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Azerius C. Han

Azerius, February 22nd, 2021.

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Azerius, Roanoke Han IV

Guild Affiliations

Aurea, Elysia, The Bastion, Graal Historical Society


Han, Xavi, Barragan, Fessler, Richtofen, Henri II

Azerius C. Han is a member of the Graal Military Community. He’s been in numerous notable guilds and has played a massive role in The Bastion, which some argue revolutionized the community and discarded the screenshot system. He is currently serving the Eighth Aurean Empire as its Field Marshal.

The Beginning

Starting in 2014, Azerius was introduced to GraalOnline Classic by his cousin. They played it together on a regular basis, joining different guilds and participating in their activities. It was through this that Azerius became more fluent in English. Following the disbandment of a police-themed guild he was a member of, he mistakenly thought he was kicked and decided to quit the game.

Graal Military Community

When Azerius reinstalled the game, he was introduced to the Graal Military Community. At this time he had only seen social guilds, towering guilds, and sparring guilds. He was enamored with the concept of a military guild, and their eye-catching gun shields. Azerius joined multiple military guilds at once, not yet understanding the politics of the game. He was confronted on why he was in multiple guilds and not wearing the uniform. Azerius did not understand why he was being confronted and did not appreciate the way he was being spoken to, and so he responded with insults. From there, Azerius began to stick with guilds longer. He repeatedly asked the leaders of his guilds for high ranks but was denied, leading him to quit the game again for a short time.

The New Sarovian Empire

Returning to the game later on, Azerius stumbled upon Sarovian recruitment stands, he began talking to people recruiting who later on would recruit him into their division. Azerius was later on tasked with recruiting. Not knowing what recruiting was, he began gathering people up in his house. When asked why he did that, Azerius just said “recruiting". This would make him the division’s clown and he began to take his position in a non-serious manner. He would be scolded by Constantine. Azerius didn’t appreciate the way he was talked to again and began ruining trainings; when confronted about it, he just logged off the game for about a week. He logged in again finding himself kicked so he reenlisted with a different name and account, with the advantage of knowing people and them not knowing who he is, he gained the respect of his division and he would later on become an officer until he was poached into The Free States, ending his Sarovian career.

The Free States

When he was introduced into The Free States by Lt. Colonel Caius, he began showing prominence in his skills and would later on be set as a Corporal, he was introduced to the other side of the community which Sarovia has isolated, his time in The Free States was short lived but it was the most fun he had in the GMC. He would then leave Graal to focus on real life duties.

Imperial Maverian Empire

When Azerius returned because of the Covid outbreak, he joined Kaiserreich Maveria. He enlisted in the First Infantry for a bit then left due to a dispute with a commanding officer. When he returned he joined The Second Infantry and noticed that Maveria had overwhelming activity when he was sleeping, due to his timezone he was on when the others were sleeping, Many would just leave and look for a suitable guild, but Azerius took it to his advantage and began working on recruiting people who were not in the Eastern timezone, this worked and he would keep the Second Infantry active at all times, he would soon make his way from Private to Commander in a matter of weeks due to his absolute dedication. On September 12th 2020, he would get a Private Message from Brandon informing him the guild would disband the next day, He was shocked but accepted the decision, they attacked Oxeria and made the guild tremble after the massive defeat, he would later check his tag hours on the Second Infantry when he realised it was well over 1000, he was then invited by Kevlar Vaughn to join Auro Roma.

Auro Roma

Once Azerius joined Auro Roma, he was placed under Leon Fessler’s Cohort in Legion I Aurum; he was placed as Optio which meant he was the officer of the Cohort; he began working with many Aureans and loved it, this is when his loyalty grew and decided that it’ll be the guild he wants to be remembered for serving it with absolute loyalty. After many struggles with the organization of the Roman theme, Kevlar decided to just make it an Aurean empire.

The Fifth Aurean Empire

when the Aurean Empire relaunched and reorganized from Auro Roma, he was placed as a Lieutenant in Old Guard Corps. He would later be promoted to Lieutenant by Kevlar himself due to him being one of the few active officers remaining. Aurea would later disband on Classic to focus on West due to Sarovians being spotted roaming around.

Kingdom of Aurelia

After the fall of The Fifth Aurean Empire on classic, many Aureans joined Monteçon-Lorraine, Azerius decided to join The Kingdom of Aurelia to help his friend Leon Fessler. Once the guild launched he was ranked Captain, after awhile he was promoted to Lord-Commander and was given permission to lead a regiment. He recruited for multiple hours a day but he had no luck at all, so the regiment was disbanded and Azerius returned to the main tag, Time ran on and Leon started getting busy so he decided to disband the guild and call it a day.

