Mangesta Revera

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Mangesta Revera
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Mangesta Reveran Flag


Aster Draco


March of 2021


Aster III Makonnen


Graal Ol'West

Mangesta Revera is a nation instituted on the 27th of March, 2021, by Aster Makonnen, amply referred to as Aster Draco. Furthermore, the nation is officially situated in GraalOnline Ol'West, in addition to being based off of the Abyssinian Empire.

Prior to its establishment, Aster wanted something new in the community; he thought that the European-based themes are overused, leading him to choose Abyssinian culture for the latest iteration of Revera.

Reveran War on Piracy

Initially, the conflict broke out at the furthermost north west part of the southern island. Reveran soldiers invaded the Golden Pirate's land there, and after the Golden Pirates failed to respond, won.

Continuing to push this, they invaded the north east corner of the southern island, where the Golden Pirates also held land. This is where the fighting really began, as Golden Pirates began to show up along with Aureans in there defense. Revera received assistance from the defunct Belmont Confederacy or South Calhoun Trading Company.

The battle ended inconclusively as both sides contested the results. Golden Pirates and Aurea claimed that because they were the first to a 50 streak, they won the conflict. Revera and Belmont claimed that Golden Pirates and Aurea didn't win, as the rule book, which Golden Pirates followed, that was made for Ol'West, didn't include the 50 streak as a way to win.

Regardless, the leader of the Golden Pirates conceded his north western land in the southern island, but contested losing the north eastern land. The leader of Aurea then asked for the leaders to come together and discuss the war rules, and after some discussion, the land that was seen as contested was officially recognized as Golden Pirate owned by the leaders of Mangesta Revera.

Few weeks after the battle, the Golden Pirates dissolved with most of the members joining Mangesta.