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Arnold Albus
Arnold, April 5th, 2021.

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Arnold Vaughn is a prominent member of the Graal Military Community, mostly known for his creation of the State of Amptriull.

The Beginning

Soilders Attire

Arnold originally joined GraalOnline Classic in 2015, under the name of "Soilder". He had not realized that "soilder" was not the correct spelling of "soldier." However, this name stuck with him. You would often find him wearing red and black, farming grass on the terraces of Air Asia. He would eventually come down from there and visit the nursery in order bully small children.

New Sarovian Empire

After days of farming continuously at Air Asia, he had decided to leave the game for a period of time. Eventually around 2016, he got bored and found this game on his device. He opened it up again, discovering his forgotten character. He once again started farming in Air Asia, however, he explored the map more. Exploring every town, building, and cave. Eventually he had decided to reside near burger refuge. He saw a nearby group of people, talking about recruiting for the military. Arnold had then asked to join. This military, would be known as the New Sarovian Empire. He spent most of his 2016 here, socializing with other members. He wasn't quite the sharpest tool in the shed, never advancing a single rank. He was practically the pinnacle of an average soldier. However, one day, they had a meeting, in which Constantine was handing out medals for a previous war. Arnold had actually received "The Star Of Caroulus", the 2nd best medal in Sarovia. Sadly, this is no longer documented on the Sarovian website. During his times in Sarovia, he would constantly get kicked, and for such petty reasons. Fire an arrow accidentally? Kicked! It was quite stupid, however, Arnold was more stupid, attracted to the guild like a moth to the light. Then during Constantines birthday event, he snapped. He fired arrows everyone, bombing the entire regiment. John quickly kicked him from the guildhouse and had him banned for the time being. Arnold was finally free from the wrath of Sarovia.

The Kyronian Empire

After leaving Sarovia, Arnold was furious. All that bottled up hate and unleashed. He proceeded to take his mothers credit card and go on a spending spree. He bought everything in sight, mounts, morphs, hats, bodies, all of them. Funnily enough, he still had no idea how to upload, spending none of that money on customs. He then cooled down for a bit, bullying small children and just chatting. One day, a man called Joe Kyro was recruiting for Kyronia. Arnold (Still named Soilder at the time) had joined Joe, and quickly become close friends. Arnold would help Joe spy other guilds and serve as a soldier as well. Sadly, Kyronia had then slowly dissolved, and so did Arnolds motivation to continue military guilds.

The Hyperion Order

A few months lather, Arnold once again joined another military, this time called Hyperia, led by Germain. He became friends with Germain, helping him spy other guilds, just as he had done with Joe. He was a loyal soldier, therefore earning him the title of Crawford, bestowed to him by Germain. Hyperia then slowly died, Germain disappeared, and Arnold guildless.

The Llamanian Empire

Desperate for a new guild, Arnold scattered to join the Llamanian empire, led by Kingllama. When he was conducted into the guild, he met a certain individual that would change his graal life. The uniforming officers name was Monty. They very quickly became close friends. Monty showing Arnold graals in and outs, teaching him how to get the flippers, secret chest spots, and much more. Arnold had stayed together with Monty in Llama until eventually Monty had quit. Arnold, losing one of his closest friends, had also quit.

Kingdom of Solitas

Sometime around late 2019, Arnold had came back to graal, with an ambition to join military guilds again. He finally figured out that Soilder, was not how to spell Soldier. He then had changed his name to Arnold. He was just walking around Battle Arena when he saw a small group of people recruiting for The Kingdom of Solitas, a regiment under Imperia. Since this guild was filipino, he practically felt at home. He was mentored by Valorie, learning fast, and advancing ranks even faster. He very quickly received a high ranking in Solitas, and even gaining the royal Solis name. People described him a very strict officer, tolerating nothing but success. He was looked up to by many and was very close friends of fellow officers. The leader of the guild, was barely active, fellow officers had other problems. This was when he decided to take things into his own hands. He endured many challenges throughout the lifetime of Solitas, most famously the deadzones where practically no one was online. However, through his persistent attitude, Solitas had been revived and strived. After this, Jaz had finally come online, granting him the Solis name to then go back to her eternal slumber. Before this, Jaz had given another officer the partial ownership of Solitas. Arnold was pissed. After all he had done, he still wasn't seen worthy enough. This pushed Arnold to work even harder to the point where some officers had even feared him. He grew distant. At the point of him snapping, Jaz had come back once again and this time she stayed for a while. Arnold had hoped that everything would have gone better with an actual leader back, however, everything went much worse. Azrael had been booted out due to Jaz's feelings being hurt. A simple case of letting your feelings control your responsibilities. This was when Arnold finally realized, that Jaz was not a viable leader. She had a different timezone and was barely active. Arnold had requested to lead a second tag in which Jaz replied with a perhaps. Arnold waited and waited. Eventually Jaz had went inactive again, leaving him to do all the work. He hosted daily meetings which were previously Azraels responsibilities. Arnold had felt trapped and annoyed during this time. For the last time, Jaz had finally come back, this time making even more decisions angering Arnold. She had basically made a Sergeant, King. There was no reasoning behind it. This made Arnold snap. He told Jaz he wanted to resign as an officer. When she heard this, she replied with "Oh but didn't you want to lead a 2nd tag?" This infuriated Arnold more, making it feel like she's dangling a worm and he's the fish. He became so angry that he had wanted to leave.

The Elysian Papacy

Arnold was so sick of Solitas that he had asked Azrael for a transfer to Elysia. This transfer was approved. Arnold was actually happier here than Solitas because he had some really good friends here. One being JT. They were extremely close, helping each other while hosting and just messing around. It was around this time that Imperia lost all of its territories to the Southern League and its allies. Afterwards, Arnold departed from Graal.

The Byzantine Empire

Around late 2020, Arnold had returned to Graal to see what happened while he was gone. Imperia was gone and once again, Arnold was guildless. He then saw a group of people recruiting near Battle Arena for a guild called Constantinopolis (Byzantine Empire). Arnold had then joined and was introduced to a lot of fresh faces. As usual, Arnold had performed his best and ranked up relatively fast. He met many friends while there, Odin being quite a major one. He also met Sergei whom also become one of Arnolds friends. He became a junior officer and was practically the go to guy during filipino timezones. Sadly, the Byzantine Empire disbanded a bit after. It was during this time where Arnold was planning something huge.

State of Amptriull

Arnold had dreamed of leading a guild and this was his chance. He reached out to other old Solitas officers and had created Amptriull. Arnold likes to think of himself as the Levia killer, as many of the people he took to Amptriull were either officers or members of Levia. This led to a road of bitterness between him and Sace. Arnold had then befriended Jason Riggs, and through him, he met Nofny, one of the early Amptriull GFX artists. Frankly to say, his work wasn't quite exactly the best. This is why Aiken had come in. Aiken was a good friend of Arnold from Imperia and was an excellent GFX artist when it came to shields. Aiken had made all the Amptriull GFX and due to this, Arnold is forever in his favour. One day, Odin had PMed Arnold. He was just coming out of some controversy about pedophalia. Odin had said he wanted to join Amptriull and this forever changed it. Odin came in with an entire new idea, which was approved by Arnold. Together, they changed Amptriull. Eventually other notable names such as Hythes has joined, expanding Amptriull even more. Amptriull had then started it's phase of destruction, fighting wars and most of the time winning. They had practically conquered the brazilian scene and at one point owned almost all of the land. Sadly, a bit later into its lifetime, internal affairs had a big impact on its morality and how it acted. This eventually led to its downfall.


  • "I absolutely despise Hythes."