Nova Byzantium Imperium

After the disbandment of The Kingdom of Aurelia, Azerius decided to wait for someone to launch a prominent guild that would be remembered, one day while he was waiting, Fyre Xavi logged on, Azerius asked him if he’s making a guild, Fyre replied that he is thinking about it and recruited Azerius to a guild to wait on, this made Azerius the first recruit and the first person to join Nova Byzantium Imperium, Azerius went to sleep that day and when he woke up, Fyre has already launched and ranked Azerius as Legionary Veteranus, after a day Fyre saw what Azerius is capable of and promoted him to Minus Decanus. The following day, he was promoted to Legatus and he was the only Legatus that had access to the High-Command. He was later on tasked with the responsibility of foreign affairs and was appointed as a teacher in Constantinapolis University. As time went by the guild’s high command was getting more and more busy. With him and Sergei Nikolai running the guild in different time zones, on January 28th, 2021, Azerius brought up the idea that the guild should disband as most of the High-Command was inactive and not capable of holding their positions. The Megas-Synkletos decided on a time to discuss it on a Discord Voice chat, the disbandment request was passed and Azerius was once again guildless.

Königreich Schlesien

Königreich Schlesien was a short lived guild led by Azerius in late 2020; it’s a forgotten guild that has participated in the First Coalition against Arcadia; the guild crumbled after a month of its formation.

Church of Küsän

The Church of Küsän is a small church formed by Küsän shortly after his return in 2021, Azerius became apart of it and has sparred for the guild in which he gained Deadwood and Destiny for the Church, it was never a full-fledged guild but it was a memorable part of his history.

Kingdom of Cornith

Azerius joined the Kingdom of Cornith to help out his friend Caius Barragan, he was made Lord-Commander but his time was short because of him going in a short hiatus after launch.

Kingdom of Kyronia

The Kingdom of Kyronia was a short lived guild; Azerius served there as a Lieutenant General and later on Chancellor.

The Unified State

Azerius served The Unified State for a short time before he took over the bastion; he was placed as a sergeant at pre-launch but moved through the ranks quickly until he reached Captain and left for the Bastion.

Treor Serenissima

Azerius joined Soft’s Treor Serenissima whilst leading the bastion and being inducted into the Royal family as a Prince alongside Ajax.

Western Graal Military Community

Being introduced to West by his fellow Maverians, he was taught its basics and was given basic gear to work with. Azerius surprisingly enjoyed the game and even enjoyed playing it on his own. He also met new people that he wouldn’t have encountered in GraalOnline Classic.

The Maverian Empire

Being invited to West by his Maverian Friends, Azerius would begin fishing and learned how the western world worked. He learned everything from how weapons worked and how to get gralats. He would later leave the game to focus on Classic forgetting to identify his account; this mistake caused him to restart the game during The Fifth Aurean Empire.

The Fifth Aurean Empire

After being invited to the Western World once again, Azerius was set as a Ranker and West was quiet for awhile. He began mining as fishing was disabled during West's winter season. He would later on become a Lieutenant of the Corps and Kevlar would retake the throne from Nylius.

The Sixth Aurean Empire

After Kevlar took the throne, he abolished the Fifth Aurean Empire and Constructed the Sixth Aurean Empire. He would later trial Ajax with treason and would later agree on a settlement of Ajax being removed from the House of Lord. This would cause a big uproar in the House of Lords, which would later cause Ajax to form the Rivian Rabble Rousers. Azerius joined for awhile but later on returned to the Aurean Army and was given the rank Captain. Kevlar would later on form a Church and open up all the Southern Land, this caused many guilds to migrate to West, most notably Mangesta Revera led by Aster, and the South Calhoun Trading Company led by Ajax Avidius. Mangesta Revera proved dominant and took almost all the southern lands, After awhile of peace, Revera attacked Golden Khans which was led by Hizack and Aurea decided to help Hizack, after a heated argument of how rules worked on West, a settlement was reached and the battle was over. Azerius was promoted to Colonel during this time. He would later host a lot of trainings and encourage others to do so too; After Laken’s Retirement, Azerius was appointed by Kevlar Vaughn to become to Minister of Defence and be the Field Marshal of the Imperial Aurean Army. He would form the Iron Guard Corps; He also succeeded Laken’s titles and became the Duke of Arcus & Preuze, and the Lord of the Henri Dynasty.


One of Azerius' favorite parts of the GMC are organizations. They're a way of connecting seemingly unconnectable people through teamwork and leadership. He would found organizations in 3 different servers, Classic, West and Delteria, he would also join organizations like the Graal Historical Society and The Bastion.

Graal Historical Society

Azerius became a Graal Historical Society contributor shortly after it’s revival and would then join the Graal Historical Society after requesting it from Nyl; after a lot of contributions Xiaoguard inducted him to the Administration team due to his large contributions.

The Bastion

The Bastion was founded by Laken Henri to reform the GMC's Rules and implement ways to battle other nations. Azerius Joined The Bastion’s ideology in September 2020, when Laken started talking about his plans. Azerius joined and helped the Doctrine Committee implement a lot of innovative ways to battle other nations. Azerius would later be named as the Prince of Arcus of The Bastion, and would eventually be given full control over The Bastion as it’s Harbinger; he would later hand it to Soft shortly after leaving the game.


