The Info Wars

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The Info Wars began on January 17th 2016, when Xiaoguard and Constantine created a guild named Graanonymous using two alternate accounts, both named Graanon. Graanonymous was founded in the immediate aftermath of the end of The Kingdom of Reuss, when Xiaoguard using Caen's account convinced Constantine to abdicate from Reuss. The purpose of Graanonymous was to collect, store and trade information for malicious purposes. While Graanonymous only lasted a few days, it left plenty of chaos in its' wake. They caused several players to quit the game temporarily and permanently using blackmail and other malicious tactics. They staged various ingame demonstrations to sow paranoia in the community. They also doxxed Arno and published other information on the Graanonymous website. Xiaoguard and Sherlock later published an apology for the ordeal. Graanonymous marked the beginning of the popularization of collecting and storing personal information on players. The military community's population suffered for some time due to the atmosphere that the Info Wars had created, and blackmail became commonplace. Collecting and making use of personal information eventually came to be widely looked down upon, and is no longer seen as frequently as it was during this period. Some guilds have since put forward legislation to attempt to place a community-wide ban on the collection and use of personal information.