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2ez was a family founded by Xiaoguard, known as 2'Xiao at the time, during Absence's 1k shortly before 1ks were phased out. He founded it with 2'Ava and 2'Ando, as well as others from Absence. It grew to some prominence during this time, and after Absence 1k was over, 2ez became known in the military scene. People took up the name such as 2'Ash, 2'Cinder, 2'Rollins, 2'Rose, 2'Boyd, 2'Fessler, 2'Beatrice, and 2'Coffee. The name had a presence on Classic, Ol' West, and Graal The Adventure, although was primarily active on Classic. 2ez became inactive on 9/10/2017, and Xiao later went on to take leadership of The Han Family.

2'Ash, 2'Xiao, 2'Ando on Ol' West