HanBank was a short lived organization formed by Xiaoguard and Azerius on Ol’West, it was shortly led by Xiaoguard before handing the Presidentship to Azerius; Azerius formed a Diamond generating system which accumulated over 200k gralats before dying out of inactivity.

Achievements & Titles

  • Harbinger of The Bastion
  • Former Wiki Administrator
  • Former President of the Graal Military Discord Server
  • Former President & Vice-President of the HanBank
  • Field Marshal & Minister of Defence of The Sixth Aurean Empire
  • Colonel of The Fifth Aurean Empire
  • Former Duke of Arcus & Preuze
  • Fourth in the line of Roanoke Han
  • King of The Grand Kingdom of Elysia
  • Legatus of Nova Byzantium Imperium
  • Lord-Commander of The Kingdom of Aurelia
  • Lord-Commander of The Kingdom of Cornith
  • Kommandant of Kaiserreich Maveria
  • Founder of the Richtofen Dynasty
  • Head of the Henri Dynasty
  • Former Second-in-line of the Ares Lineage
  • Former Head & Member of The Küsän Family
  • Member of the Han Family
  • Member of the Xavi Family
  • Member of the Barragan Family
  • Member of the Fessler Family

Farewell Message

After many years with involvement in this game I can call it an end; I myself can call this reputation thing in this community a piece of cake - Like no one knew me before quarantine hit the world. If it wasn’t for many of my early supporters which involve Choco Bites and Kevlar Vaughn I wouldn’t be viewed as what I am today. All I can say is what you strive can be achieved by befriending the people who achieved what you strive. One last thing I forgot to mention, Azerius is a character not a person.

Honorable Mentions

  • Xiaoguard Han - I: Thank you for being an awesome person, one of the nicest people I’ve met in this community which is unfortunately rare these days. You’re the person that shaped the community in many ways, without your History Archiving addiction the community wouldn’t be as it is today; it will be fun coming back to this website and rereading what I’ve done with my pixel character.
  • Nylius Avidius - II: You’re on of the few people I can respect in this game and view as an idol; even if you’re not that older than me, the thing you do is always unexpected and is really reasonable in a lot of Point of Views; even if we haven’t met in real life, you’ve taught me a lot of life lessons.
  • Laken Henri - III: You’re the only military officer that takes loyalty to the extreme, you and harriskar fit in the same level to the loyalty meter; I’ve learnt and have been loyal to you in aurea; not to the emperor, but you. When you left and made me inherit your positions, I lost appetite to stay in this game, that’s one of the reasons I left the game a couple of months after you.
  • Fyre Xavi - IV: You’ve been one of the greatest friends a person can ask for, you took a lot of weight of my shoulder whether it’s in arguments or guild-related problems; you helped me a lot with the bastion and I would’ve made you the harbinger if I knew you had the time for it and if Soft didn’t convince me last second to not disband it, you’re one of the only few who entered my inner-circle of trusted people.
  • Soft Avidius - V: We’ve had our ups and downs but you’ve always been a great friend, you’ve been one of the few people who I actually have been able to convince and change my choices and views which is rare; honestly if I ever visit Australia (I hate insects and reptiles) I would hit you up and hang out with you.
  • Auel Kusan - VI: I’ve kicked it off with you ever since I met you; you were always a great man with a spark of mystery. Do not drive and chat on discord, you could die bro.
  • Kevlar Vaughn - VII: If you haven’t recruited me to Auro Roma I wouldn’t have met many of the people here on this list; Auro Roma is where Azerius grew and became a person with a reputation, I even got the name Azerius from you; you suggested it when I first joined Auro Roma.
  • Choco Bites - VIII: I can call you one of my first mentors, what you don’t know is that I knew you from TFS; you will find out who I was one day, we’ve never talked a lot after Maveria but you make a mark everytime you return to the community, which is one thing I learnt from you.
  • Ajax Avidius - IX: I loved working with you in ever guild I’ve been in with you, what I can agree on is our point of views are different but similar in many ways; you’re the only one who can call me a towelhead and not receive a negative response from me.
  • Roxas Barragan - X: I haven’t met you until early 2021 but we’ve always kicked it off, you even made me a Barragan after a couple of months of knowing eachother; it’s sad that I haven’t met you earlier since you were a great person to talk to.
  • Brandon Asger - XI: (Later)
  • Thanatos Lathum - XII: (Later)
  • Aster Draco - XIII: (Later)
  • Arnold Avidius - XIV: (Later)
  • Ace Fessler - XV: (Later)
  • JJ Kazakov - XVI: (Later)
  • James Vist - XVII: (Later)
  • Kcin Xavi - XVIII: (Later)
  • Fergus Zuravic - XIX: (Later)
  • Auel - XX: Fuck you for making this community.