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Pages taken from the long forgotten and defunct Elysia on Delteria Wiki.

Elysian Logo

Founding date



Fang Kusan, Azrael Kusan

Ruling Families

The Küsän Family, House Elysium

Mission Statement

Below is the unedited mission statement for Elysia written in early 2014 by Auel Kusan. For preface, Auel Kusan decided that with the migration from Classic to Delteria, he would go under a new name and therefore chose to go by Fang Kusan for his journeys in Delteria.

“The mission of Imperia is to establish Eden.

The game right now is a messed up place. Admins abuse their power, and do not really take care of the people. They are much more present than any other MMO, and the game has become twisted. The need for money has turned people on eachother, and theft, scamming, and begging is rampant. Players bully other players for fun, and they do the same in turn to others. A handful of tower guilds dominate all the towers, and they are made up of all the same people who are looking to collect many 1k hats. The game is without meaning, and many players are lost and alone.

None of this can be changed.

Society can’t be changed. But a new one can be made. A society with order, rules, where people can tolerate one another and be nice. In this society, it wont just be a pyramid, with all of us on the bottom, and no chance of getting higher except by becoming a admin. In this society, you can move up and have power over other people, and you can do great things. This can all be done. We can make the game the kind of game that it was made to be by creating our own small pocket of peace. That is Eden.

There are those who will try to stop us, and those who think that what we are doing is impossible, and maybe it is. But we will try, and we’ll have a good time trying.”

These are the words of the mission Imperia went to accomplish several years ago. I admire Imperia and what it was built from, who it was built with, and it’s goals. Therefore I made Elysia. I made Elysia in order to bring societies and kingdoms to GraalOnline Delteria and try to make the mainstream military guilds seem old. Military guilds accomplish destruction and chaos, they thrive for war and usually have no beneficial goal for the game or each other. Elysia is not a military, it is a society. The society that will make a difference and show everyone that it is a place of benefit, wonder, and greatness. My goal was always to teach. I enjoy helping others and teaching them new things so they can’t be used. I teach and help others to become enlightened and educated thinkers and leaders. That is why I made Elysia. Eventually, the Elysian’s will be able to develop their own guilds, build their own societies and be successful. This will all make Graal a better place, and so I aid you all to push the game into that era.

~Sincerely, Commander Fang Kusan of The Elysian Knights.

The Great Elysian Migration

The Great Migration was the bridge between Elysia moving from GraalOnline Classic to GraalOnline Delteria. What made The Great Migration so difficult was the fact that Delteria was only available on Facebook and Playerworlds, no mobile release whatsoever. Around 20 Elysians managed to move to Delteria, not all completely however. Those who made it include; John, Alyx, Jordon, Jermaine, Grizz, Sol, Monkey, Irish, Eaglevision, Raiden, Julez, Kusan himself, and James K. Dolan.  While waiting for mobile release to come, Fang Kusan began to work on several documents that were required prior to Elysia fully starting on Delteria such as The Elysian Guard Examination, The Elysian Royal Guard Examination, The Elysian Constitution, and several more. He also began to build up the weapon barracks and his funds for Elysia while developing the site and new features for Elysia at the same time.

The Prosperitas Era

Fang Kusan, founder of Elysia, officially moved Elysia to Delteria on May 2nd, 2014 (beginning the Prosperitas era).  Considering none of the current Elysian Guard of Elysian Society leaders were moved to Delteria, Fang created a general guild known as The Elysian Armed Forces containing The Elysian Guard, The Elysian Knight, and The Elysian Society members. Fang began training the current Elysians and assisting them to level up in order to have some trained members when all of the Elysians arrive to Delteria.

This Era lasted about a month with v (WIP)

The Kingdom of Elysia Under Imperia

Elysia had been laid to rest for many years. It was not until Imperia's kingdom phase (The Holy Imperian Empire), that many old prominent guilds were brought back to life under Imperia's banner. Such guilds include but are not limited to: The Kingdom of Bacseya, under Harau Bacsey, The Kingdom of Arcadia, under Peter Rhodes, The Kingdom of Akkadia, under Sau Lyaz Akkadius, and of course, The Kingdom of Elysia, under Azrael Kusan Elysium. It was determined that the ruling family for this Elysia would be House Elysium (the head of the family being Azrael).

