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Aster, April 4th 2021.

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Maveria, Aurea (Former), Mangesta Revera, Nova Byzantium


Draco, Xavi, Braganza, Makonnen, Fessler

Aster is a member of the Graal Military Community known for his creation of Mangesta Revera on Ol' West, his role in the creation of Oxeria, and his contributions to Maveria.


The Beginning

Aster started Graal in the summer of 2017. While initially not enjoying the game and deleting it, he came back weeks later and discovered the Graal Military Community at a rally. He joined the guild, enjoying the concept of a military guild but not that guild in particular. Days later he founded "Assassin Armies," a guild of assassins modeled after a military guild. This did not work out for him however and the guild fell after a short time.

Haxovia & The Free States

Following the collapse of Assassin Armies, Aster decided to join a guild called Haxovia led by Twister Hax. In a matter of days Aster became Brigadier General of Haxovia. Haxovia was quite disorganized but did not lack manpower. Following the creation of The Free States, Haxovia was disbanded and most, including Aster, joined the guild. He was placed in the regiment of Jazmine Volanus, who promoted him to the rank of Sergeant within days. During his time in The Free States, Aster met Fyre Xavi, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. Fyre and Aster became fast friends, and Aster joined the Xavi family. Following the collapse of The Free States, Aster assisted in the launch of the 4th Era of Nova Byzantium. This guild too was short-lived.

Oxeria, Byzantium, & Maveria

[FS] Corporal, Aster Xavi (1st Maverian Infantry Corps). May 29th, 2018.

In early February 2018, Twister returned to Graal and created Oxeria with the help of Aster. In March 2018, Fyre Xavi launched the 5th Era of Nova Byzantium. Aster left Oxeria to join "Defenders of the Xavian Order," kicking off a feud with his old friend Twister. Aster was disliked within House Xavi but found an ally in Fyre. He obtained the rank of Ritter (Knight) but was later demoted to Oberlandsknecht due to "lack of competence." A few months later the Xavian Order was disbanded to make way for Fletcher Xavi to launch Guinea. Guinea was a failure, and following its collapse Aster went inactive until early June.

Maverian Military in Formation. June 20th, 2020.

Upon his return, Aster found that Choco Bites had recently launched Konigreich Maveria. He joined at the rank of Corporal. Aster eventually reached the rank of Kommandant, and in late August he became a Minister and member of the Maverian Nationalist Party. Weeks later, the guild was disbanded.

Maveria Returns

In 2019, Aster joined Imperia. He became a Marshal, but found the guild "toxic and boring" and left a few weeks later for the Third Sarovian Empire under Marty Vasa-Aviz. After a month, Aster had received the rank of Lieutenant and became Consul. A month after this, he was knighted by Marty. Sarovia had reached a low point, and Aurea & Imperia were the powerhouses of the Graal Military Community.

Left to right: Gareth Eastbourne (Top), Aster, Choco Bites, Brandon. Azerius' Guildhouse, July 18th, 2020.

During a war between Sarovia, Imperia & Aurea Aster masskicked their Discord server and left the guild. After leaving Sarovia, Aster joined Communist Aurea under Richard Lux with the rank of Lieutenant. By the time of the collapse of Communist Aurea, Aster had reached the rank of Colonel in the National Defense Army.

After the end of Aurea, Aster quit the game for some time. During his hiatus he was contacted by Choco Bites about his plans for a new era of Maveria. Aster returned to Graal and was given the rank of Colonel of the First Maverian Division. His division was later handed off to Oberleutnant Ace Fessler however, due to inactivity. During his time in Maveria, Aster also assisted Dimoc Harterschwanz in the creation a football league within the Maverian Empire which saw widespread success within the community.

Mangesta Revera

When Maveria met its end, Aster once again stopped playing Graal until January of 2021 when he returned to plan Mangesta Revera. On March 27th, 2021 he officially launched Mangesta Revera as an Abyssinian-themed gang in Ol' West.

The Liberation of Adwa. March 3rd, 2021.