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The name Vaughn started only as a part of Kevlar's player name. His rise to prominence as a leading military figure, though unplanned at first, led to Vaughn becoming a proper military family. It was present in several militaries, most notably the New Frontier Republic and the Aurean Empires.

According to Kevlar, when he named Vaughns recently, it meant either one of two things:

1.) That person was critical to Aurea and has proved themselves to be committed to their duty;

2.) Or, in the case of his appointed heir(s), he viewed that person as someone capable of taking up the banner of Aurea on their own.

Members (According to when it was granted)

  • Kevlar Vaughn
  • Dimitri Vaughn
  • Kyle (Era player)
  • Mika Vaughn (Through marriage to Kevlar Vaughn, Aurean Empire)
  • Azrael Magnus (Aurean Empire)
  • Nylius Avidius (Aurean Empire)
  • Samuele Mangano (Cadet branch of Vaughn-Mangano, Rhinebund) Cadet branch was dissolved
  • Xiao Han (Aurean Empire)
  • Xingke Magnus (Aurean Empire)
  • Lance Rhodes (Communist Aurea)
  • Richard Lux (Aurean Empire)
  • Laken Henri/Artix Stijgen (Aurean Empire)
  • Sibyl Vaughn (Through marriage to Nylius Avidius, Aurean Empire)
  • Soft Rhodes (Aurean Empire)