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Artix Stijgen

February 19th, 2020

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Aurea, Bavaria, New Frontier Republic


Stijgen, Avidius, Henry/Henri, Vaughn

Artix is a Graal Military veteran who joined the game in 2013. He is well known for his involvement in Bavaria early on, and later his leadership role within Aurea.


The Beginning

Artix began his official military career within Bavaria. Much of it cannot be recalled but it's safe to say from where he ended in Bavaria that his early times in the guild were successful. Memory picks up when he was promoted to Major, which put him into some one of an opportune position.

His promotion meant he was put into direct line of sight of the command which consisted of Azrael, Peter, Cladz, and others. Being fairly young at the time it's a miracle he got this far. Artix was popular among the commanders. It would not be long before Artix was promoted and kept along with the command.

He cannot recall all of the Bavarian guilds he was in, as they all very similar and memory of one Bavaria was easily mixed with another. He would obtain a place in the general staff within Bavaria, putting him on the heels of Azrael and Drazius. Although being constantly banned for reasons that were some times justified kind of soured his position in Bavaria as he couldn't always be in them all the time without an alt.

The Foundations of a Military Leader

During the resting times of a Bavarian guild; Artix would establish his own military in presumably late 2014. Realistically the establishment of the Republic (the name was longer but I cannot remember it.) should've been a flat out failure and not got off the ground. Fortunately for Artix all of the major military guilds at the time had collapse and there was a fairly big power vacuum within the GMC. Artix along with his little "Iparis" family he created back in Bavaria managed to fill the initial vacuum. Notable leaders within the Republic were Azrael; who held the title of General and really was a big help in the functionality and growth of the Republic. Star who was apart of some weird Triumverate with Timber who was also essential to the Republic. The Triumverate itself was a sort of set-up to democracy within the Republic but democracy and Graal do not mix and never went any where.

The Republic stood as a sort of a power within the GMC, even attracting snakes like Sherlock/Constantine. Since the other half of the GMC decided to form a sort of proto-State Confederacy led by Macbeth. During these times the GMC really fell into lines of Pro and Anti-State. People wanted the Republic to be able to match Macbeth's Confederacy and didn't really see Artix fit to do that or wanted reform. One outspoken critic was Sherlock who as we've come to know wanted more power for himself. (Consistent trend throughout the GMC, if Sherlock doesn't have everything he wants he "Rebels") He gave Artix the ultimatum to give him more power and influence within the Republic or his "large following within the Republic" would rise up against Artix. Artix brushed this off as the ravings of a lunatic, ignoring Sherlock. Constantine would continue to complain and screech to Artix about it, going to far as to actually insult Artix. Which promptly lead to Artix kicking him from the Republic with no notable consequences or uprisings.

The Republic and the Confederacy would inevitably end up at war since tensions were kind of already there given the fact the Republic had laid claims to large areas of the map while it was the only major power in the GMC. The first battle (that I can remember) began in Onnet. The battle itself would end in a defeat for the Republic as Artix justified just calling it good as it was "Late for him" and "Didn't want his men fighting all night". This would be the only battle Artix would participate in during his reign of the Republic. It would not be long after that Artix received a ban for a week. Over an alt he informed Azrael to assume control of the Republic. After his ban was up he would return to Classic to find his Republic dissolved by Azrael and transformed into some State regiment. Beginning a long and never ending hatred of State and the dissolution of the Iparis family for it's failures. However the Republic by any means was a success - atleast for Artix who gained some prestige from it.


After the fall of the Republic; Artix would again join another Bavarian guild, where he retained his position in the General staff and a good reputation (at least among Bavarians) outside of Bavaria and probably by some within Bavaria, Artix was pretty stupid. However his career would continue as he began taking more important roles within the militaries he joined. Even as Bavaria fell and came back he would always be some rank of importance. Especially as conflicts with Valeria inside Bavaria began to crop up. Having some respect for them he would be the one to smooth over tensions with them and Bavaria as a whole, saving a large group within Bavaria. Diplomacy was never really Artix's favorite past time but he was good at it. When Bavaria fell again, Peter Rhodes would offer him a position later on in the planned guild Astoria. Lead by Regius who Artix already liked due to his support of the Republic back in 2014. Peter who was to be General of the Astorian army requested that Artix be his Lieutenant General. Artix loved Astoria; it had a lot of familiar faces from Bavaria along with some others. Power wasn't consolidated just to the Rhodes as it was in Bavaria. Artix took to the guild with a great deal of passion and effort as it was easily on track to be one of the best.

With Astoria growing and Artix's position within the guild it was inevitable that something bad would happen. The following incident would cause an "over dramatic collapse" of Astoria as Artix puts it. A member by the name of Kat a member of Bavaria prior would be harassed by other members of Astoria for reasons that cannot be recalled but were never a big enough deal to warrent a response. She would claim she was injuring herself as a result of this harassment a claim that Artix didn't really believe as Kat had always been dramatic. Whether a dramatic ploy or a serious issue; this event would spiral out of control causing major rifts within the guild. Despite attempts to silence all sides and restore order by Peter and Artix the issue caused a large amount of members to leave whether out of annoyance at the situation or pity of Kat. The downfall of Astoria would come shortly after leaving the guild dissolved. Artix would be banned for some reason he cannot recall and would leave Classic.