Officially, The Kingdom of Elysia was created on May 3rd, 2019, with a German-kingdom theme. The kingdom would quickly reach 50 member capacity and it thrived with activity. Jaz Solis Elysium (leader of The Kingdom of Solitas) would be declared the Queen of Solitas, having been married to King Azrael Elysium. Brandon Elysium (no longer an Elysium) would become Prince of Elysia, and Kei Elysium the Princess. These four would be considered Elysian royalty until Brandon was exiled. The German Kingdom of Elysia would see significant success due to its hard working officers and Azrael's leadership capabilities. Members felt a sense of friendship among each other as well as a sense of belonging. While other military guilds were filled with hate and toxicity, Elysians truly felt they were at Eden, which is exactly what Imperia and Elysia stood for. With its exclusive activities and social cohesion, German Elysia would go on up until December, where a new theme would be adopted.

In December of 2019, Elysia would adopt a Japanese theme, thus The Elysian Shogunate being born. In this era of Elysia, members would be assigned their own clans lead by senior officers. Each clan would have their own exclusive uniforms and would be able to have their own activities. However, Sergei's clan, Bonsai, grew very large and popular compared to the other clans, having roughly 15-20 Elysians. At some point, Sergei gathered up his clan at his guild house and invited Azrael. Sergei demanded that JT (an Elysian officer who had been said to be abusing his power) be demoted. The main concern was the fact that JT had risen from Squire to Marshal in only a matter of 2 weeks, and the fact that he'd casually harass members at times. It is important to note that during this time, the Elysian officer core had strong tensions towards each other. Sergei also threatened to leave and take his clan with him, but these demands were not met and the situation was quickly handled. Azrael came to realize that the clans were poorly implemented, considering there were several clans planned that were never brought to fruition. Having seen no use for them, the clans were all dissolved by Azrael and everyone was issued a golden Samurai uniform instead. The Elysian Shogunate had their own tea house and arena where lots of events would be hosted. Whereas not as long lasting as German Elysia, The Elysian Shogunate would have its own success until Elysia's third and final theme.

In March 29th, 2020, Elysia transitioned into The Elysian Papacy, its theme being the Swiss Guard. Before and during The Elysian Papacy, many officers were swapped among other Imperian tags, so newer faces such as Halfdan, Isiah, and Jao came in, with Sergei, Kei, and Aiken being transferred accordingly. Newly launched Maveria and Elysia had strong tensions, as the Maverians would accuse Elysia of having spies in Maveria, mass kicking their tags. The mass kicking and spy accusations were false, as Azrael did not order any Elysians to do just that, but members such as JJ were indeed spying on their own agenda. Even so, Azrael convinced Fyre Xavi (a Maverian Chancellor at the time) to join Elysia. Fyre would then become the Chancellor of Elysia, and he would bring his Xavi family members with him as well. With these newer faces coming in and Elysia's current officers, activity accelerated even further. Elysia established a Catholic church, with Azrael as Pope, and JT, Isiah, and JJ as Priests. It is without a doubt that Azrael's ability to implement new activities/systems, and Elysia's hard working officers, is what made Elsyia so successful and remarkable.

The Elysian Papacy would live until June 22nd, where Imperia as a whole would return to its original crusader theme. Elysia would undergo the banner of Ordo Caelestius, under Grandmaster Azrael. As a whole, Elysia under Imperia was very successful and maintained a strong position for over a year. The guild truly lived up to its reputation, and though Eden was not established throughout Graal, it was definitely established within Elysia. After Imperia's fall, Azrael would go on to form The Elysian Empire on Delteria.

Notable Members of Kusan's Elysia

Notable Members of Azrael's Elysia

  • Azrael Kusan Elysium
  • Bobi Rogers Vaiken
  • Brandon Asger
  • Aiken L. Neplion
  • Kei Elysium Neplion
  • Jaz Solis Elysium
  • Noctis Magnus
  • Nox Magnus
  • Sergei Nikolai
  • JT Caelestius
  • JJ Kusan
  • 42 Huitzilo