last Kusan. The name was later essentially stolen by Vulnus Consilim due to his once unwavering loyalty to Kusan, sometime during the renewed State. Kusan, after some convincing, accepted Vulnus as the Second Kusan. A few months later, Ambro became the third Kusan, these three held the name alone for some time. Later, other individuals to a hold of the name, notably Karthas, and Sherlock. The name became very popular when Kusan led Elysia, where every member became invited to use it. The name is pretty much all of his pupils and people he taught.

Notable Members include Azrael, Karthas, Tesla, Regius Laxus, Sherlock, and Vulnus.

The head of the family was Muzak Kusan(2015-2017), it was handed to him so he can rebuild it due to Karthas' fail of attempting to make it better. Kusan said the only CURRENT member of the family is Laxus. The new current head of the family is Irish Kusan(2017-present), it was handed to him by Muzak Kusan before leaving the military community. Since Kusan's return, he has taken over the name and the only current holders of the name are Vulnus Consilim, James Kazakov, Zen and Jace Rhodes.