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2ez was a family founded during the guild Absence's 1,000 Hours towering campaign by 2'Xiao, 2'Ava and 2'Ando, as a place to hold their circle of like-minded individuals. It grew to some prominence after 1K hat rewards were phased out and the family became known in the Graal Military Community. Despite being primarily active on Graal Classic, the name had presence on Graal Ol' West and Graal The Adventure.

The family expanded when 2'Ash, 2'Cinder, 2'Rollins, 2'Rose, 2'Boyd, 2'Fessler, 2'Beatrice, and 2'Coffee took up the name. Since then, it has become an exclusive family for intelligent, skilled people with the potential for greatness.

The 2ez Family became inactive since the departure of 2'Rose on the 9th of October, 2017. Xiaoguard then went on to take leadership of the Han Family. As of today, there are no plans to revive the 2ez Family.


  • 2’Xiao
  • 2’Daddy
  • 2’Ando
  • 2’Ash
  • 2’Cinder
  • 2’Rollins
  • 2’Atherios
  • 2’CruZ E.
  • 2’Ikiba
  • 2’Beatrice
  • 2’Fessler
  • 2’Coffee
  • 2’Rose
  • 2’Boyd


  • 2’Ava
  • 2’Kayla