James F. Zor

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Joined in 2010, James Feurnoux Zor was a prominent old generation member of the Graal Military Community, mostly known for his affiliation with the State as part of the Big Three. James is considered to be the Father of Graalian Democracy, and was the King of Valikorlia, one of the guilds that fused with the State.


James was introduced to Graal in the summer of 2010. For a long time, James was completely against any military advancements in Graal. He was involved with a number of towering guilds such as the Snow Assassins, Cruxis, and Cruxis Evolution. James later on met Zearos D. S'ahlesius and Senlok Wehlet at Castle. He began to spend time with them and learn about how military guilds operated. Being around S'ahlesius and Wehlet soon led him to meeting his mentor, Auel Vist, at a military demonstration in Graal City.

Republic of Valikorlia

James created Valikorlia in 2011, and soon built it into a military worthy of Auel's approval. Along the way, he had assistance from mainly Senlok, Wehlet, and DeWolf, who later became Viral. Valikorlia was the first military guild in Graal to be known as a Republic, not a Kingdom. James then used his empire, Valikorlia, to join Auel's Imperia in order to create the State.

The State

In early 2012, Auel Vist came up with a plan to annihilate every other military in Graal. He asked his two comrades, James Zor (then James Feurnoux) and Viral Cruel (then DeWolf) to assist him in fulfilling this plan. James agreed to join and gave his full support. He disbanded Valikorlia and sent all of the guild's members to the State, which proved to be relatively unsuccessful. In the first week of the State, elections were held to pick the guild's executives. Auel became the King, Viral became the General, and James became the Prime Minister. Since then, James has received a number of different ranks within the State, and even led the guild for a time in Auel's absence.