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The Verûm Family

Logo Emblem


Regius Faust



Family Heads

  • Auel Logan Verûm
  • Frederick Verûm
  • Thanatos Lathum

Verûm is a family that was founded by Regius Faust sometime during the Marius State era in 2015. The family is most commonly affiliated with The State and The Unified State, though it has had a major presence and influence in numerous guilds.

After much struggle with Logan (who had recently joined and rebelled from The State, joining the Federal Command), Regius would eventually pass stewardship of the family onto Logan. The family has since then been divided into the Lineage and Family, where the Lineage consists of the heads of Verûm, and the Family consists of casual family members of Verûm.

Due to recent events in The Unified State and having played a key role in its development, Verûm has displayed itself to many, a highly capable and prestigious family, earning itself further recognition from members of the Graal Military Community.


Verûm is split between the Lineage and the Family, a reformation executed by the previous head of Verûm, Frederick Verûm II, and the primary head of Verûm, Auel Logan Verûm I. The Line of Verûm is exclusive to the heads of Verûm, meaning whoever is in the Line is destined to become the next or future head of the family.

The Family is the second division of Verûm. They are either chosen by the head to be inducted into the Family or presented as a candidate by the majority of the family´s members.

This division allows for the name to be spread among others in the Graal Military Community, yet it allows some level of importance and weight to it.


The Verûm Lineage has the desire to grow, expand, and become a significant line of leaders of the Graal Military Community, similar to the Line of Auel. The Family is guided and advised by the head of Verûm. Verûm aims to preserve and guide officers so that they can flourish to their fullest potential. Overall, the Verûm name aims to be a closely knitted family that is bonded through friendship, knowledge, and enjoyment.


Verûm noticeably values graphics, due to its members consisting of talented graphics staff, namely Thanatos, Auel Logan, Reggius, and countless others. Its graphics are the result of skilled GFX artists forming a team that produces Graal bodies with precision, detail, and style.

First Era of Bodies

The first body was introduced by Reggius and Thanatos Verûm. It adopted the State overcoat concept, and the body was promoted throughout the entire community, having been used in a variety of militaries, and in some cases, an officer-level uniform. The initial Verûm template supported a mix of the three colors; dark red maroon, black and as a trim color, bronze. It additionally represented the letter V on the back as a symbol for Verûm. The letter was specifically added to pair with the Verûm chain, a supplemental accessory.

Verûm Arsenal

First Era of Bodies

Second Era of Bodies

The second body was created by Auel Logan and again, Thanatos Verûm. Initially, Thanatos was tampering with the new generation of State uniforms, brainstorming ideas and executing them swiftly. The rough draft consisted of a tie fitted into the body, forming a suit. With the overcoat and fancy colors (Red, Black & Gold) the body was finalized, and as such, the latest Verûm body was created. Unfortunately, the body wasn't designed to be equipped with the chain, due to it covering the tie. However, the detailed Verûm sign on the back filled in the void it left with its careful and effective shading.

Verûm Arsenal

Second Era of Bodies



  • Auel Logan Verûm I - The First Head of The Lineage.
  • Frederick Verûm II - The Second Head of The Lineage, was appointed as new house head by Auel Logan after Logan was granted stewardship of the Line of Auel and House Vist respectively. He is a fatherly figure of the family, an advisor, and a strategist.
  • Thanatos Verûm III - The Third Head of The Lineage, was deemed the most worthy of the family and as such, was appointed by Frederick Verum II before Frederick's retirement.


False Claimants

  • Drazius Vølanus