In around 2016-2017 Artix would find himself downloading and playing Ol' West. The game itself came out in 2014 but Artix was in no rush to try it out as Graal Classic suited him just fine. He would join in sort of an off period. Ol' West isn't really known for it's many military guilds warring it out across it's lands. Instead Artix found the New Frontier Republic lead by Kevlar Vaughn. With offers to help Artix start out in West, he would join the NFR. The Western GMC is something different compared to the Classic GMC. Artix found far more organization and actual concepts such as paying for uniforms and weaponry for your troops. Concepts that seem almost impossible on Classic. Artix would stick around in Ol' West long after his ban was over as the NFR was a really good guild (at least to Artix). He would rise through the ranks of this guild to although instead of being favored by command he instead complained about his commanding officer to command. The stunt actually paid off in a way as they told him to just take charge then and do it himself. It would be completely reasonable to say that they didn't have high hopes for Artix as Aurean Command at the time was more Sarovian leaning and didn't like Bavarians. Artix however would continue to climb the ranks of the NFR until he was commanding a regiment/division. During this time Artix would find himself having to cooperate with that Sherlock/Constantine. Sherlock would even go as far as to tell Artix what happened in the past happened in the past. However the past too often repeats itself as despite being Vice President of the NFR he wanted more power, and revolted with some Sarovians.

The beginning of a NFR and Sarovian conflict wasn't really all that much. The NFR that was transitioning to the Aurean Empire found itself not only out numbering the revolt but being better equipped too. The following was a complete route of Sarovian forces. Aurean forces would continue just smashing any form of Sarovian resistance beyond any doubt, although Sherlock even then false claimed despite being in the respawn zone. It would not be long for Sarovia to be completely chased off of Ol' West all together. With Sarovia crushed under the Aurean Empire and Artix's service during the war, he found himself invited back for the following Aurean Empires and apart of General staff and nobility. Here the foundations of the Stijgen family would be created as Artix required a name for his Noble house. He would continue serving within the Aurean Empires on West for years, with only a few incidents. (Notably one where he lost his noble titles but later purchased them back). The Western GMC became kind of boring to Artix as Aurea was the only power and many of their goals were already accomplished. So as he did many times when he got bored, Artix took a break from Graal for a couple of years.


When Artix came back he initially logged onto Classic, it was kind of eratic. He had been on here off and on between the Aurean Empires but not for almost two years. He found a large conflict between the Holy Imperian Empire, Aurea, and Sarovia. The whole ordeal was a massive fuck fest, however Artix pledged his support to Aurea and would join up at the last battle of the 1st World War. Like the proper American he is always late to the war, Artix would put in a lot of time at those final battles, and replace the Aurean staff that were inactive after the war. It wouldn't be much time before Artix found himself back at General staff, making decisions alongside Kevlar and Nyl. However the victory over Sarovia gave way to conflicting interests. Kevlar insisted that they could be reformed and trusted especially since the Imperians weren't offering a much better situation. In this miss in judgement, Sarovia was allowed to rebuild and recruit uncontested. Kevlar and Richard insisted that Aureans should be nice to them, to sway them to our side. However this would have the effect of ruining the victorious spirit of Aureans and eventually leading to the rebirth of Sarovia. To make matters worse Artix had tried to curb Sarovian rebuilding before they got too powerful but was denied. Instead they were allowed to rebuild and grow, declaring war on Aurea during it's inactive period. Their Brazilian horde as Artix called it was simply too many for the nearly 5 Aureans that showed up to fight. Kevlar himself would never log on and deal with the situation. Discontent with what Aurea had become Artix would leave immediately and return to West to create the Kingdom of Scipio. Aurea would never really recover from this as more staff left and Kevlar received a ban (entirely possible that it was Sarovian mass reporting as several Aurean officers were banned during battles with Sarovia before this.) Lance would assume control of the Communist Aurea and would oversee it's decline.

When Artix logged back onto Classic to check out some new thing they added, he would find that Aurea and the National Defense Army (the unit Artix built from scratch) would be collapsing. Lance declared Aurea dead and left to join Arcadia. However Artix to stubborn and perhaps too stupid join the NDA and in a last ditch attempt manage to remedy the problem in a Fascist take over. The creation of the Aurean State would not be received initially well by Aurean commanders as Artix was later informed. However Kevlar was banned and the other dissenters weren't really relevant to Artix. In a turn of events the Aurean State was growing under Artix, Nylius and Percy. The little Triumverate had turned Aurea's fortunes around. After a month or so of rebuilding and restructuring, the Aurean State was fully ready to combat the Sarovian menace. After hearing of a planned Imperian attack on Sarovia, Artix and the Aurean State would join utlimately avenging the defeat at Delta by Sarovia earlier during Communist Aurea. The Aurean State was a great success and further blows to Sarovia were made as Ajax who was an Aurean Veteran and agent within Sarovia managed to become their regent. The massive lapse in judgement by the Sarovian Empress Brianna led to Ajax taking over their main guild and causing a significant amount of members to rebel against or leave Sarovia. Aurea had once again reached it's prime due to the efforts of it's dedicated officers and veterans. It would not be too long after that Kevlar announced he would be unbanned. Artix of course returned leadership of Aurea over to Kevlar. However Kevlar never really returned to Classic after his ban and his inactivity plagued Aurea as it lacked a leader. Artix attempted to force reformed through to revive Aurea but was ultimately denied by Kevlar. So along with other members left Aurea. Artix would form the Kingdom of Scipio which inherit a great deal of Aurean soldiers leading to the collapse of Aurea. However life had caught up to Artix and Scipio would too fall victim to inactive leaders.