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Lendo Çønsïlïm Alcarin

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The State, Imperia, Bacsey, New Frontier Republic


Çønsïlïm, Alcarin

Lendo Alcarin is a prominent member of the Graal Military Community, known for his affiliation to the State.

The Beginning

Lendo was introduced to Graal Online Classic in 2011, but did not join the Graal Military Community until 2012, when he enlisted in the State. He was assigned a militia as a Major, which he impeled to rebel against the State upon creating tne "Disciples of Discord". The rebellion faction, however, dissolved shortly after.
"Opposition builds up and is unified under a loose confederacy of anti-State guilds that survived the initial campaign of conquest. Dedicated to stopping Auel, these guilds include: In Deorum Vivum, Riders of Rohan, Disciples of Discord (formerly State Militia V of Northern Command, gone traitor under leadership of Major Lendo), and Sparta (formerly State Security Forces, gone traitor under leadership of Major Falcon)."

The District Military

Lendo successfully led the District Military through a rough patch in the Graal Military Community, provided that no wars transpired. The guild was mainly a launchpad for Clovis Morzan Von Kazakov. After two months of his leadership, Morzan approached Lendo in order to assume control of the guild. Lendo, however, refused due to his inactivity and lack of contribution, and continued without Morzan.

The Unified State

In the Unified State, led by Auel Logan in 2021, Lendo was commisioned as Colonel and was welcome into the High Command. He contributed greatly to the launch, the guild structure and the planning phase in general. Lendo also played an instrumental role in the maintenance of the Unified State.

Blank History

Lendo has an extensive military history in the Graal Community, but a significant portion of it was left unrecorded as the years passed. His history incorporates service in guilds from Imperia and Bacsey to the Graal Era Police Department (Chief) and the New Frontier Republic on Graal Online Ol' West.