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Roxas M. Barragan

Roxas in 2019



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The Royal Guard, Imperia, The State

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Roxas M. Barragan began playing Graal in 2010, and joined the Graal Military Community in 2011. He partook in many notable early military guilds such as the foundational Royal Guard, The Alliance, Imperia, and The State. Most notably he was a Knight in the 2011 Royal Guard, second-in-command of The Alliance, and a general officer and senior leader in The State and the Graal military community at large. He founded the last name "Barragan," with honorary titles given to Gorgo, Ajax, Octane, Caius, and Azerius.


The Royal Guard (Pre-Imperia/2011)

Roxas' introduction to The Royal Guard began, like many other members, in the Castle throne room. The Royal Guard had the duty of protecting the royal family, and sometimes Auel, their leader, as they sat on the throne. Roxas initially, like many other Graalians at the castle, attempted to break their defenses and PK Auel. While sometimes successful, after a short while he gave up and ended up joining the other guards in their duty. He was eventually recruited by Auel to the guild this way, and began his Graal Military journey as an Apprentice within The Royal Guard.

After some time with the Guard, a rival organization appeared and contested the throne. A battle consisting of attempting to physically capturing the throne by sitting in it ensued. Eventually The Royal Guard had withered to only a single Knight, The Wandering Troubadour, and Roxas against a single assailant. The Royal Guard proved victorious and Roxas earned the title Knight immediately after. Promoted by The Wandering Troubadour, Roxas later went on to receive rank and kick powers within the guild (in Graal's old guild system the power to change rank and kick were separate and given individually to members of senior authority by the guild leader). The rank of Knight was eventually changed to Sir to be more historically accurate.

Roxas was noted by Kentiman to be one of Auel's favorite guards.

The Alliance

Due to his past experience in The Royal Guard, he was appointed second in command of The Alliance. In addition, he later became Auel's officially appointed secretary. From this title, he was given a desk in Auel's library, located at his guild house. The job of secretary was mostly ceremonial and held little to no actual clerical duty.


Roxas began Imperia in its First Era and continued through to the later eras of 2012. The "eras" of Imperia were separated by Auel's frequent and abrupt inactivity, and, as such, Roxas also periodically went inactive. His original Graal account, being unverified, was eventually lost in one of the longer bouts of inactivity during this time. Prior to this, Roxas would utilize the then popular UDID spoofing method to maintain his account on new devices.

The Baby Punchers Association

Popularized by the inclusion of default heads and the daycare center, Graal saw an uptick of the number of Graalians who would dress and act like babies. Auel and many others in the Graal military community saw to end this phenomenon in Graal.

The bulk of the activities, primarily taking place during the eras of Imperia, involved Auel dressing up as a baby and luring the unsuspecting targets in his house, while simultaneously the clansmen would hide in bushes ready to attack. Once inside the guild house, they would spring from the bushes and ambush the baby. Another activity participated in by Roxas and the guild was blocking babies chat in the daycare center to the frequent dismay of Graal administration which was quick to reset chat, warp, and even ban guild members.

The State

After several years of inactivity after Imperia Roxas was recruited to State Infantry I, lead by Vulnus at the time. He was promoted through the ranks to Sergeant, skipping the ranks below it. While he was scheduled to be promoted to Command Sergeant Major, representing every NCO and Enlisted man in State, this was never achieved as Auel quit Graal before the official promotion could happen. Roxas stayed within the State, now lead by Vulnus, however the promotion was not honored and Roxas maintained his original rank. Several days after Auel had quit, The State was declining fast, so Roxas took a break from Graal, before joining back to lead in the newer eras of The State and other military guilds.

Within the many eras of State and the military community at large, Roxas has held many senior positions and ranks.

Notable Ranks Under Auel and Approved Leaders of The State

  • Captain of State Infantry I
  • Lieutenant Colonel - Head of Military Affairs
  • Chief Warrant Officer - Head of the Military Police
  • Various General Officer Positions (Brigadier General-Lieutenant General)
  • Various Field Grade Officer Positions (Major-Colonel)
  • Various Company Grade Officer Positions (2nd Lieutenant-Captain)
  • Various Non-Commissioned Officer Positions (Sergeant-Command Sergeant Major of The State (Select))


Prowess' 1K Hat

After participating in numerous military guilds, Roxas tried his hand at another side of Graal: towering. He began towering with Prowess, a former sub guild of the 2012 towering guild, Anarchy. In the old guild system, after reaching 1,000 towering hours, a guild was able to submit their own custom hat for the guild's 25 members. Roxas joined Prowess at 400 hours, and through consistent towering was able to secure a hat spot.

After reaching 1,000 hours on July 8th, 2015, Prowess was eligible to submit a guild hat. The submission of the hat, however, was considerably delayed due to internal reasons. While waiting, Graal administrators announced that a change to the Guild system was occurring and that 1K hats would be done away with, among other things. Guilds would have until May 31st, 2016 to reach 1K hours, but no firm deadline to submit 1K hats by was given. Several months passed with no progress on the hat, and Graal administrators finally gave word to Prowess a final date they would accept submission by. Given a deadline, Prowess expedited the hat making progress. Submitted at the last minute in late 2016, a year and a half after reaching 1,000 hours and several months passed the deadline, the Prowess 1K was very likely the last 1K hat to be awarded in Graal.