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Military Uniforms are dress codes that have been used by military guilds.

Uniforms[edit | edit source]

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History[edit | edit source]

Military-style graphics have existed since the days before iOS Graal. However, the first mass-issued uniform bodies in the Graal Military Community were introduced in The State.

Shield uniforms were in use in Imperia and The State before the introduction of bodies. Since the earliest introduction of uniforms in the State, uniforms have steadily evolved. The original State body was a recolor of a body that already existed. A large majority of the militaries in Graal history have used Auel's graphics in some way; although many have rebelled against this way of thinking and use entirely original graphics. During the 5th era of State; Auel Vist implemented a "Collar Head," (commonly known as an Auel Head) which had a collar on the actual head, and worked hand in hand with The State's bodies. Collar heads saw extensive use throughout the years, with countless individuals requesting their own from Auel, and taking it upon themselves to create their own. In addition to the collar heads, other additions such as capes, regalia, epaulets, sashes, and color variants have been implemented in various uniforms. Often, the leader of a guild will hold a unique uniform.

A more modern collar head.

From 2013 to 2016, many uniforms were made; ranging from small edits to bodies made entirely from scratch. The Sentinels used a recolored version of a armor body from lavenders; along with a recolored matching head. Warrant Officers used a edited State uniform.

Ever since Auel produced the first State uniforms, the world of Graal Military graphics has become vast. Uniforms you may find can range from entirely original artwork such as Aurean and NFR uniforms created by Kevlar Vaughn, to the countless State uniform edits and recolors, and many more.

Uniforms Depot[edit | edit source]

For a collection of Graal Military uniforms and graphics, check out Xiao's Graphics Depot.