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Detective Body
Collar Head


Military-style graphics have existed since the days before iOS Graal. However, the first mass-issued uniform bodies in the Graal Military Community were introduced in the State. The body that preceded the original State body edit was known as "Detective Body", and was previously sold in-game.

Shield uniforms were in use in Imperia and the State before the introduction of bodies. Since the earliest introduction of uniforms in the State, uniforms have steadily evolved. During the fifth era of the State, Auel Vist implemented a "Collar Head" (commonly known as an Auel Head), which had a collar on the head to match the State's bodies. Collar heads saw extensive use throughout the years, with many individuals within the State requesting their own from Auel, or taking it upon themselves to create their own. In addition to the collar heads, other additions such as capes, regalias, epaulets, sashes, and color variants have been implemented in various uniforms. Often, the leader of a guild will hold a unique uniform.

Ever since the first State uniforms were introduced, the world of Graal Military graphics has become vast. Uniforms you may find can range from entirely original artwork such as Aurean and New Frontier Republic uniforms, created by Kevlar Vaughn, all the way to the countless edits and recolours of State uniforms.

Prominent Artists

  • Auel Vist - Created many edits and original artwork for the State.
  • Kevlar Vaughn - Introduced the "round body" style of uniforms, effectively ending the age of the State uniform.
  • Perseus Dax - Prominent military-style graphics artist and founder of the Atwell Corporation.
  • Xiaoguard - Created many edits and original artwork for numerous guilds, including all graphics in the first New Sarovian Empire.
  • Macbeth - Prominent artist of the Graal Military Community.
  • Winry - Contributed to the first female uniforms and created several original works.
  • Thanatos Lathum - Prominent pixel artist who produced many Aurean and Imperian graphics, and revolutionized State uniforms during the Unified State.
  • Chillim Naz - Auel Vist approved artist who has contributed widely to female uniforms and other graphics, specifically in Auel Zaza's State and the Blades of Nekron.
  • Jaochueng - Talented artist who produced original artwork and graphics for the 3rd Magnusian Imperia and Aurea.